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Im not sure if this is a good request but... Solider 76 kidnapping his female crush, and to his surprise she's so deprived from intimacy she gets so happy she becomes emotional when he shows her any sort of affection?

I am a horrible person and made this a continuation of Jack’s nurse prompt from here since I felt those two prompts are so similar and that story still wasn’t done. Hope it’s to your liking, Darling - Love, M.

If you were to be completely honest with yourself, there were times when Jack scared the bejeezus out of you. A couple of months down of what has now become your relationship, you asked to join him on one of escapades. There was only so many TV series and books you could go through without the pleasure evaporating and turning into mundane. And being a nurse you were used to certain activity in your life. Rest from it was welcomed for a while but too much of it made you restless.

And you wanted to know more about the man you came to love. You knew he was hiding a big part of himself.

When he finally agreed it felt more like a challenge than victory. Like Jack was setting up some test for you, one you could not prepare for as you knew not what would be tested.

It became painfully obvious as the day came and he clamped a tracking bracelet on your wrist and another tracking device on the ankle. Jack explained it’s for your own safety in the event you get separated, but you weren’t naïve enough to believe him. It sat like a lead ball at the pit of your stomach. Nevertheless, you were set in your decision to be part of Jack’s life, both of lives.

You almost regretted this decision when you saw him in action. The quiet man you knew was replaced by that other, Soldier 76. From the safe spot he chose for you, you could see him beating mercilessly a thug who surrendered and begged to be spared. You were relieved when he finally brought down the butt of his rifle onto his skull, bashing it in. He raised his head and even with his visor on, you knew his eyes were boring into you. You wanted to know me, here I am, his entire body seemed to scream.

You plastered a smile on your face and waved at him. What the hell did he expect you to do? He made a curt nod towards nearby fire stairs and motioned for you to get up them. Without further ado he disappeared down the maze of side alleys. You had no choice but to follow his instructions.

The stairs led straight to a rooftop, giving you a great vantage point over the streets below and the slaughter unfolding below.

It wasn’t a fight, it was an execution. Rifle fired short, steady bursts, mowing down bodies. Some tried to hide behind a car. Helix rockets round send whatever was left of them flying in every direction. It was brutal, it was savage… it was strangely beautiful. Your eyes were glued to Jack as he prowled like a predator on the hunt. He was clearly relishing the carnage all around him. You could tell by the sudden spring in his step. The tension he always carried himself with has lifted from his shoulders.

This time your smile was real. There was something exciting, primal, seeing him like that. You never knew you had this side, being the nurturer all your life. Now, that you unlocked it, you weren’t sure you want to push it back down again.

Jack suddenly stumbled, leg buckling, blood spraying on the ground. He was hurt! He made his way into another narrow alley, this one a dead end, gang-bangers slowly closing in on him.

You were up and running before you knew it. All that adrenaline you got from watching him pumping in your veins. You didn’t know what you were going to do, but you needed to do something.

Medkit! You’ve left it in the car to deal with Jack’s wounds after his little outing. Looks like you were going to need it sooner than that. As you got closer to the car, you could hear the thugs hooting and shouting, gun rounds peppering at random.

You bodily crashed into the car, clawing at the handles. The doors finally gave and you grabbed the medkit and a spare side arm.  Things went horribly silent. Nononononono… Or maybe Soldier 76 has killed them all? But how, there were so many… No point in navel-gazing now. You had a job to do and needed to get back to Jack as fast as you can.

You didn’t get very far when something slammed into you, crushing you to the wall.

-‘The fuck think you going?’- that low growl was definitely Jack, but it was hard to focus with his forearm painfully pressing at your throat, making you stand tiptoe.-’ Thinking I’m dead and you can finally get away?.’ - he marked his question with putting even more pressure on.

Just when you thought you gonna black out, he released you. Your body slumped to the ground as you coughed, precious air getting into your lungs.

-‘You were hurt’- you croaked and raised the medkit up. Even with his visor on, you could clearly see the 'oh’ moment when it finally clicked in his head.

There was a moment of awkward silence. A really long moment. Dear God, this is now getting beyond awkward.

Jack finally 'harumphed’ and knelt down to inspect your neck. You did your best not to flinch away, but he noticed. After a short hesitation he took his visor off and opened his arms.

