How to make wings without a harness

Most of the time wings that are a bit heavy needs the support of straps that goes around the shoulders and under the chest to stay up against your back. 

Harnesses works very good but if the dress etc have bare shoulders however the straps are going to show. 

This is how I normally do wings in a way to avoid having a harness for those character designs.

First of all this method will not work if the top/dress is loose fitted. The wings will require some support to hold them in place on your back. I find that corsets are the best for this especially if the wings are a bit heavy but I have also used it in tops without boning.

Start of making your wings seperated on two bars. Make sure the bars are made out of a stiff material since they are going to support the weight of the wings. If they end up being too weak and bend the wings will slope and gap away from your back. 

For my angel wings in felt I used 3 mm thick aluminum bars to hold up my, a bit more heavy, wings. I then covered them in worbla and connecting them using some more worbla, This creates a good wing base and makes them stay with a good distance from each other. 

In a similar way I attached an other pair of wings made out of worbla to a base, but since these wings are quite light a few layers of worbla was enough to keep them stiff and not bend.

Make sure not to make the base too short since you will stick it into your back lining and don’t want it to fall out.  

One of the most important steps when doing these kinds of wings is to bend the base a bit. Most backs are not 100% flat so put the wing base against you back and mark where on the base where a gap between the base and your back starts to show.
If the base is made of a thermoplastic you can just heat it up and bend it at the marking into the right angle. Otherwise, like for the base with aluminum, you can saw it of and reattach them again to create the right angle.
You can of course make the angling of the base before attaching the wings but I find it easier to do it after. 

When the base is done you can just stick it in to the top. I find that sticking it into the bra strap also helps the wings stay in place a bit better.

I personally love this method since you super easily can take the wings of and back on if you want to sit down or walk in a crowded hallway without worrying about people bumping into you wings.

(Photo at the top was taken by David Johansson)

Current status of CLAMP works

Lately, there have been a lot of queries regarding the status of CLAMP’s works.
Here’s a summary. I listed them in order from the most to the least likely be resumed soon (according to my own judgement):

Card Captor Sakura - Clear Card arc~ - *Ongoing*. Running monthly in Nakayoshi.
HiGH&LOW g sword
- *Ongoing*. Running weekly in Shonen Magazine.

XXXHOLiC Rei - *Hiatus*. Volume 5 halfway published. It will be picked up soon but no date has been given at the moment. CLAMP may be waiting for the return of Tsubasa to resume it.
Tsubasa - WoRLD CHRoNiCLE - *Hiatus*. Nirai Kanai arc ended with 3 volumes, but CLAMP have implied that there will be other arcs to come. No date has been given for its return.

GATE 7 - *Hiatus*. Volume 5 is halfway published. At first this series was put on  hiatus because CLAMP were moving their studio to Kyoto. They have been living there for a few years now but the series wasn’t picked back again. No date has been given for its return.
Drug & Drop - *Hiatus*. Volume 3 is halfway published. Reason unknown for being on hiatus. No date has been given for its return.

X - *Hiatus*. Volume 19 is halfway published. CLAMP and Kadokawa are still looking for ways to publish the remaining of the series in a different magazine other than ASUKA. CLAMP have stated on many occasions that the series will be finished, but they are likely focusing on other projects at the moment and X is, unfortunately, not their priority. No date has been given for its return.

CLOVER - *Hiatus*. There are 2 volumes left to finish this work. CLAMP have stated their desire to finish this work someday, but out of all the other unfinished works by CLAMP, CLOVER seems to be the one less likely to be finished at the moment.

My homage to CLAMP’s minimalist sci-fi masterpiece, Clover!

I love the non-linear narrative, the way it hints at a vast and rich world with so few words and lines, and the patented CLAMP tragedy that they do so well.  This comic has haunted me for years and it felt good to exorcise it a bit with this painting!  Also I’m pleased because I drew huge CLAMP dudes.

(you can get a print here!)

 An older story I came across. I hope everyone likes it. And, yes, I’m still working on the next part of Her Torment.



           Kara quietly opened the door and looked into the almost bare room. Her tight baby blue tank top hugged her full breasts and clearly showed off her hard nipples. The short shorts were just as tight and pink in color with a white stripe running along the hip line. Her blonde hair was pulled up in a loose bun on the top of her head and stray wisps of hair floated lazily around her face. The only items in the room were a dresser along one wall and a metal framed bed with a bare mattress on it. Her bare feet made no sound of the carpet as she stepped in.

           The girl on the mattress was naked and constantly trembling. Her brunette hair was damp with sweat as was her writhing body. Besides the leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles, the girl wore a thick blindfold. Her arms and legs were pulled tautly out to the corners of the frame.

           Kara let her eyes roam over the girls glistening flesh. Her large heaving breasts wobbled slightly with every spasm her body made. Both of her nipples were pierced and adorned with matching stainless steel loops. Twin Japanese clover clamps were pinched to her erect tips, connected by a chain. A string ran from the chain to a pulley anchored to the ceiling above the bed. At the end of the string were four eight ounce weights, adding extra pressure to the bite of the clamps that had been tormenting the suffering girls’ nipples for the last four hours. The flesh around the breasts and thighs were mottled with red splotches, indicative of a recent flogging. Crimson streaks crisscrossed the girls’ skin from her collar bone to her knees.

           Her gaze traveled farther down and stopped at the girls’ shaven cleft. It was red and swollen, the swollen labia glistening with wetness. The distended bud of her clit poked from under the fleshy hood that usually concealed it and was visibly throbbing. The mattress between the girls’ spread, quivering thighs was completely soaked from the copious liquid that was seeping from the enflamed mound.          

           Stopping at the side of the bed, Kara pushed the hanging weights, causing them to swing in slow, lazy circles. As the girl moaned at the increased pull on her aching buds, Kara said, “And how is my little tease slut doing?”

           The girl whimpered pitifully and began thrusting her hips up and down, causing the old springs under the mattress to lightly squeak. “Desperate, Mistress,” she whined pitifully. “Please let me cum.”

           Kara had been constantly teasing and tormenting the girl for the past three months without letting her slip over the edge and climax. The constant teasing was tempered with frequent floggings and other forms of punishment. Through it all, Kara had immensely enjoyed making the girl suffer. She had learned the little tell-tale signs of impending orgasm and knew exactly whey to stop to keep her from exploding.

           Smiling at the spasming girl, Kara lightly ran a single fingernail over the sticky petals and barely touched the straining little bundle of nerves. Watching the girl helplessly arch up to attempt to get more contact on her needy sex made Kara laugh. “Of course not, my little tease slut,” Kara told her. “You may never orgasm again. I so much adore you being tortured like this.” Pausing for a moment, she looked over at the dresser. “I wonder what we can find in your toy chest to play with next?”

           The girl cried out in frustration. She had never in her life thought she could be so desperate, so willing to do anything just to experience the blessed relief of an orgasm. Her body felt like it was constantly vibrating from the tension she was feeling. Her entire existence revolved around her unquenchable need to climax.

           Padding over to the dresser, Kara opened the drawer and looked over the assortment of implements inside. While trying to decide what to use next, she said, “So, my little tease slut. How long has it been since you’ve had an orgasm?”

