Overwatch OC wip!!!

Human turned Omnic (well his brain waves and memories inputted into an Omnic).

His name is CLOVER and he’s Irish (yeah yeah I know clovers and shamrocks are different but hey close enough).

I got weapon ideas and stuff but I still need to draw those. NO ideas for clothes though… The colours are also still undecided I just wanted to think of some kind of palette but idk about it???

He was originally going to have Heterochromia but I couldn’t figure out how to apply that to his face…

Alice, Nise and Kid (I’m not sure about the girl’s name yet, so “Kid” is like a nickname. She’s been going by the name Sarah, and it’s like a name I always give women characters, when I don’t really know how to call them…).
Nise is one of those dads who spoil their kids to no end. So, whatever Kid wants - she’s probably gonna get it. Alice is more strict about such things, she’s the real “adult” in the family and knows when to say “no”.
But it’s not exactly necessary, because Kid is a special child, and she doesn’t demand anything, loudly, as some other kids do. She doesn’t annoy her parents, and keeps quiet most of the time.
Nise isn’t that oblivious as it seems, he just honestly loves Alice and their daughter, even if he’s not the dad…


“And speaking of food! You had wanted to eat it, so I pickled some umeboshi! And the plum sake is almost ripe for drinking! And the wine - Doumeki may be a heavy drinker, but he can’t finish it all himself! If you aren’t here… If you go… Yuuko-san… Yuuko-san… Please say that this is all… just a dream…”

“I couldn’t lie to you like that, Watanuki. Because you are someone I care for dearly.”