-’ I’m sorry, Babydoll… I didn’t mean to…- it was really half-assed apology, but you knew that’s the best he’d do. He wasn’t exactly great with words. But it he tried, and it counted.

You let yourself fall against him, sending him flat on his bum. You withdrew just as fast as you tackled him.

-'God, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, how are your wounds? Did I hurt you?- you grabbed the forgotten medkit, ready to work.

-'What? Oh, no. I’m fine. I had my biotic field. I could get on high ground in that alley and use it.’

-'You what?!- fear flowed to relief, relief to anger, nerves frayed from everything that has happened. -'You asshole, you fucking asshole!’- you started whacking him with the medkit.-'You had a biotic field and never said a word?! - whack, whack, whack -'You just let me sit there and worry?!’

He had the nerve to laugh as he half-heartedly defended himself from your righteous onslaught. The rest of the adrenaline pumping in you was gone and you collapsed, tears rolling freely. Jack just sat there, uneasily, not sure what to do. -'Just hug me, you asshat!’ - you managed to choke out.

He followed your order, stiff at first, the awkward 'there, there’ pat on your back. You looped your arms around him, hiding your face in his chest. The familiar smell of blood, smoke and pulse munitions soothing…wait…. was that cologne? Since when did he bother with anything other than simple deo? You couldn’t help laughing. He was preening himself for you.

-'Waterworks done?’- his voice was gentle as he lifted your chin.

-'Mhm’- you nodded and allowed Jack to haul you up to your feet. He started making his was back to the car. -’ But Jack’ – he turned to you -'Don’t ever pull a stunt like that again. Don’t do that’ – you waved in general direction of the gore soaked alleys -’ or that.’ - you pointed to your throat.

He swallowed hard.


The ride back home has been nerve-wracking. Trying your best to put behind being near strangled by your now boyfriend. Ever since he kidnapped you, you had sort of rosy glasses on. Sure, he was gruff, didn’t talk much and kept you isolated. Yet he loved you, you could see it in little gestures he did, small everyday things. The way he’d hold you, how his eyes lit up when you had sex. And God, sex was amazing. Better than any you had before.

But now there was this little voice in your head whispering he kidnapped you, he almost killed you today,  he killed all those people and will keep on killing. He’s unhinged. He’s a monster.

He tried to make it up in his usual ways when you got home. Started a bath for you and while you soaked up in bubble bath he popped out and came back with your favourite takeaway. He’s done the dishes after and asked if you wanted to watch any of your shows tonight. This was as close as he got to fretting. You smiled and kissed his cheek, excused yourself with being absolutely knackered after today’s events. With a short hug you told him not to stay up long, he must be tired to and made your way to bedroom.

You weren’t lying about being tired, but no matter how much you wanted it, the sleep wouldn’t come. That little voice was playing on a loop in your head. What have you gotten yourself into?

You pretended to be asleep when Jack finally came to bed. He stood there for a while and then curled on his side of the bed. Normally he’d drag you to him and spoon you. Guess he was feeliung uneasy about what happened too. See, stupid voice? He’s not a monster, he has feelings too! Yes, but that doesn’t change the fact that he almost killed you. No, he did not, he just choked me a bit. Ok, maybe a big bit. Is it bad that I kinda liked? I mean, not the whole terrorized part, but the rest was kinda hot. Jesus, girl, you are a lost cause..

The argument in your head was interrupted by Jack shivering violently. One of his nightmares, again. He had them less and less since you started sleeping in one bed, but they still happened. You knew this particular one by heart now. He was shouting for people not to bury him, he’s still alive. His body trashed as he tried to dig out his dream self from whatever tomb they had put him.

You were tempted to let him ride it out, a punishment for today. But those desperate cries and tears he never shed in the waking world were too much for you.

-'Shhhh, honey, shhhh’ – you roled over to his side, palms on his face, kissing him awake. -'I’m here, it’s just a dream, Ok? It’s not real.’

He finally responded to you, eyes popping open, arms so tight around you they felt like crushing you any moment. You continued to gently kiss him, guiding you on top of you. He suckled and bit every part of your body he could. He had to make sure you were her, that he was here. You opened your legs invitingly, letting him roll up your t-shirt above your breasts. Jack bit one of them painfully, enough to leave a mark, before swallowing the nipple.