           Trying to force her brain to function, the writhing girl attempted to recall the length of time she had been teased and denied release. Due to the constant torment, the days and nights were a blur of constant frustration, a nightmare of unrequited need. Finally giving up, the girl said, “I don’t know, Mistress.” Her voice was strained and harsh.

           “Oh, come now,” Kara said. “Surely, you have some idea how long it’s been.” She finally made her decision and removed a pair of bondage mittens and two spreader bars then silently padded back to the bed. “Can’t you even guess?”

           The girl involuntarily tensed, then thrust her hips up off the saturated mattress. That caused the biting clamps to mercilessly tighten on her tormented nipples. Her ragged breathing caught in her chest and she whimpered pitifully. Panting harshly, she tried to calm herself. The endorphins raging in her mind made cognizant thought almost impossible. Her entire consciousness was totally focused on her spasming, dripping sex and her overwhelming need to climax. Feeling helpless tears seeping from under the blindfold, the wailed, “I don’t know, Mistress. I can’t think about anything but cumming.”

           Sighing happily, Kara smiled and said, “Today will make three months since your last orgasm. She paused for a moment, letting her fingers glide over the girls’ sweaty skin. “So I’ve decided to give you a chance to finally cum. How does that sound, my tease slut?

           Moaning loudly and pumping her hips, the girl said, “Thank you, Mistress. I need to cum so badly.”

           “You’re welcome, tease slut,” Kara said. She laid the mittens and bars on the bed then retrieved a small tube from the dresser. Opening it, she squeezed a dab on her finger then began lightly rubbing it on the straining, throbbing clit.

           As soon as the girl felt the finger on her button, she involuntarily pushed herself up in an effort to get more contact on her screaming bundle of nerves. But it was only a fleeting touch before the stimulation was removed. She slumped back onto the mattress and groaned miserably.

           Kara quickly put the mittens on the girls’ hands, the three foot spreader bar between her ankles and the two foot bar between her knees then unhooked the rope from the chain before untying the girl. As the weight on her aching nipples was eased, she clenched her teeth and hissed. “Roll over on your hands and knees, tease slut,” Kara said.

           Trying to force her sore, tense muscles to work, the girl awkwardly managed to comply with the order. Her entire body was tight as a coiled spring and ached from the long hours of restrictive bondage. The twin spreader bars made it impossible for her to close her legs and added to her misery. Her hips were unconsciously thrusting back and forth and there was no way to stop them.      

           Picking up two vibrators, Kara slipped one between the girls’ engorged petals and the other in her ass. She then placed a course pillow on the mattress and turned both vibrators to their highest settings. “Since it has been three months since your last orgasm, I’m giving you three minutes to make yourself cum by humping against the pillow directly under your dripping pussy, tease slut.”

           The girl began to sob with relief and attempted to awkwardly ease her suffering sex down to grind against the pillow. Due to the spreader bars keeping her legs splayed, it was almost impossible for her to maintain any kind of pressure on the fabric. Grunting and moaning with the effort, her hips began frantically jerking. The wildly moving toys in her sex and ass kept her right on the very brink of climaxing but would not push her over without direct stimulation to her clit and the pillow was not providing enough. Her movements became even more frenzied as she tried to push herself over the edge. Then something strange began to happen. All the feeling in her throbbing button was starting to fade. Whimpering pitifully, her hips took on a life of their own as she rode the pillow. With each passing second, the very release she do desperately sought slipped a little farther away. Sobs wracked her tense body as she tried desperately to make herself climax. Even the dancing clamps on her abuse nipples wasn’t enough to push her over the edge. Her muscles began to cramp from the gyrations but still she continued to furiously grind her gushing sex on the pillow.

           Kara watched with malicious glee, knowing the girl could not climax no matter what she did. Her own sex was dripping and twitching from the torment being inflicted to the girl. Glancing at her phone, she watching the seconds slip by until the three minutes were up and the alarm beeped. “That’s it. Time’s up. Stop right now,” she said. But the girl was lost in the throes of desperation and need and kept her hips moving. Grabbing a handful of hair, Kara pulled hard, wrenching the girl into an upright position. “I said stop,” she snarled, her voice low and tight.

           The girl struggled for control, fresh sobs causing her body to heave. Her hips were still frantically working towards an unobtainable orgasm. The clamps on her compressed nipples danced as her wobbling breasts shook liquidly. With no other recourse, she began mindlessly babbling and pleading, the words pouring out in an incoherent stream. She had never known this much frustration in her life and was starting to loose herself in the over powering need threatening to consume her.

           Still holding a handful of the girls’ hair, Kara said, “You might as well stop grinding. There’s no way you can cum now, tease slut. The cream I put on your clit was numbing cream. For the next several hours your little button with be dead.” She released the girls’ hair and paused for a moment, then said, “But when it wears off, all the feeling will return. Then everything I’m about to do will make your frustration even worse. Isn’t that nice?”

           As the words slowly sank into the girls’ denial addled mind, she began to wail wretchedly. Her body flailed around helplessly on the mattress as she sobbed. Her mittened hands went between her legs and began viciously rubbing her needy sex, her hips thrusting up and down. She could feel the twin vibrators still mindlessly churning in her clenching sex and ass but that was it. No amount of friction or contact was going to make her climax.

           Kara grabbed both of the girls’ hands and pulled them over her head, hooking them around the bars on the head board. She then did the same with her ankles, once again spread-eagling her. She watched as the girls hips frantically convulsed while she slipped off her shorts. Crawling on the bed and placing one leg on either side of the girls’ head, she lowered her humid folds against the thrashing girls’ face and said, “Make me cum, tease slut.”

           The girl’s mind was almost beyond rational thought. At first, she just lay on the mattress sobbing, ignoring the wet sex on her face. Then she felt the cruel clamps on her aching nipples tighten. She screamed into Kara’s pussy then began pleasuring the woman that had been tormenting her.

           Kara began grinding her tingling pussy against the girls’ mouth, her own body tensing as the urge to climax, never very far away, rapidly approached. Feeling her muscles tighten, she hunched over as her climax hit her. She felt the tremors of her orgasm cause her shake and jerk. She then sighed happily and unsteadily got off the bed. The girl had always managed to make her orgasms spectacular and now was no different.

           “Very good, tease slut,” Kara breathed.

           The girl was writhing helplessly on the bed, her body screaming with need. A pink fog of denial and frustration was starting to envelope her brain, carrying her to a place beyond sensation, beyond feeling. Her sex relentlessly contracted around the wildly moving vibrator inside it. Guttural sounds poured from her mouth as she struggled. Then both vibrators stopped. The sudden cessation of movement caused her to wail helplessly.

           Smiling happily, Kara said, “I love the way your pussy is so red and swollen. It’s almost begging to be touched.”

           The girl frantically nodded, her body quivering. In her present condition all she heard was that her needy, aching sex was going to be touched. All thoughts of the numbing cream were forgotten.

           Picking up the small slapper, Kara got onto the mattress and sat between the girls’ splayed, trembling legs. She slid her fingers into the sopping hole to retrieve the now silent vibrator, feeling the muscles vainly trying to gain purchase on both. More nectar spilled out as the girls’ body once again arched up. Kara waited until the girl had finally slumped back to the sodden mattress, then said, “I know you’re in no state to count, but I still want you to try. Do you understand?

