a marriage alliance

why a Jon/Sansa marriage makes sense

With season 6 ending with Daenerys basically dumping Daario Naharis because she needs to be open to a marriage alliance, it’s quite understandable that some people might think that she and Jon might make a match to rule over Westeros. After all, they are both Targaryens (a family that’s notorious for their incestuous practices) so people wouldn’t be too bothered. Some would say that they’d be powerful together, riding dragons, defeating the Others, and binding the North to the South.

The thing is, it’s exactly because Jon’s been revealed as a Targaryen that works against this idea. Jon is a Targaryen, meaning that his claim to the North has literally been blown to bits like the Red Keep.

Jon has no claim to the North also because it’s not his father that was a Stark, but his mother, whose supposed abduction was the cause for the entire war to begin with. So when the Northern Houses realise that he’s not a true Stark, surely people will push for Sansa to become the Wardeness of the North (perhaps Littlefinger might even try to pit Jon and Sansa against each other, as implied in the season finale) because without a doubt some will be conflicted by the fact that he is a product of a union that caused the deaths of thousands of men.

Even though Jon doesn’t have claim over the North, he does have a claim over the Iron Throne. Let’s not forget that Melisandre said that when she looked into the flames to see the future of the Iron Throne, all she saw was snow. Technically speaking, Jon may even have a stronger claim than Dany, since Rhaegar and Lyanna might have been secretly wed (Targaryens sometimes had more than one wife). 

Here’s when a Jon x Sansa union comes in. With Littlefinger being set up as an antagonist who will pester Sansa and bide his time until she accepts his hand in marriage, it would make sense that when she becomes the Queen in the North, she’ll have to marry someone for the sake of the Stark line. So if and when Jon and everyone else finds out that he’s a Targaryen, this makes him a worthy candidate for her husband. This isn’t just because he is really her cousin. With his claim to the Iron Throne and hers to the North, they would then have the right to rally the whole of Westeros to battle against the Whitewalkers. 

Though I can imagine that Sansa and Jon will be reluctant to enter such a union, I wouldn’t be surprised that Sansa (as pragmatic as she is) will be the one to suggest the marriage. She trusts Jon and he trusts her, they love each other (though at this point in a familial way), and he is the only man that served her and stayed by her side because he cared, not because he was going to benefit from it (unlike Joffrey, Littlefinger, and Ramsay). On a side note, a Dany x Jon union just seems too cliché, having the “main” heroine marry the “main” hero. They are virtual strangers so there wouldn’t even be much personal conflict in their union unlike Jon x Sansa, who would most likely be torn over the fact that they were raised as brother and sister.

So to sum it up, a Jon x Sansa marriage would be politically more beneficial than a Jon x Daenerys marriage. Even if Dany were to have claim over the throne, she would have to secure the North’s loyalty via Jon (a Targaryen)’s marriage to Sansa, because they won’t bow down to a non-Stark once again.

We’ve got roughly 10 months ‘till we see what really happens. Jon x Sansa shippers, buckle your seatbelts. 

Alternate Entertainment: Young!Sirius x Reader


Request: Someone asked for Sirius smut, but yeah, I made this one up during my Lit class LOL.

Warnings: Light Smut

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“Please, Sirius.” You whine, clammering over to him on your knees, crawling across the couch in your living room.  The fire is crackling away behind you two, an occasional popping sound of the flames the only sound in the room when you two aren’t talking. The snow, which has been falling nonstop, is still sprinkling outside in the purple hued sky. Sirius had come with you for the holidays, and really, it had been splendid, but you wanted him to come do muggle things with you. He tilts his head slightly, giving you a look. You make your way into his lap, curling into a ball and incessantly tapping your fingers along his jawline as he frowns at you, squirming a bit until you’re straddling him. 


You throw your head back, y/h/c locks slipping back over your shoulders as you let out a dramatic sigh, “But we’ve been here all break! I want to go out. Please.” You reply, straightening out your head and sneaking a peek at him. 

He’s licking his lips slightly, hands on your waist to keep you from toppling over, “I don’t want too. It’s bloody cold outside. Can’t we just stay in and cuddle?” He whines, his hands rubbing up and down on your hips, the fabric of his flannel on your bunching up with his movements. 

“That’s what we’ve done all break!” You argue, brows furrowing together as you lean forward and press a pleading kiss to his cheek. 

