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My friend was a big fan of Cardcaptors Sakura. So my other friends and I jokingly told her that they were making a sequel with the characters in high school. That lie lasted about 5 years. She believed it and would every so often ask if we had any updates and we would tell her that they pushed the release date back because “You know…CLAMP.” It got to the point where we forgot about it but my friend didn’t and out of the blue, after a year of silence asked what had ever happened to that sequel. We were so confused. “Huh? oh..ohhh…right…that sequel…uh…it’s on hiatus?” *Shiffy eyes*

Homecoming {closed w/ Samson}


Dustyn had paced every inch of the house in Ivy’s absence. She had promised updates. She had promised Seishin and updates and wasn’t she supposed to be back by now? It had been three days. Days! What was going on? Had she forgotten about him? Just when he was absolutely sure he was going to lose his mind, the handle on the front door twisted and creaked open. The ghost boy was there within seconds, chewing the redhead’s ear off as she shuffled her way into the apartment, Samson following close behind her. The two looked rather worse for wear and yet still, somehow, were glowing. 

But Dus was livid. “Do you know how worried I was about you?” he said within all of his other ramblings of “what happened, where were you, you said a day, you forgot the update,” etc. 

Ivy inhaled a long breath of air as Clover appeared behind her and used all of her strength to push closed the door. It didn’t take Ivy long after moving in to realize that the little ghost girl didn’t like the room open to other wandering spirits–or living humans. 

“I’m sorry,” the witch finally managed, dropping her bag to the floor with a loud thud. “But I’m home… we’re home.”