           Panting harshly, the girl made an unintelligible noise and nodded. Her body was still trembling uncontrollably and occasionally, a tremor would make her jerk.        

           Kara once again smiled down at the girl and said, “Okay tease slut. Let’s start.” She slipped three fingers into the girls’ wet pussy and began thrusting. As she did, she brought the slapper down on the girls’ swollen, engorged clit.

           The girl pushed her sex against the digits and moaned. All she could feel was the fingers pistoning into her denied hole. The slapper barely registered thanks to the numbing cream. But there was enough contact to her enflamed labia to let her know what was happening. Then she made a sound that could have been a one or just a moan.

           As the strokes landed on the tormented flesh, Kara began violently fucking the girl with her fingers. She knew she could punish her for not actually counting each spank but at least the girl was acknowledging each one. After five, she pushed a forth finger inside the humid sex. After another five, her thumb slipped in. With her whole fist inside the girls’ clenching pussy, she began pumping while continuing with the slapper.          

           The girl was almost consumed with the sensation of the fist forcefully pummeling her aching hole. The slapper was only an after thought as all sensation to her clit was nonexistent. She had no idea how long she was tortured in that fashion, her mind laser focused on the fist and slapper. Her hips were thrusting up to meet both, her brain overloaded on being relentlessly tormented. When everything finally stopped, she continued to hump the air, her body almost beyond any semblance of control. After another unknown length of time, she slumped back to the sopping mattress and sobbed helplessly.

           Kara sat and watched as the girl slowly calmed down. The sex in front of her was even more red and swollen now, the lips spread and showing the interior. She absently wiped her hand on the mattress then said, “How do you feel, tease slut?

           The girl barely moved except to randomly jerk, her mind nearly gone.

           Reaching out the hand that had recently been ravaging the girls’ hole, Kara gave the still clamped breasts a vicious slap, delighting in the way the large mounds moved. “I said how do you feel, tease slut?”

           The stinging to her breasts caused the girl to grunt as her brain slowly focused on something other than her soul consuming need. “I need to cum, Mistress,” she wailed, her voice hoarse and tight. “Please, please, please let me cum.” Helpless sobs then overtook her.

           Watching with evil enjoyment, Kara said, “No tease slut. You are not allowed to cum.” That brought fresh sobs from the girl. “Maybe we’ll try this again in another three months.” Finally standing up, she said, “I’m going to take up upstairs and get you cleaned up. I’m having company over tonight to celebrate you three months of denial and you’re going to be the center of attraction.” Reaching down, Kara squeezed both clamps, opening them. The compressed flesh of the girls agonized nipples clung to the smooth ends of the clamps briefly then was pulled away. She screamed as the blood began to flow back into the tortured nubs. Smiling again, Kara said, “Don’t worry. All three of your holes will be well used tonight. But you still won’t cum, no matter what happens. You’re beautiful, sopping, denied pussy will be continually coated with the numbing cream. Tonight, you’ll be nothing more than three holes to be used and abused by my guests. Doesn’t that sound delightful, tease slut?

           The girl began to cry pitifully, knowing she was going to be repeatedly fucked in her pussy, ass and mouth and not get any release. The pressure would continue to build and build and build. She was going to be nothing more than a fuck toy for everyone’s amusement and there was nothing she could do about it.

           Kara breathed a happy sigh and began untying the girl, knowing that she was mentally torturing herself by thinking about what was going to happen in a few hours. Helping the almost unresponsive girl up, Kara helped her to the door.

Creating a Sexual Masochist

Mistress Nerissa
June 16, 2013

Creating a Sexual Masochist

Creating a sexual masochist is a process. Some masochists are sexually stimulated by pain, but many are not…initially. There are plenty of masochists out there who enjoy pain, can take a lot of pain, but cannot bridge the gap to find sexual pleasure in the pain. If you find that your partner falls into this category and you want to control their sexuality through pain, there are some things you can do to encourage this transition.

Please note that these suggestions are what I have found to be true in My experience and the experience of others with whom I’ve conferred, but it is by no means exhaustive!


Sexual stimulation is a large part of this process. The goal is for Your submissive to be sexually aroused during impact play, or at the application of pain. If this does not happen naturally for them, then You can train their body and mind to associate pain with sexual pleasure. One of the easiest ways to do this is to apply a small amount of pain to their body, either clamps or impact to begin, but keep it light…just a small pain that is noticeable but easily endured. Then sexually stimulate them either with your hand or a vibrator…whichever you prefer. Once they respond (women get wet, men get hard), then increase the pain marginally.

If you are using nipple clamps…either tighten the clover clamps, or change out the clamps to something a little tighter. There are many types of clamps out there for this purpose, or if You are using clothespins, a simple rubberband on the clothespin will work, just roll it closer to the nipple to tighten the grip. If You are using impact, I have found that it is easiest to have them standing so that I can stand to the side of them, manually stimulating with one hand and paddling/caning with the other. Another way is to have them on their hands and knees. Either way, make certain that You are comfortable, for these sessions need to be long and slow.

How long these sessions last is up to You, however keep in mind that the goal is to create sexual arousal, so keeping Your submissive aroused during the session is a must. The moment their pain overcomes their sexual arousal, you have gone too far.

Once the initial phase of introducing pain and sexual stimulation is achieved, then the next sessions should focus on less sexual stimulation and more pain. Just give enough stimulation to keep them aroused while applying more pain. You may find that arousal dims with increased pain, or You may find that certain types of pain are not as effective as others. In My experience, certain areas of the body take more time to train than others. Depending on the sensitivity of Your submissive, their headspace, their personal fantasies, etc., You may find one area which when pain is applied, no arousal can occur. Focus first on those areas where You are able to achieve their arousal, and if You cannot find one that works, look for another. This process is lengthy and may take months or even years to achieve. Usually, some level of arousal can be created in a matter of weeks.

The other part of this type of training is to stick with what works. If You find that a particular implement is effective, then stick with that implement. Trying to alter the toys, bring variety to Your play, may have a negative effect on Your submissive’s ability to achieve arousal through pain, especially in the beginning. And if You are still having difficulty after several sessions, You may want to alter the type of pain. For example, if you are using a stinging type pain, try something thuddier, or vice versa.

Once You find that they have achieved the ability to be aroused, gradually increasing pain and decreasing manual stimulation is important. Their brains are now able to connect pain with sexual pleasure. You may have to stimulate every so often, but it will not be as much as before. As each session proceeds down this path, You are altering the core of their sexuality. This will enable them to experience their sexuality with more depth and breadth than before.

Talk to Your submissive after each session, especially the first couple, and see what is working and what isn’t. Find out what their headspace is like. Don’t assume that because one session didn’t go exactly as you wanted that the technique is faulty…sometimes, it’s the timing.

I prefer to manually stimulate My submissive, however You can have them masturbate for You while you apply pain. This may be effective in the beginning, however, in the end, when You are attempting to decrease the stimulation and increase the pain, this may be a hindrance, so consider all of Your options before proceeding down this road……………..