“You complaining about cuddling with me, little miss?” He taunts, hands tightening on your hips. 

“No, you twat. You know I love cuddling, but I really want to see this movie. Please. Pretty please.” You plead, poking his sides.

 “ Oi! S’not nice, stop that.” He yelps, one hand leaving your waist to stop you from poking him. You huff, now thoroughly annoyed as your cross your arms and frown at him. He takes one look at your face, eyes glancing between your lips and eyes, and he can sense what you’re about to do.


But it’s too late, your bottom lip is jutted out, begging for attention as you pout at him, y/e/c eyes wide in anticipation. You see his jaw clench for a moment, before he sighs and nods once, conceding, “Fine, fine, just stop bloody pouting.” You squeal in delight, leaning forward and grabbing his face in your hands, planting kisses all over it. His nose scrunches up, when one of your light kisses falls upon it.

 “Of course, now you want to cuddle.” He mutters, grinning as he captures your lips with his.

You grip his hand tighter in yours, as you lead him into the narrowly lit theater, ticket stubs clutched in your other hand. You come to a stop, tugging slightly on his hand as you come into the theater, glancing around at the people filing into seats, the scent of over salted popcorn filling your nose. You turn to look at him, smiling slightly, and choosing to ignore the frown that’s been pressed into his features since you left your house and stepped into the chilly winter air.

 “Where do you want to sit, babe?” You ask, glancing around at the empty seat. 

“Doesn’t matter.” He replies, shrugging. You hold back a sigh, letting your eyes fall on a pair of seats in the back, if Sirius planned on sulking the entire time, you didn’t plan on making others watch. 

“Alright.” You say softly, leading the way up there, not bothering to hold his hand. You settle into the seats and grab the tub of popcorn from him, digging your hand into it’s content greedily. 

“ Supposed to be exactly like the book.” You say softly, as an overly animated trivia question pops up on the screen. 

“Mhm.” Sirius says, folding his hands together. You frown, staring at him while your hand stops mid reach for the popcorn. 

He feels your eyes and turns to look at you, a small frown pressing into his own features. “What?” 

“You know what. Just.. can’t you at least act like you care?” You snap at him, before turning back towards the screen. 

You hear a dramatic sigh leave his lips, and a moment later the armrest between your chairs is up, his hand finding it’s way onto your thigh. 

“Babe.” He mutters softly, leaning towards you. 

You ignore him, shoving more popcorn into your face.

 “Baby, I’m sorry. Sorry.” He whispers softly, his hand rubbing up and down your thigh soothingly. You bite the inside of your cheek, glancing down at this hand and then towards him.

 “Just.. not my sort of thing. But, if it makes you happy, I’ll try.” He mutters, eyes searching your face.

 You say nothing, staring still. 

He mutters to himself quietly, “Bloody hell.”, before  increasing the volume of his voice, “You said it was based on that book, right? The one you read in two days?” He tries, giving your thigh an encouraging squeeze. 

You sigh, before smiling slightly, “Yes..”

Not even a quarter through the movie, you feel your focus wavering to the fact that Sirius’ hand is still on your legging covered thigh. It wasn’t just that the filmmakers had horribly adapted the book, but the fact that he smelled damn good, it was  the way the movie screen light was painting his features.  The nearly empty bucket of popcorn is on the floor now, and you’re shoulder is leaning against his as his eyes focus on the screen, as you glance at him, snuggling closer, clamping your thighs shut to alleviate some of the throbbing between your legs. 

He pats your thigh in acknowledgement, but says nothing. You squirm a bit, moving your legs so his fingers are dipping a bit towards your aching center. He shows no notice, and you sigh, deciding to give up on your quest for now.

 “ Bit achy for me, love?” His warm voice asks, filling your ears moments later. 

You turn slightly, and feeling his nose pressing against your jaw. “No.” 

He chuckles, his palm opening, and expanding over the area of your thigh, squeezing tightly. You yelp, before glancing to your right. The row you had picked, thankfully, was empty except for you two. “You’ve always been a terrible liar, babe.” He murmurs, his fingers reaching down and easily pushing your clasped thighs apart. 

You turn to look at him, a scold on the tip of your tongue, but it never leaves it when you see the way he’s glowering at you. You continue not to say anything, as his fingers dip down further, cupping your heat and making you gasp slightly, as your hips involuntarily jerk down onto his hand. 