You could feel him positioning and quietly urged him on. It won’t be great, you knew it. You were a bit on the dry side, and his rapid thrusts were uncomfortable at first. But this here and now wasn’t about you. He was clinging to you, desperate. Afraid what might happen if he lets go. Strokes became more wild and you locked your legs and arms around him, holding him as close as possible. You could feel ever spasm and tremor going trough his body as he came.

Normally he’d catch his breath and kiss you lazily, promising he’d make it even to you in the morning, and oh, boy you knew he would.

Not tonight. His body started trembling even more and then he finally broke down, crying. This was… unexpected. He only cried in his sleep, but here he was, wide awake, sobbing inconsolably.

You didn’t know what to do. On a whim you started rocking him, humming some nonsensical tune. One hand cradling the back of his head, other rubbing soothing circles on his back.

-'Don’t leave me, Babydoll. Don’t you ever leave me…- he whispered in your ear between sobs. -'I couldn’t stand that. That would be the death of me.’

-'Don’t be daft – you rubbed cheek against his ear. -’ I love you, Jackie, I will never leave you.’

Yes, there were times when Jack scared you. But the sincerity you felt when you said that was even scarier.

The Boxer

Chapter 6: Renegade

Morning came and Lotor did not fetch her from the room. Which was fine by her because she had battery acid, extracted from the bathroom door, boiling on the stove. She herself sat on the floor in the living room in a spread of computer, oven, and fridge parts. She fiddled with a small explosive release latch, also stolen from the bathroom door. She looked down at the intricate blue prints she had sketched out last night.

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6.10 Wish You Were Here

Whooooo what a train wreck, although I’m less annoyed now that I’ve had some time to cool off. This was a thematically interesting but not well written episode. It had a great deal in common with the S5 finale, now that I think about it, which was another one of A&E’s: unnecessary Neal, awkward side-lining of other characters so Emma can Go Places With Regina, clumsy dialog, reuse of show mythology, and a strong sense that the details have not been thought through at all.

That said, only one character got destroyed on Sunday, and it wasn’t Emma Swan.

I understand that after all of this time, A&E want to personally guide the SS Regina into the iceberg. Her two happy endings have just run smack into one another as a result of her wishes. Being caught in between them is, I would hazard, exactly what she deserves. I do wish (ha) they would back off and let someone else handle the detail work, though. In their anxiety to showcase her horrible glory, they ride roughshod over other characters, and the particulars of the writing are clunky. Having built this elaborate symbolic structure, they then feel a need to hit the audience over the head with it.

We know, guys, we know.

But to get back to those themes. We have yet another adventure in dualism here, another mirror world where down is up:

  • The Other Shoe - Characters flip roles, the hero doing something regrettable and the villain having a surprisingly sympathetic story.
  • Strange Case - Characters try to physically dissociate themselves from unwanted qualities, resulting in an apparent opposition that conceals unity of purpose.
  • I’ll Be Your Mirror - A literal world of mirrors, the virtues of being yourself vs playing a role, identity vs seeming.
  • Wish You Were Here - The apparent opposition is revealed for a facade; Regina’s two halves reach moral if not yet physical identity. The real world is exchanged for a “wish world” in which an essential change to Emma’s identity ripples through the EF and makes it a perfect place for… Regina, while her victory in Storybrooke starts to fall apart underneath her.

Because today, it really is all about her. Buckle up! I hit 3k words again this week.

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lay: im glad weve been talking so much lately baekhyun i feel so close to u now

baek: haha me too heres a friendship bracelet *clamps on a handcuff*

lay: why

baek: exo we are one


            “ So this is definitely cursed. 

           Danny was holding a long stick with a plastic dinosaur head at the end of it. His hand was clasped tightly around the handle, which had a button on it to keep the dinosaur’s mouth closed. It was a 5$ souvenir he’d gotten from a museum when he’d gone to see the dinosaur exhibit there when he was eleven, but now it was being used for other purposes. 

           The dinosaur’s plastic teeth were clamped around a bracelet, which seemed to be glowing and was creating a low humming sound. 

           “ …And I have no idea what to do with it. I don’t think I should just, like, throw it back into the Ghost Zone, but leaving it around anywhere where humans can get it is a stupid idea too. Any ideas? “