I found this article very interesting. @itsallprimal, @1sadisticlover, @instructor144

Every Me And Every You - Twenty


That word again.

Cars were clamped, veins were clamped.

People weren’t clamped.


Apparently they were.

Spencer instructed you to lie down and you shimmied down his mattress until you were laying flat, Reid tugging open your kimono and letting it fall to your sides.

He pulled himself off his bed and disappeared into his wardrobe. Into his box of wonders, you presumed.

When he sat back on his bed, he had a few sets of metal objects in his hands.

“I know you’ve seen these and know what they are, because A, I’ve bought you some and B, I saw you handling them on that case. From the things we’ve already done, it’s fairly obvious that you enjoy having your nipples stimulated. Which is great, not all women have as much sensation in their breasts as others. I personally, am a huge fan of breasts, just so you know. I enjoy looking at them, playing with them and occasionally, coming on them.”

“Yeah….. I got the last part already, Spencer.”

He looked sheepish for a second and then shrugged, grinning at you and then holding up a pair of clamps.

“Alright so there’s a few different sorts of clamps but we’re only going to use one type tonight. We have clothes pin style” He held them up one by one. “Tweezer style, and there’s clover clamps as well. These look the scariest and more complicated, but they’re really not. They do tend to provide the most pressure though and therefore the most pain. We’re not using them tonight.”

He placed them and the tweezer set to one side.

“We’re going to use these tonight and only these. We won’t use them for long either.”

“What do I do once they’re on?”

“Well…. You’re due another two orgasm denials. So one of those will happen.”

He bought the clothes pin clamp close to you, squeezing the two ends together so you could see it in action, the rubber tips opening and closing against each other.

“These are well used, so the tension in them isn’t as much as some of the others. If you use the ones you’ve got at home, you’ll need to loosen the screw and lower the tension so they don’t clamp down too tightly. You don’t want to risk doing actual damage. That would be a crying shame.”

“Yes. Please don’t damage my nipples. I kinda like them the way they are.”

Spencer chuckled and placed the metal clamps on your tummy, the chain that joined them together cool against your skin.

“Tell me immediately if it’s too much, okay.”

“Of course.”

“Alright. We have to get your nipples ready for them. I need something to actually clamp them onto.”

His hands starting tracing a circle around the edge of your areola, stroking across the centre every few laps around. His featherlight touch and your already over sensitised body meant that you were breathing heavier within moments.

When he lowered his head and sucked one into his mouth, your hands moved to the back of his head, gripping it and holding it to your chest, a loud groan leaving you as he sucked and flicked at your now pointed nub.

“Are we gonna have number four before we even get these on?“ he mumbled, your nipple filling his mouth.

You just moaned in response, his fingers dancing across your other breast.

You were wet again already and with every lap of his tongue and stroke of his fingers, you felt a little closer to losing it.

When he tried to pull his head away, you resisted, holding him there.

“Y/N…. ”

“Please…. Please carry on…..” It felt so good and you felt so close. You pushed back with your hand, his tongue dashing out and quickly swiping over your sensitive nerve endings.

“Oh fuuuck….please.”

“Remove your hand. NOW.”

The sharpness of his tone, made your eyes which had fluttered closed, flash open again.

Fuck me.

That voice. The assertiveness, the commandeering coldness to it.

You dropped your hand immediately.

“Good girl. I thought I was going to have to add a strike for that. That’s number four I take it.”

You didn’t even have to nod, you imagined the look of frustration on your face gave it away.

Spencer shifted on the bed, swinging a leg over your stomach so that he was kneeling with a leg either side of you, his butt over your tummy.

Picking up the clamp, he took your breast into his hand. Opening the clamp up, he placed it over the nipple he’d sucked and teased to attention.

He slowly allowed the two points to close around your nipple, still keeping his fingers over the ends, not quite releasing it in full.

Your mouth opened at the pressure the two rubber tips placed on your breast, Spencer’s eyes meeting yours as he checked your reaction.

Fucking fuck.

But ohhhhh.

“Let it go,” you told him.

“You sure?”

“Yes.” He released the ends, the full force of the tension now on your nipple, biting down.

It felt so bad. But so FUCKING good at the same time. Like all your nerve endings were being crushed into oblivion.

You blinked a few times and then gasped as you felt the gentlest tug on the clamp.

“Do the other one.”

Spencer’s eyebrows raised, but he lowered his head and began sucking and flicking your other nipple. This one didn’t need as much work and he was ready to attach the other clamp within seconds.

He sat back feeling for the clamp, the metal chain tickling your skin as he dragged it across to your breast, repeating his actions. Slowly at first, he released the clamp, capturing your nipple in it, you whimpering at the sharpness you felt initially, the pain intensifying as he completely let go.

Oh god.

You could now feel a dull throb in both breasts, one that intensified as he tugged the chain again, your head lolling back against the bed.

“Do you think you can sit up if I move off you? The chain is weighted.”

You couldn’t speak right now, nodding in response instead. He slid off you gently and helped you sit up on the bed.

“In fact, can you stand up? Stand in front of me.”

Wordlessly you followed his instructions, climbing off the bed, every motion you made causing the weighted chain to pull and tug on your chest, gasps and groans catching in your throat.

Spencer swung his legs over the side, motioning for you to stand between them, running his hands up and down your sides when you did.

“How does it feel?” he asked, looking up at you, your eyes half closed.

“I… I can’t explain it.” You couldn’t, but you knew that you liked it, as much as it hurt.

Christ, how it fucking hurt.

Reid began running his hands over your body, tugging the chain every so often, gently sometimes and then harder, the pull on your nipples so intense. You had to put your hands out, onto his shoulders to steady yourself, certain the feelings you were experiencing would make your legs give way.

The throbbing was beginning to dull now, more so in the one that had been clamped for longer.

Spencer skated his fingers up your back, dragging his hands back down slowly, his short nails catching and scraping along your skin. You arched your back, thrusting your chest out and starting to pant.

“Spencer, oh fuck…..”

“One more, Y/N. And then you can come. Tug the chain yourself.”

He ran his hand down your body, resting it in between your legs, covering your wet centre. Just the heat and pressure of his hand there made you call out again, grinding against him, desperate for the friction, pleading for release.

You snaked your hand across to the cool metal chain which was swinging gently between your breasts as you ground against his palm. Gripping the links, you pulled.


“You’re so wet Y/N. So fucking wet.”

You pushed against his hand some more, the throbbing in your chest now a dull ache which you could barely feel compared to the one between your legs.

Spencer dragged his hand slowly, his whole hand swiping up and against your clit.

“Oh my god….I’m gonna… ”

“No you’re not. Not yet.”

“I want to…..”

“No. Not yet.”


“NO. Now lie back down for me okay. This might feel odd. And it will hurt. I’ll try to make it easier.”

You did as he asked and he positioned himself back on the bed, unclamping one of your nipples and immediately wrapping his mouth around it, massaging it with his tongue.

It started to tingle, the horrid feeling of pins and needles mixed with the glorious feeling of Spencer’s plump lips suckling and pursing against it.