“Just say the word, baby.” He mutters, his free arm slinking around your waist and pulling you closer to him.

 “W-we can’t, Sirius. Not here.” You whisper, your voice weak as he starts to rub your core.

 “ C’mon now, love, we’ve done riskier stuff than this.” He encourages you with a smirk, a small kiss pressed to your cheek. You feel your eyes shut as his thumb presses against your clit with due pressure, and you nod slightly, “Please.”  

“There’s my girl. Gonna take care of you yeah?” He muses, his hand leaving your core and causing you to whimper at the loss of contact. “Turn this way for me a bit, there we are.” He murmurs, shifting you so it looks like you’re curled into his side. 

His fingers take no time in dipping under the waistband of your leggings, then your panties, continuing his previous pattern. You sigh softly, your head darting downwards as he soothes your bumbling nerves, throwing a leg over his lap to give him better access. The worry of  someone seeing you  guys long gone from your mind. 

 “ So wet for me. Been like this the entire time, haven’t you?” He taunts, as his fingers glide through your smooth folds. You nod slightly, unable to find the words to respond and too scared to open your mouth. His skilled fingers play around more, reveling in the feeling of your slickness, before he shoves two digits into you. You squeak, half a moan leaving your mouth before you turn your face and bury it into his shoulder in an attempt to muffle it. 

“Shh, gotta keep quiet for me, baby. Don’t want to get caught, now.” He whispers, pressing his head to yours. He curls his fingers, and it’s as if every time he puts them back in, he’s found a new angle. You’re whimpering, biting into the fabric of his shirt to keep quiet as he encourages you, “Doing so good, love, being so quiet for me. Good girl.” 

It’s not surprising that your high is fast approaching, and Sirius hisses as your walls clamp around his digits. “ S’okay, love, let go for me.”  And you do, whining deeply and trembling against his chest. He pulls his hand out of your knickers and wiping them off on his jeans. His other hand releases your waist and brushes through your hair as he presses his lips to your forehead.

 “Felt good?” He questions quietly, as you look up at him. 

“Mhmm.” You reply, kissing him softly. 

He smiles against your lips, and when you pull away, he whispers quietly, “We should go see movies more often.”


Paris France.

We’ve left the house to find breakfast. At the cafe, woven chairs all face towards the street. People wander in and out of view, it’s like a movie. Baguettes under their arms and flowers in baskets on scooters, whirring past. Arms crossed, scarves piled high, fit to sit next to frosted cakes in the cafe window. I came here just last month, but since then sparrows songs have been traded for crows calls and clammering of bicyclists attempting to unlock their bikes, a simple task in warmer months now strenuous for cold hands. Lost in observation, eventually I animate and we go inside. It’s a golden heaven of pasteries and espresso, we’re so wrapped up in ordering croissants that the name slips our mind. We traipse home to open closed blinds, and fill empty mugs with coffee. Toustle freshly washed hair, and wander back out.

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Cafe Musings // The Messy Heads


So.. I know this kid, his name is Caleb Lam or rather .. Clammer. And I know this girl, her name is Megan Burton. The first one raps and the latter sings. and their song is absolutely A M A Z I N G . It’s their first studio song !  So proud of them :)

Just to see her (see her) 
But shes far far away 
And Id do anything just to see her face 
But shes far far away 
Walk a thousand miles just to see her smile again 
Now it started with a sip and it ended with the bottle, 
Everybody knew her name, straight A role model, 
The boys all loved her, they all thought she was cool, 
Pretty little thing made em girls envy at school, 
Money, looks and smarts yeah she got the whole deal, 
No one knew at home that she felt like a third wheel, 
Her dad was a workaholic, mom was never home, 
At school she got her followers, at home she all alone, 
Deep under her lies like she got her own disguise, 
Puttin up a fragile front so no one would realize, 
That though she seemed happy, she couldn’t handle all of it, 
At home alone she’d cry to sleep, the fact was quite the opposite. 
But shes far far away 
And Id do anything just to see her face 
But shes far far away 
Walk a thousand miles just to see her smile again 
To escape from all her troubles, she’d go to all these parties, 
Dancing to that music while she sipped on that bacardi, 
Drinkin all that drank to escape from all her problems, 
Its only been a month but now she can’t live without em, 
Her partyin ways trapped her inna cage, 
Grades started slippin, skippin school to blaze, 
Teachers were concerned but the parents didn’t care, 
They thought it was a phase, teen rebellion isn’t rare, 
Then one night at a party with a friend, 
Found a bunch of pills, made her high like in heaven, 
That night she partied hard like she never did before, 
Sparked alight her addiction to that heaven in pill form, 
But shes far far away 
And Id do anything just to see her face 
But shes far far away 
Walk a thousand miles just to see her smile again 
Fast forward a few years, same girl starvin on the streets, 
Her addiction stole her mind, drove her parents to the peak, 
They found her stash of pills and they kicked her out the house, 
Now she dodgin loan sharks like a game of cat and mouse, 
Spent all of her money to satisfy her needs, 
Took all of her pills at once, became harder to breathe, 
Last breath taken, life flashin in her eyes, 
Choices she regretted, took too long to realize. 
But shes far far away 
And Id do anything just to see her face 
But shes far far away 
Walk a thousand miles just to see her smile again

