clams on a half shell

anonymous asked:

could you do a full body design of your nacre?

ok so I just did this quick sketch at lunch and I’m sorry it’s not, you know, good, but here is, if not her whole body, at least her head and torso and all her arms and the big half-clam shell full of incubating pearl gemstones that’s where her legs should probably belong:

Technically, her ‘full body’ includes the entire factory, which takes up the size of a city block, because it’s all made of “her”, that is, made of living, growing nacre. She’s surrounded by waterfalls coming down from the ceiling into the saltwater tanks around her and she’s kind of just always got at least 1 or 2 sets of arms pulling recycled shards out of her gem and putting them in the tanks to form into pearls and then pulling the pearls out and putting them in the big center dish to be slowly funneled into other parts of the factory to be inspected and eventually form a body and be educated and trained and sent out to work. There also tend to be lots of already-physically-formed pearls around, climbing all over her and all over the new gemstones and hiding in the little shell chambers on her head and whatnot (because anytime they’re not actively doing something related to their eventually being assigned to serve another gem they kind of flock back to her and hang around her/look after her and she talks to them and they’re like this giant screwed up family of brainwashed clones), I just didn’t get into drawing them due to limited time/paper/level of detail