You wriggled on the bed, squeezing your eyes shut and pulling your legs up, your knees bending and you placing your feet flat on the bed.


You bit your lip hard, the prickly feeling beginning to subside.

Spencer repeated his movements on the other breast, you banging the flat of your foot against the mattress, the feeling of the blood rushing back into your nipple making you squirm. Your chest now felt on fire, your buds aching and throbbing. It was painfully intense, but you knew if you had any kind or friction between your thighs right now, you’d come instantly.

“You okay?” Spencer asked, rolling over to your side and lying flat next to you.

“No.” You glanced over, seeing a flash of concern on his face. “I need to fucking finish Spencer.” You ground out through gritted teeth.

He smirked, lazily poking his tongue out between his lips.

“That can be arranged.”

“Then arrange it. Please.”

He unbelted his robe completely and lifted his hips, pushing down his pajama pants, his erection springing free.

“I believe there’s still an item to tick off?”


You started to shimmy down the bed, the jiggle of your boobs making your nipples pulsate again.

“Nope…. ”


“I want your lips on mine whilst you do that.”


How could you….. And do that?

Oh. That.

Fine, fine. You’d done that before. No big deal.

You climbed over his chest, one leg either side of him, his hand tugging you backwards into position, running over your thighs.

It was almost embarrassing how much just the feel of his breathing between your legs was turning you on, you were certain he’d literally just touch you once and you’d fall to pieces.

The grip he had on your thighs made it awkward for you to lean forward and you told him that.

“That’s okay. You can do me in a second. Now, you’ve been extremely good tonight, haven’t you?”

You nodded.

“Y/N. I know that you nodded because I can feel your body moving. But your pussy is blocking my view of your face. I need verbalization here. Have you been good tonight?”

Oh god, his mouth was so close to you right now.

“Yes, yes I’ve been good.”

“How good?” He tilted his head, kissing your inner thigh, his tongue drawing wet circles on your skin. You shivered.

“So good. So fucking good.”

“So tell me. Tell me you’ve been a good girl and that you want a reward. Tell me what you want AS your reward.”

Just fucking fuck me already, was what you really wanted to scream at him, dirty talk never having been your strong point. He flicked his tongue out, pressing his mouth higher before relaxing against the pillow again.

You moaned.

“Tell me Snow, or else I’ll keep you here but I won’t actually do anything aside from stare at your lips. Your glistening wet lips…… ” He blew out slowly.

“I’ve been a good girl, I deserve a reward,” you managed to choke out.

“Hmmmm?” Small kisses, butterflying high up your thighs.

“I deserve to come. Let me come.”

You could feel the tip of his nose now, touching you.


Oh my god… Just.

You leant forward, not being able to hold yourself upright any longer. You were now on all fours hovering over Spencer’s body, your hands either side of his torso. You were so close to his cock. The position was awkward, but you could do it. Carefully balancing your weight, you used one hand to start stroking his length, wrapping your fingers around it. His fingers dug into your thighs, hard. So hard you thought it might bruise. You smiled at that thought.

“Y/N. Tell me how you want me to make you come, or else I’ll keep you spread eagled on this bed all weekend, not allowing you release at all.”

“Fuck me. Fuck me with your mouth, your tongue, your finger. Anything….. ” You didn’t even think about the words leaving your mouth, that threat was too real.

Immediately you felt his tongue set to work, working your clit, licking up and down your slit, darting in and out. His long fingers slipped between your legs, joining in on the action.

“Oh shit, Spencer… Fuck that’s good.”

“As much as I love hearing you moaning, seeing as you’ve managed to get into a reasonable position I think you should put that mouth to use.”

Alrighty then.

Trying to ignore the overwhelming feeling building between your legs, you focused on his dick. Gripping it firmly with your hand, you licked a strip from base to head, using the flat of your tongue, and then swirled it over the tip, tasting the salty fluid that was already gathering.

Forming on O with your lips, you took him into your mouth, hearing him groan as you did. Creating a vacuum, you slid your lips up and down his shaft, taking him as far in to your mouth as you could without causing yourself to gag. You repeated the actions over and over, pressing your tongue against him and using your hand to follow the trail your mouth was making.

His own mouth worked away between your legs and soon the room was filled with with the sounds of moaning and panting from the both of you.

“Spencer……Spence, I can’t… Oh fuck I’m gonna….. Ugh….ah… ”

He bought you to your orgasm quickly, you needing to release him from your mouth as you came, still using your hand to pump up and down.

Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.

You were trembling on top of him, feeling light headed and almost ready to pass out but he kept going.

Once your first orgasm was over, you put your lips back around him as his own mouth retreated from you. You felt movement behind you, what felt like him wiping his mouth with his hand, and then his fingers slid between your legs, entering you.

Every thrust of his fingers inside you forced you to rock back and forth, you sliding his cock in and out of your lips with each of his thrusts. You could feel him twitching beneath you, his fingers curling and grazing against your g spot.

“I’m nearly there, Y/N.”

“Mmmm,” you murmured, your words vibrating down his shaft.

His other hand started teasing your clit again, you were so sure it was going to be unbearably sore tomorrow the amount of friction it had seen tonight.

“Ugh, fuuuck.” Your walls started to contract around his fingers again, a second orgasm coming so quickly after the first.

“Fuck, Y/N….. ” That was the warning you were given before hot, salty fluid erupted into your mouth, you swallowing it down quickly, ignoring the taste.

Seconds later you let out your own cries, your head now pounding as you came a second time, pulling his dick out from your lips as your body shook.

“Oh god… Oh fuck…. ” You squeezed your eyes shut as you felt every nerve in your body pulsing with feeling.

You need to lie down so you quickly rolled off him, collapsing next to him, your head still down by his hips, his hand lazily trailing up and down your legs.

“Don’t……” you begged.


“Stop touching me for a second, please. I think I’m in overload right now, my head is pounding. It hurts so much.”

It really was. It felt like there was intense pressure in your neck right now.

“Orgasm headache? Fuck, I’m sorry Y/N. I’ve only had two of those before….”

“Don’t be sorry, it was great. Fuck it was great. But…. Drink? Please?”

He climbed off the bed, pulling his bottoms back up and disappeared retuning shortly.

“Drink, and then spit.” He handed you a bottle of water and a mug for you to rinse your mouth into, to rid yourself of the salty taste. Thank god, cos you didn’t think you’d be able to walk to the bathroom anytime soon. It hurt to even open your eyes.

You rinsed your mouth out and then chugged back some more water, swallowing this time. Your heard the rustling of blister packs being popped and felt Spencer taking your wrist, pressing two pills into it.

“Advil. I don’t have anything stronger in the apartment. But hopefully it will subside with sleep.”

You hoped so too. You swallowed the pills down quickly and then turned the right way around in bed, climbing under the covers and not bothering to get dressed. You’d live with the stickiness between your thighs until tomorrow.

“Game’s over until tomorrow, just so you know.”

“Thanks,” you whispered, pulling the covers around you, trying to ignore the feeling when your arm brushed against your sensitive chest.

Spencer climbed into bed next to you and settled down, getting comfortable.

Laying his hand on your hip he spoke.

“I’ll let you sleep now Snow. We’ll talk tomorrow….. Night.”