The Sun Will Set || Part 6 || BTS Gang AU ||

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A/N: You guys are going to hate me. (PS- please read the message at the end of this chapter, it has important info on future updates to this series) 


Summary: After a series of unfortunate events, you’ve found yourself under the care and protection of your city’s most notorious gang: BTS.

Word Count: 3,577

Genre: Angst, Drama, and some Fluff (but mostly Angst)

Warnings: Violence, Blood, Character Death

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 |

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Title: How Do You Heal?

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Rating: PG-13, due to drug use and hostage situation. Do not read if either of the two are triggering. 

Words: 956

I’ve been working at the BAU for nearly three years, and never once have I slipped up on anything. But, of course, the one time I do, it results in my taking hostage. It was hell, quite literally, to be stuck in a room with a sadistic serial killer. I was just his type, I knew I was, but I couldn’t wait for the rest of my team to show up. I had to play the hero.

So here I was, strapped to a metal chair, in a cold, dark, and damp room. I had yet to see the man who had taken me captive, as he had been wearing a mask every time he came in the room, but I had an idea of what he looked like. Male, late 30’s, white. A clammering came from the large door behind me, making me jump in fear. It had been nearly 24 hours, and my team had yet to find me. I’ll spare you the gory details of what the man had done to me over the last day, but think of the worst possible thing that could happen to a person, beside being killed, and you’re probably correct.

The bruises on my arms burned as I began to pull against my restraints once more. I knew it was useless, but I had to keep trying. My body was exhausted, my eyes were red and bloodshot, but I had to hang in there, I knew the team would find me… Wouldn’t they?

Another bang came from behind the door, causing the tears to run from my eyes. God, I knew if they didn’t find me soon, I was done for. Soon, a series of thuds sounded against the metal door, and I cried out in relief, knowing it had to be my team. The man had the door locked, I knew that, but he wouldn’t have lost the key. He wasn’t unorganized.

With one final thud, the metal door fell to the ground, as the familiar voice of Spencer Reid rang through the room, “(Y/N)!”

He ran to me, dropping his gun onto the floor once he realized it was safe. He pulled against the straps on my arms and legs, getting them free, as I cried in joy to see my team had pulled through. As soon as I was able to move, I wrapped my arms around Spencer, thankful to finally be able to control my body.

“It’s alright (Y/N), I got you. I got you,” Spencer soothed, holding me in his arms, and rubbing my back. He picked me up, and started our journey outside to the ambulance. The entire time, he was whispering to me about how proud he was I made it through this. I was finally going to be okay again…


Nearly a month had passed since I was rescued, and the time Hotch had given me to recover was almost over. I assured him that I could work, but he was having none of it. He ordered me to wait, get healthy again, and frequently visit a doctor for checkups. I did the first two things, but I refused to do the last.

Nights were terrible for me. Every single time I closed my eyes, I saw that room. I saw the man, and I relived the things that happened to me. I hadn’t been sleeping much, until I found out that my neighbor just so happened to be a drug dealer, and was more than willing to give me just the thing I needed to forget.

I was always careful with it, knowing that I couldn’t inject myself when someone was going to check on me. They were profilers, for Christ’s sake, I think they would know if I was high. But today, the team was on another case in California, so I had more than enough time to forget everything, and be back to normal by the time they got back.

With a belt around my arm, I grabbed the needle, and plunged it into my arm. I groaned, rolling my eyes back into my head, as the liquid pushed into my veins. Instantly, I fell asleep on the floor of my living room.

