Aquí en Hermosillo la conocen como Michelada yo le digo Clamachela. Pero no importa cómo le llamen: saben a toda madre!

I haven’t until recently started to enjoy figuring out the different terms for different drinks and dishes around Mexico. The more I eat around and the more I move, I notice people call things differently depending where they are… which can be confusing (but its very interesting) Here in Hermosillo Michelada has beer + clam juice (sauces and hot sauce) however down in the center of the country places at times call this exact drink Clamachela. Who cares about the terms, one thing we can all agree on: they are fucking perfect! #hermosillo #clamachela #clamato #michelada #spicy #elfogoncito #mexicanfoodporn (at El Fogoncito Boulevard Colosio)

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