SM 용어

납치(Abduction): 납치를 했다는 가정 하에 롤플레이. 실제로 하면 범죄자 됌.

마찰플레이(Abrasion Play): 손톱, 붓, 사포 등으로 피부를 끓거나 할퀴는 플레이.

나이 플레이(Age Play): 파트너의 나이를 바꿔서 하는 롤플레이.

항.문.(Anal): 애널구슬(Anal Beads), 애널순결(anal chastity), 애널갈고리(anal hooks),

애널성교(anal sex), 애널확장(Anal Stretching), 애널트레이닝anal training)등 을 포함.

자웅동체(androgyny): 남성성과 여성성을 동시에 가지고 있는, 순수한국말로 남녀추니.

에니메(anime): 망가, 헨타이와 같은 애니메이션 야동.

익명의 상대(Anonymous Encounters): 익명의 상대와의 원나잇 스탠드.

암바인더(armbinders): 팔을 뒤로 고정시키는 본디지플 도구.

겨드랑이(armpits): 신체의 한 부분 페티시.

아트 에로티카(Art Erotica): 에로틱 미술.

아시안(asian): 인종 페티시.

가사상태(Asphyxiaphilia): 호흡을 이용한 숨 플레이로 파트너의 목 등을 졸라 가사상태에서 흥분을 느끼는 아주 위험한 플레이. 자제요망

엉덩이 플레이(Ass Play):

일명 똥까시(Ass to Mouth), 엉덩이 숭배(Ass worship) 등을 포함.

차렷자세(attention): 부동의 차렷 자세로 장시간 방치 플.

오랄리즘(Auralism): 특정한 소리에 성 도착증.


삭발 소녀(Bald Girls): 긴 머리가 생명인 여성에게 삭발을 시켜 수치심을 주는 플.

볼 개그(Ball gags):

입에 물리는 공 모양의 재갈, 구멍이 뚫려 있어 침이 새거나 구멍이 없는 것도 있음.

볼 킥킹(Ball Kicking): 남성의 고환을 차는 행위.

볼 스트레칭(Ball Stretching): 남성의 고환을 잡아당기는 행위.

볼버스팅(Ballbusting): 남성의 고환을 쾈 움켜쥐는 행위.

발레슈즈(Ballet shoes): 말 그대로 발레슈즈 페티시.

맨엉덩이스팽킹(Bare Bottom Spanking):

옷을 걸치지 않은 맨 엉덩이를 때리는 행위.

맨손스팽킹(Bare Handed Spanking):

도구를 사용하지 않고 맨손으로 때리는 행위.

맨발(barefoot): 맨발 페티시.

발곤장(Bastinado): 발바닥 때리기.

화장실 사용 교육(Bathroom Use Control):

대소변을 가리도록 하는 플레이 허락을 맡아야만 화장실을 사용가능.

기학적 성향(BDSM):

본디지(bondage) 디스플린(discipline) 사디즘(sadism) 마조히즘(masochism), BDSM은 상호 동의하에 이루어지는 것을 말하며, 범죄로 인식되는 성폭행, 성추행, 강간, 납치, 인신매매 등과는 다르다.

구걸(begging): 상대방에게 굽히며 부탁하는 행위.

행동 개조(behavior modification):

돔이 섭의 행동을 고쳐주는 플레이, 불필요한 행동 시 처벌.

벨트 스팽킹(belt spanking): 벨트로 엉덩이를 때리는 행위.

벨트 휘핑(belt whipping): 벨트로 하는 채찍질.

벤와볼(Ben Wa Balls): 애널구슬의 한 종류로 오르가즘 도구로 사용, 성기와 항.문.에 삽입.

거유(big tits): 큰 가슴, 인체의 한 부분 페티시.

천박한 여자화(Bimboification): 주로 펨섭을 껌 좀 씹는 천박한 여자로 만드는 플.

양성애(bisexuality): 이성 및 동성에게 애정을 느낌.

깨물기(Biting): 입으로 상대방을 깨무는 행위.

흑인(black men,women): 흑인 인종 페티시. 보통 거대한 흑형의 물건을 생각함.

눈가리개(Blindfolds): 눈을 가리는 도구, 앞일을 예상하지 못하게 해서 흥분을 증폭시킴.

혈액 플레이(Bloodplay):

상대방을 상처를 내서 피를 보는 플레이, 감염을 조심해야함. 위험한 플레이.

오랄(blow jobs): 입으로 남성의 성기를 빠는 행위.

얼굴 붉힘(blushing):

상대방에게 모멸감과 수치심을 줘 얼굴을 빨게 지게 하는 것. 부끄러움.

체모(Body Hair): 몸의 털 페티시.

인체 개조(Body Modification):

성형 피어싱 타투 등을 사용해서 사람 몸을 개조하는 플레이.

바디페인팅(Body Paint): 몸에 그리는 그림.

바디숭배(Body Worship): 인체의 일정한 부분을 숭배하는 페티시.


본디지 미술(bondage art), 본디지 도구(Bondage Equipment), 본디지 테이프(Bondage Tape) 등을 포함, 속박 결박 등 신체적 구속을 즐기는 행위.


부츠 핡기(Boot licking), 부츠 숭배(boot worship) 등을 포함 신발 페티시.

사장/비서플(Boss/Secretary): 보스와 비서 롤플레이. 오피스 상황극.

가슴(breast): 본디지, 스팽킹, 채찍질, 고문 등 포함.

모유수유(breastfeeding): 엄마가 아기에게 모유를 수유하는 플레이.

숨플레이(Breath Play):

호흡을 조정하는 플레이로 상대방의 숨실 권한을 조정. 위험한 플레이.

교미(breeding): 성교의 비하 발언. 동물에게 사용, 상대방에게 모멸감을 줌.

멍(Bruises): 맞은 부위에서 핏줄이 터져 피부가 퍼렇게 돼는 현상. 멍 페티시.

부카케(Bukkake): 여러 명의 남성이 여성의 얼굴에 사.정.을 하는 행위.

불휩(bullwhips): 꼬리가 하나인 일반 채찍으로 보통가죽으로 만들어짐.

비지니스 양복(Business Suits): 양복 페티시, 오피스 상황극.

버치(butches): 남성형의 여성, 레즈 커플에서의 남성.

벗플러그(Butt Plugs): 항아리 모양의 항.문.마개, 애널트레이닝 시 상용.


케이징/감금(Caging/Confinement): 동물 우리 안에 가둠, 감금 플레이.

왁싱(Candle Wax): 촛농 떨어뜨리기, 저온초로 화상방지.

케이닝(Caning): 지팡이나 막대기 회초리로 때리는 체벌.

애무(Caressing): 말 그대로 거사의 전초전. 아잉.


주로 동물의 숫컷의 생식에 필요한 부위를 잘라 생식 불가능한 상태로 만드는 행위. 헐.

카테터(catheters): 인체의 여러 구멍에 삽입되는 관.

고양이복(Catsuits): 에니멀플에 사용 하는 옷

성기고문(CBT): cock and ball torture.

체인(Chains): 체인 및 쇠사슬, 본디지용 도구 페티시.