I don’t know how much time had passed, but when I opened my eyes to a frantic voice, it was dark throughout my apartment. Spencer was kneeling in front of me, his eyes watery, his voice nearly gone from his yelling for my attention. I looked down, seeing the belt still looped around my arm, but the needle was sitting next to Spencer.

“(Y/N)…” he whispered, pushing a strand of hair out of my face. “(Y/N), why would you do this to yourself? You know you can talk to me, always. Always.”

“Spence, I-”

“(Y/N), I know it hurts. I do, I really do. Before you joined the team, the same thing happened to me. But the man who kidnapped me, Tobias, he injected me with Dilaudid. I- I struggled with the same thing you are.”

“Spencer… I had no idea,” I started, gulping as I shivered in his arms.

“This isn’t about me, (Y/N). I want you to know that I’m here for you. I can take time off, I’ll ask hotch. Just, let me help you, please.”

With tears in my eyes, I clung to the tall man. I had no idea what to do. It felt so good, and I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help it. I needed it. It helped me.

“Spencer… How do you heal?” I cried.

“With a lot of hard work, and a lot of support. But you can do it, (Y/N). I know you can.”

New Neighbor (Smut)


Word Count-1487

Description-Your new neighbor gets locked out in practically freezing weather, and takes refuge at your house.

“Y/N time to wake up,” your mother cooed from the doorway to your bedroom. “We have to go introduce ourselves to the new neighbors.”

Slowly but surely, you clammered out of bed and into the shower, letting the water wash the sleep off of you. You were rather excited to meet the new neighbors, as they were a nice couple from Australia with a kid around your age. And at this point, anyone is better than the bratty 9 year old who used to live next door to you. Stepping out of the shower, you automatically dive into your everyday makeup and hair routine, which you’ve mastered. Taking only 30 minutes, you emerge from the bathroom in a casual outfit, consisting of blue jeans and a black v-neck, which emphasised your rather large chest. With one last look in the mirror, you bounced down the stairs, and out the back door.

“Hello! I’m Mrs. y/l/n, and this is my daughter, y/n. Welcome to the neighborhood!” your mother warmly greeted the new neighbor.

“Thank you very much! I’m Mrs. Hood, please come in!” She gestured, inviting the both of you into her home. “Calum honey, come downstairs please?” Mrs. Hood hollered up a set of polished stairs. As your mother handed her a “welcome pie”, a figure made it’s way down the stairs to the first floor. Calum, as you assumed, was a teenage boy, and a very attractive one at that. With messy dark hair, and deep brown eyes, you were taken aback by his looks. Standing about 5 inches taller than you, his eyes met yours, as you quickly stared down at your feet.

“Hello there, I’m Calum.” He spoke with a very prominent accent, his eyes still stuck on you. You were positive that you were about as red as a firetruck, and practically prayed your mom would make up an excuse to get you guys to leave.

“Calum, this is Mrs.y/l/n and her daughter y/n.” Mrs.Hood said in her soft voice. “They bought us a lovely pie. Would you ladies care to stay for coffee?” she inquired while you practically begged God to get you out of there.

“If you don’t mind of course,” your mother agreed with a large smile.

Staying wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be, it was actually kind of fun. Calum was extremely sweet, as was his mother, and they both included you in conversation. After about an hour, your mother decided it was time to head back, and thanked Mrs. Hood profusely for having the both of you over.

Walking into your room, you began to undress, as per usual. Since your old neighbors had moved out about 6 weeks ago, you picked up the habit of leaving your blinds open. It was something you never had to worry about, that was, until you noticed Calum sitting on his bed in the window directly across from yours. Frozen in nothing but a bra and undies, you tried to make it seem as if you hadn’t noticed him, so you picked up your phone. Giving the window a sideways glance, you say his eyes on your body, mouth open slightly, and a tent in his boxers. A very large tent, at that. You turned away from the window and to your drawers, picking up a large tee-shirt. Since your back was facing the him, you thought that a little teasing couldn’t hurt, right? Slowly unclasping your bra, you let it slide off your arms ever so gently, before letting it hit the floor. You then put the large shirt on, before slipping some shorts on, and making your way to the window, Calum, who had a look of concentration on his face, was staring into his phone, but his hard-on was completely obvious. You pulled  your blinds before getting into bed and falling drifting off to sleep.

