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Harry Potter x Reader [Imagine] [Snippet]

“How could you not adore me, Y/N? I’m the chosen one,” Harry teases, poking at your dimple.

In response, you roll your eyes and shove him backward. A smile is playing at the edges of your lips. “Some chosen one,” you snort. “Can’t even ask out a girl properly, let alone save the wizarding world, Potter.”

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Ok please forgive my stupidity but I'm so confused as to who is who and what each group want, so is it possible for you to make some sort of eldians/marleys/paradis guide for dummies?

Behold. A new semi-crack map made by Falcon the Screeching Titan who tries to explain what’s going on in the current chapters:

There are two groups of Eldians: Those who live on Paradis are the walled Eldians, and those living in the internment zones of Marley are the so-called Marleyan Eldians.
In the current 4 years the Marley has been fighting the Mid-East Allied Forces, which is likely formed by two countries: the Middle Nation and the Eastern Nation, while the Eastern Nation has been considered the Marley’s enemy around 25 years ago (chapter 87).
Marley wants the Progenitor Titan power—he sent warrior children to breach the Paradis Walls in Year 845, trying to take the Progenitor Titan power back to Marley.
The Eastern Nation wants its power too—she even supported the Marleyan Eldians’ revolutionary group led by Eren Kruger in order to get the power.
And basically Eldians on the both sides are doomed. It seems the Eldians are the tools of the two hostile countries.

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I was wondering on the self proclaimed crack map of the SnK world, what countries (or parts of countries) from our world would make up the middle and eastern nations? By the way I love reading your blog. I probably spent an hour scrolling through it!

See the yellow star on the map? It’s where Falcon lives~
(Falcon=100% Easterner confirmed LoL)


I feel bad for not posting a lot of my own art lately so here’s a little exclusive sneak peek of the map part that I’ve been working on. Only the last shot left to finish!

Background art is done by my collab partner @fuchsfeuer (or Selket on yt) who also gifed the shot for me. 


another PMV MAP part finished today, featuring Wind Runner and Gorse Fur from the Dawn of the Clans series. 


NON STOP || Firestar & Onestar || 48 Hour PMV


Looking at the map in “The Calling” and the map in the “Enemy at the Gate’s” clip, we now know the exact location of Zaofu.  In the map from the Calling it’s clear that the red lines are the boundaries of each region/state and line up perfectly with Kuvira’s map on her train.  So if we look in the one region that remains unconquered in Kuvira’s map (outside of the UR), and go to the same region in the  map that Jinora is pointing at we see a small group of mountains with a valley entrance on one side and a green raliway coming up to it. This geography perfectly lines up with the geography of Zaofu and since it is the only region that remains unconquered we cannot know almost unquestionably that this is where Zaofu is located.

Also in the map Jinora is looking at we get two potential locations for Omashu. Going off maps that we have from the original series and the geography of this map I’m positive that it is located in one of the two locations I marked above, however I cannot decide which one.  What do y'all think?