정조(Chastity): 정조대(Chastity Devices)포함 결혼을 하기 전까지 순결을 지키는 행위.

치어리딩유니폼(cheerleading uniforms): 학교상황극 페티쉬.

초코렛(Chocolate): 음식, 몸에 발라 사용할 수 있음.

질식(choking): 숨 플레이의 종류, 역시나 위험함.

담배(Cigars): 기호식품, 담배빵 가능, 싫은 사람에게 담배연기 뿜기 등 여러 사용법 가능

족쇄 및 클립(Clamps and Clips): 구속 및 고문도구.

갈고리 발톱(claws): 마찰플레이나 에니멀플레이에 사용.

비닐랩(Cling Film): 음식을 보호할 때 사용, 그 외 인체를 구속하는 도구로도 사용, 또한 얼굴에 감으면 숨 플레이에 적용됨.

클리토리스(clit): 여성의 성감대중 하나 펌핑, 스팽킹, 고문 등 포함.

빨래집게(Clothespins): 빨래를 널 때 사용, 그 외 고문도구로도 사용.

유두집게(Clover Clamps): 본디지용 도구로 유두를 짚는 도구.

광대(Clowns): 자신에게 굴욕감을 주면서 상대에게 기쁨을 주는 행위를 하는 사람.

남성성기, 자.x.(Cock): 우유짜기(밀킹), 때리기, 남근숭배, 빨기 등 포함. 신체의 일부분.

개목걸이/개줄(Collar and Lead/Leash): 섭과 복종의 상징. 에니멀플 특히 도그플에 사용.

컨트롤(control): 섭과 노예의 모든 것에 대한 통제.

스캇(Coprophilia/Scat): 더티플로써 똥을 먹거나 똥과 함께 하는 플레이.

코너타임(cornertime): 나체로 구석에서 무릎 꿇고 손들고 있는 벌.

체벌(Corporal Punishment): 수치심이 들도록 잘못한 것을 매를 통해 고치게 하는 벌.

코르셋(Corset): 죄기, 트레이닝 포함 여성의 속옷으로 인체를 압박하는 도구.

코스프레(cosplay): 만화 캐릭터로 분장 또는 그 행위를 따라 하기.

크림파이(creampie): 체내사.정.의 속어.

크로스드레싱(Cross Dressing): CD라고함 보통 남성이 여성 옷을 입는 행위.

십자가형(crucifixion): 고문의 종류로 십자가에 매달아 놓음. 물론 못은 박지 않고.

울음(Crying): 감정의 종류, 보통 플레이에서 고통을 견디지 못할 때 표현 됌.

오쟁이진 남편(Cuckold): 롤플레이의 종류, 바람난 아내와 남편 상황극.

실제로 아내가 바람피웠다가는 사주간의 조정기간이 주어 질 수 있음(사랑과 전쟁).

껴안기(Cuddles): 서로를 포옹하고 껴안는 행위.

컴(cum): 정.액.의 속어

커닝굴루스(Cunnilingus): 오랄의 종류 남성의 여성성기 오랄.

여성성기, 보.x.(Cunt): 고문, 숭배, 빨기 등 포함, 신체의 일부분.

사이버섹스(cyber sex): 온라인상에서의 성행위 온플 등 메신저를 이용.


디에스(D/s): 지배와 복종관계, 주종 맺기.

다크라이필리아(Dacryphilia): 불행기호증, 우는 행위나 눈물에 성적 흥분을 느끼는 증후군.

아빠와 딸(Daddy Daughter): 부녀 롤플레이. 실제로 했다간 근친상간 죄로 형사입건.

딥트로팅(Deep Throating): 오랄의 종류로 남성 성기를 입속 깊이 삽입.

타락(Degradation): 죄를 짓게 함.

데님(Denim): 옷의 소재 페티시.

제모/쉐이빙(Depilation/Shaving):털 체모를 제거하는 행위.

기저귀(Diapers): 대소변을 못 가릴 때 쓰는 옷의 종류, 아기플에 사용돼는 도구.

딜도(Dildos): 모조남근.

징계, 훈련(Discipline): 수치플의 기본. 섭을 벌을 주거나 훈련을 시킴.

의사/간호사 플레이(Doctor/Nurse Play): 롤플레이의 종류 병원 상황극.

인형화(dollification): 인형 플레이 인형 페티쉬 상대방을 인형이라고 생각하고 가지고 놀음.

하우스슬레이브(Domestic Servitude): 집안일을 하는 노예나 하인 몸종.

지배(Domination): 돔에 의한 섭의 지배.

더블페네트레이션(Double Penetration): 일반성교와 항.문.성교를 동시에 당하는 행위.

관장기(Douching): 체내에 액체를 주입하기 위한 기구.

덕테이프(Duct Tape): 본디지용 도구 신체를 구속하거나 입을 막을 때 사용.


이스팀(E-Stim): 최음제

에지플레이(Edge Play): 삽입은 하지 않고 애무만 하며 주변에서 머무는 플레이.

전기플레이(Electrical Play): 전기충격기등을 사용하여 상대방에게 전기충격을 주는 플레이.

전기고문(Electrotorture): 전기충격기로 상대의 은밀한 곳을 고문.

인케이스먼트 페티시(Encasement Fetish): 스타킹 및 라텍스로 인체를 포장하는 페티시.


항.문.을 통해 관장액을 투입해 상대에게 강제적으로 대변을 보게 만드는 행위.

에로틱 최면(erotic hypnosis): 최면을 거는 행위

성문학(Erotic Literature): 성행위를 다룬 문학.

성사진(Erotic Photography): 성행위를 다룬 사진.

노출증(Exhibitionism): 자신의 성기를 다른 사람에게 보여주는 행위, 예제 바바리맨.

눈 마주침 제한(eye contact restrictions):

주종관계에서 종이 주인의 눈을 바로 보면 안 돼는 행위.


얼굴 방귀(Face Farting): 상대에게 수치심을 주기위해 얼굴에다 방귀를 뀌는 행위.

얼굴성교(Face Fucking): 수치심을 주기위한 얼굴성교.

얼굴 앉기,조르기(Face sitting/smothering) 수치심을 주며 상대의 호흡을 컨트롤하는 행위.

싸대기(Face Slapping): 체벌로 뺨을 때리는 행위.

수염(Facial Hair): 인체의 일부분 페티시. 뽑을 수 있음.

공포(Fear): 감정의 종류, 주로 돔이 섭에게 복종심을 갖게 하기 위해 공포를 사용함.

새털(Feathers): 마찰플레이의 도구 간지럽힐 때 사용.

발(feet): 신체의 일부분 페티시.

여성사.정.(Female Ejaculation): 여성이 극도의 오르가즘을 느낄 때 하는 사.정.

여성 수치심(female humiliation):

여성인 것을 수치스럽다고 생각하게 만드는 플, 펨섭의 정신적 대미지가 큼.

여성 우월성(Female Supremacy) :

펨돔의 멜돔에게 심어주는 정신. 주로 페미니스트들이 사용.

펨돔(FemDom): 여성지배자.

여성화(feminization): 여성스럽게 만드는 행위.

펫나이트(fetnights): 페티쉬니스트들이 하는 정모.