The next morning, you were awoken by a loud banging on your back door. In nothing but a shirt and panties, you walked downstair, headed towards the door. You noticed however, a note from your mother indicating that she would be out for a few hours. Unsure of who would be at your house, you cautiously made your way to the door, peeking out to see who it was. Calum? Once the door was open he began to speak.

“Hey, uh, sorry I kind of locked myself out, and my mother’s not home, would you mind if I stayed here until she got back?” he asked as you gestured for him to come inside.

“Of course not, it’s freezing out. I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold.” You told him as the two of you made your way towards the center of the house. “Also, please excuse my appearance, I just woke up.” You chuckled, but Calum remained still. Cocking your head to the side, you looked at him waiting for him to say something. Suddenly, he stepped closer to you, causing your back to hit the wall.

“You think it’s cute how you teased me last night?” he asked, his face inches from yours. “God, you’re so fucking sexy, I dreamt about you last night,” he said, placing a kiss on your lips. You were shocked, but slightly turned on, so you didn’t resist. “You sucked me off, and then I fucked you so hard, darling.” He breathed out in between kisses.

“Baby, you want me to make that dream a reality?” You asked innocently as you slowly made you way to your knees. His hard-on was practically breaking through the thin material of his gym shorts. You pulled them off so that he was in nothing but his extremely thin boxers. Excruciatingly slow, you slid his boxers off as his member stood proudly from him. Placing a kiss right where his dick met his groin, which caused him to twitch.

“Oh baby please suck me,” Calum begged, his breathing hard and heavy as you placed a series of small kitten like laps on the tip of his cock. You licked his length, which brought an array of moans from him. As you took him in your mouth, you could hear him muttering cuss words under his breath. “Fuck y/n just like that.” You began to bob your  head up and down his member. “Shit baby, stand up before I cum” he ordered, gently pulling you up by your hair. He pulled you into a deep kiss while walking you over to the dining room table. His large hands found his way under your shirt, massaging your breast, and toying with your nipples. In one swift motion, he had your shirt pulled off and laying on the floor next to you. Calum turned you around, and pushed your torso down on the table, before lowering himself to your core. He slowly slid your panties down, kissing your thighs all the while. “Who made you this wet darling?” he smirked before placing a small kiss on your center .

“You Calum,” you gasped, as he licked up and down your core, slowly sucking on your clit. He pulled you as close to him as possible, as if he needed you like oxygen. He continued to bury himself in you, leaving sloppy kisses all over you.

“Goddamn, you taste so fucking sweet,” Calum noted in between long licks. He slowed down, and began to gently flick his tongue against your already sensitive clit, as you begged him to let you cum. “Calum, please, fuck, please let me cum,” you moaned as he picked up speed, sending you into a high. Continuing to place kisses on you throughout your high, you could feel him smirking into each of the kisses. Panting, just as you started to calm down, Calum flipped you over, so that you were facing up to him now, and gave you a quizzical look. You nodded, and without a full warning, he slammed into you. This sudden burst of pleasure on your already sensitive core caused you to scream out.

“God it makes me so horny when you scream baby,” Calum groaned through gritted teeth, as he continued to pump in and out of you. His eyes were shut tight as he relentlessly fucked you. You were surprised that he Your arms were draped around his neck, his face only inches from yours. You could feel yourself clench around him as he began to throb. “Baby I’m gonna cum,” Calum moaned now moving harder and faster into you.

“Please don’t stop,” you begged as he had been practically destroying your g-spot. Almost simultaneously your both climaxed, Calum groaning out in pleasure, while your eyes were shut tight, your whole body tingling. As you both began to come back from your climaxes, Calum gave you a deep kiss.

“I’m going to have to forget my keys more often, huh?”

the habit of loving you

i love
being your
recidivist lover …
your plague-maker of affection
within the scrabble of herculean lust

in my
the unctuous spunk
of conjugated semen
plumbs into the gullet … as

the chic
in staggered suds
of holy turgescence
gently coaxes orgies

the whiff
of dark perfumes
surfaces to the hot sun
and sky virgins clammer
for a touch of our blood …


the massacre of manners
the feign economy of lust
of throat rhythms
the fiction of tongues …
the currents of your electrical flesh …
the power and the grace of hysteria …

oh dear …

my soul
into yours …
in the transference
of our embryogeny …
and the radical drainage
of the radius of madness …