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I'm looking forward to the Boruto manga. I hope Boruto takes an interest in his mother's clan (hyuga) and his father's clan (uzumaki). I mean naruto, bolt, himawari and karin are the only remaining uzumakis. And i wish he comes to know about the origin of his name which is a homage to neji.

Well there’s definitely more Uzumaki out there, and I suspect if anyone knows where they are, its Orochimaru. Which will allow for fun scenes with Mitsuki. Lol there’s alot of potential for where the story can go, but exploring Boruto’s lineage should be first on the list. I’d say perhaps for sake of a bit of drama Sarada should be confronted with her clan’s history buuuuut nobody wants to go through Uchiha wankfest again.


“You okay? Did your face get burned? Ahh, your eyelashes are a little singed! King, I think you went a little overboard!”
―Totsuka Tatara checking up on Fushimi after Mikoto saved him from the Green Clan

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(klangst anon pt.1) your klangst hcs for the warrior cat au are killing me,,, I keep imagining keef figuring out he likes this infuriating riverclan cat and bein like 'how in starclan's name did I end up here' and eventually accepting that he's falling in love. but he knows that lance doesn't see him in that way and figures that he never will (and also relationships between cats of diff clans is tricky) but keeps loving him anyway. he accepts this fact but it still hurts seeing lance with other

(klangst anon pt. 2) (i forgot where I stopped just as I sent my first ask UHM but anyways) and though he accepts this fact, it still hurts to see lance being with other cats. but he also figures that he’d be content just having lance in his life at all and so he just kinda stands by the sidelines, and suffers in silence. (poor keef he just loves too much his heart needs a break) shiro is his support system when the feelings get to be too much, idk, these were just things I thought of haha

this is essentially the plot to voltron but in cat form hguhdgjsdhg

If it means you are all kept safe
  • If it means you are all kept safe
  • Oiá:ner/Connor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton
  • Assassin's Creed III

Oiá:ner: You are returned to us! But not for long, I think?

Ratonhnhaké:ton: My work is not yet done…

Oiá:ner: I wonder will it ever be? The symbol that you sought and found… It is a mark of courage and honor, yes. But it promises pain and loss as well.

Ratonhnhaké:ton: I will bear such things gladly – if it means you are all kept safe.

Oiá:ner: You must not forget to look after yourself from time to time…

Ratonhnhaké:ton: When this is finished. When all are free. Then I will rest.

Oiá:ner: I hope that day comes soon.

Ratonhnhaké:ton: As do I.


Ironteeth Witch Clans

“Wrong kind of witch.”

–Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas

Sacred Geometry Activation Pattern of 13 Divine Feminine Principals.

This is a powerful pattern embodying all 13 Divine Feminine principals, brought here by the 13 Native Clan Mothers (who arrived to Earth in adult human bodies) during the Ice Age. After the 13 Clan Mothers each anchored their teachings, the knowledge was then transferred into the 13 crystal skulls and the women left Earth. The 13 aspects each offer many gifts; these are merely a few examples of the gifts that can be accessed through this pattern: kinship with all lifeforms and understanding the unspoken languages of nature; self-development and expansion through wisdom; acceptance of truth and how to use personal integrity; how to understand visions, dreams, feelings and impressions; how to hear the still voice within; how to balance sacredness with irreverence; forgiveness and how to use trust, respect and intimacy in all relationships; how to use healing abilities; how to properly use will; how to manifest; how to nurture the body; how to create abundance through praise, giving and receiving; and how to release the old self and step into the dream. 

On the relationship Khajiit hold with their gods - ramblings

I have pondered a lot of Khajiit mythology and I noticed a thing: whereas most divines of Tamriel are seen as superior, ethereal beings, Khajiit - once more - don’t really give a fuck about that. Their gods are superior in a motherly way for having created the world and themselves, and they must be respected like you respect and elder, but no “Talos the mighty! Talos the great!”; Khajiit dieties are regarded as people. People with great qualities and the power of all creation, but people.

The strongest and most abstract dieties are renamed: Alkosh (Akatosh, time), is “dragon king of cats, a really big cat”; Ahnurr and Fadomai (Anu, Padomai) are brothers/friends/littermates. No ~deep lorings~ or gods shrouded in mystery, each action of the gods has an explanation. Khajiit religion also doesn’t make a difference between aedra and daedra, the myth of creation told in the “Words of Clan Mother Anhissi” picturing them as the same big family.

You also have gods of lesser extent, like Rajhin, Baan Dar; who are clearly stated as both gods and people. The only exception to this whole regarding gods as characters/people thing are the moons. Ja'Khaj-ay, Two-Moons-Dance, Jone and Jode are concepts but with a direct physical action on the world: the shape of the Khajiit and sugar.

All this makes me think that there should be a lot more lesser Khajiit gods, mingled with real legends in the spirit of the Elsweyri. I can see the epic tales of the wars and friendship and love between all this great family of a pantheon, told like stories from generation to generation by Clan Mothers, sung and danced to in ceremonies. Khajiit are lively and enjoy physical presence on Nirn, don’t they? If they have to speak to a god, it will be in the warm politeness of Elsweyr, by inviting them around a feast drowned in sugar, addressing you like you greet an old friend.