피깅(Figging): 생강을 항.문.이나 성기에 삽입하는 플레이.

핑거링(fingering): 손가락을 사용한 애무.

손톱(fingernails): 네일아트에 사용되며 신체의 일부분 페티시.

부황(Fire Cupping): 고문용도로 쓰임.

불플레이(Fire Play):

온도 플레이로써 뜨거운 초를 피부 근처에 가져가 공포심을 유발함. 화상조심.

그물(Fishnets): 구속 도구로 사용. 에니멀플에 적용.

피스팅(Fisting): 항.문.이나 성기에 팔을 삽입하는 행위.

플래싱(Flashing): 노출증의 종류.

프래시후크(Flesh Hooks): 니들플레이의 일종 갈고리로 살을 걸음. 헐. 감염조심.

희롱(Flirting): 놀리거나 희롱함.

채찍질(Flogging): 채찍으로 때리는 행위.

음식플레이(Food Play):

개밥같이 준다거나, 초콜릿 페티시, 인간초밥그릇 같은 음식을 사용한 다양한 플레이.

발마사지(Foot Massage): 발을 마사지 해주는 행위.

발 숭배(Foot Worship): 발 페티시의 일종.


장시간 방치플의 일종으로 섭을 가구로 취급하는 플. 테이블 식탁 책장 등.

프랑스하녀(French Maids): 하녀페티시의 일종.

성교기계(fucking machines): 모조남근이 달린 드릴이나 회전기구로 성고문에 사용.

모피(Fur): 옷의 소재, 부드러움, 페티시.


오랄질식(Gagging/Choked by Cock): 장시간의 오랄 플레이로의 숨막힘.

재갈(Gags): 본디지 도구.

갱.뱅.Gangbangs): 난교.

방독.면(Gas Masks): 코스튬의 일종 페티시.

게이(gay): 남성 동성애자.

성별바꾸기(gender play): 성별을 바꿔 하는 롤플레이.

성기피어싱(genital piercings): 성기에 하는 피어싱.

성기고문(genital torture): 성고문.

유리딜도(Glass Dildos): 재질이 유리로 됀 딜도. 속이 다 비침.

안경(Glasses):페티시의 일종.

글로리홀(glory hole): 자위나 구강성교 엿보기 등을 위해 공중화징실에 뚫은 구멍.

장갑(gloves): 페티시의 일종.

골든샤워(Golden Showers): 워터스포츠 물놀이의 일종 배출되는 오줌으로 샤워하는 행위.

고스족(Goth): 고딕문화에 뿌리를 두고 죽음 어둠 공포를 지향하는 사람들.

그루밍(Grooming): 미용, 단장.

그룹섹스(group sex): 난교.


헤어(hair): 본디지 뽑기 등 머리카락 페티시.

수갑(Handcuffs): 팔을 구속하는데 쓰는 도구. 본디지용 및 경찰 롤플레이.

핸드잡(handjobs): 남근을 손으로 자극시키는 행위.

매달기(Hanging): 본디지의 일종.

삭발(head shaving): 수치심을 자극.

헨타이(Hentai): 일본 야애니 망가.

하이힐(High Heels): 여성구두 페티쉬.

갈고리 서스팬션(hook suspension): 본디지 아트의 일종으로 갈고리에 걸어서 매달아 놓음.

뜨거운오일마사지(Hot Oil Massages): 애무의 일종.

인간재떨이(human ashtray):

가구 플레이의 일종, 입에 담배 재를 털어 넣거나 몸을 재떨이로 사용하여 수치심을 줌.

인간인형(Human Doll):

인형놀이 인현이라 생가가고 가지고 놀음.

인간가구(human furniture): 가구플레이.

인간변기(human toilet): 대소변을 몸으로 받게 해서 수치심을 줌.

수치심(Humiliation): 감정의 일종으로 돔이 섭을 컨트롤하기 위해 사용.


얼음(Ice Cubes): 페티시 및 고문도구로 사용.

충격플레이(impact play): 강력한 고통과 공포를 줘서 섭을 굴복시키는 플레이.

상상임신(Impregnation Fantasy): 임신을 했다고 상상하는 판타지.

근친플레이(Incest Play):

롤플레이의 일종으로 모자 부녀 등의 설정으로 하는 플레이. 실제로 하면 쇠고랑참.


성인이 아기가 됐다는 설정 하에 하는 플레이 기저귀 모유수유등 사용.

부정(Infidelity): 에셈플레이의 도구 잘못을 했어도 혼나고 싶어. 잘못을 인정하지 않음.

정신적 노예화(Internal Enslavement):

주인에게 절대 복종을 위한 정신까지의 노예화. 슬레이브트레이닝으로 단련시킴.

이인종간 섹스(interracial sex): 인종 페티시.

심문,조사(Interrogation): 경찰플레이의 일종 상대방에게 수치심을 줌.


발차기(Kicking): 구타의 종류 고통을 안겨줌.

유괴 롤플레이(kidnapping roleplay): 유괴되었다는 설정 하에 롤플레이.

퀼트(kilts): 스코틀랜드의 전통의상 남성용 치마 페티시.

키스(Kissing): 애무의 일종.

고양이플레이(Kitten Petplay):

도그플과 마찬가지로 에니멀플, 고양이 흉내를 내는 롤플레이.

클리즈마필리아(Klismaphilia): 관장기벽증 관장을 하는 것에 성적 쾌락을 느끼는 증후군.

무릎꿇기(kneeling): 복종을 표하는 포지션.

칼플레이(Knife Play):

칼을 사용하여 공포심을 극대화 하거나 피부에 칼날을 대어 마찰플레이로 이용.


레이스(lace): 옷감의 소재 페티쉬.

젖 분비(Lactation): 젖을 짜는 행위.

대음순(large labia): 여성성기의 한 부분.

라텍스(Latex): 옷감의 소재 페티쉬.

가죽(Leather): 옷감의 소재 페티쉬.

다리(legs): 각선미등 페티쉬.

레즈비언(Lesbian): 여성 동성애자.

사서(Librarians): 사서 롤플레이.

란제리(Lingerie): 섹시한 속옷.

립스틱(lipstick):화장용품 페티쉬.

술(liquor): 음식 페티쉬.


하녀(Maid): 유니폼 포함 하녀플레이. 피지배 복종 계급.

화장(Makeup): 페티쉬.

셀프동영상촬영(Making Home Movies): 플하는 장면을 촬영.

남성권위(male authority): 멜돔이 펨섭에게 심어주는 의식.

남성복종(male submission): 펨돔이 멜섭에게 강요하는 의식.

마조히즘(Masochism): 피학적 성욕.

마사지(Massages): 애무의 종류.

마스터/슬레이브(Master/Slave): 주종관계.

자위(Masturbation): 상대 없이 혼자 오르가즘을 느끼는 행위.

의료플레이(Medical Play):

의사/간호사 플레이 의사/환자 플레이 등 여러 가지 설정 및 도구들을 사용.

중세 도구(Medieval Devices): 중세시대 사용하던 기구들.

정신적 본디지(Mental Bondage): 신체뿐 아니라 정신까지 구속시키는 본디지 플레이.