Cardcaptor Sakura: Magical Black Cat of the Night 

Continuing with closing up cat month, this was a two-page spread, so it took a couple of hours to merge it seamlessly into one image. I feel it’s turned out well though.

According to the notes on the art book, this was the “title page” for January 1997 issue of Nakayoshi (Whelp! That’s almost 20 years ago!). Clamp comments this was one (oddly enough printed on the third book), was from one of the earliest installments in the manga. At the time, most of Sakura’s adventures took place during the day, so this was likely the first color image of her in a night-time setting. This one still remains my favorite costume from the original series & late 1990’s illustrations. I really love how CLAMP make Sakura look like a young girl and in other illustrations, she looks older & mysterious. That’s why I love her so much <3

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easy to love, a kurofai (pseudo)regency au fic
Chapter Three: Fai gets caught in the rain, and Kurogane comes to his aid.

“My hands,” he said, and stopped to breathe. “I can use them again.” To demonstrate, he slid his fingertips down the back of Kurogane’s palm, down the length of his forearm, along the curves of his upper arm, and to the leather strap that wound around his shoulder. He traced the line of the strap, back and forth. “What about your arm? Will it be damaged by the rain?”

He did not look at Kurogane’s face, but he knew that Kurogane was looking down at him. “Go ahead and take it off, then.”

My friend was a big fan of Cardcaptors Sakura. So my other friends and I jokingly told her that they were making a sequel with the characters in high school. That lie lasted about 5 years. She believed it and would every so often ask if we had any updates and we would tell her that they pushed the release date back because “You know…CLAMP.” It got to the point where we forgot about it but my friend didn’t and out of the blue, after a year of silence asked what had ever happened to that sequel. We were so confused. “Huh? oh..ohhh…right…that sequel…uh…it’s on hiatus?” *Shiffy eyes*