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All are in the phylum Annelida, class Polychaeta but belong to different families

1. Glycera (blood worm)

2. Nereis (clam worm)

3. Eudistylia vancouveri (fan worm)

4. Nereis (clam worm)

5. Myxicola infundibulum (fan worm)

6. Nereis brandti (clam worm with pharynx pushed out and jaws exposed)

7. Thelepus   (spaghetti worm)

Leopard Shark, Triakis semifasciata.

One of the most popular animals at MSI is the leopard shark. We keep 8 or 9 baby leopard sharks in our aquarium at a time. We catch the sharks when we take our 90 foot research vessel out on the San Francisco Bay. The leopard shark is a beautiful animal covered with dark saddles and splotches. The top of the animal varies in color from silver to a bronzed gray. Leopard sharks are most commonly found in shallow bays and estuaries but sometimes live in the kelp forest, usually staying near the bottom.

Leopard sharks love to eat benthic invertebrates like mussels, clams, crabs, and worms. Male leopard sharks can grow to be 5 to 6 feet long while the females can grow to be 6 to 7 feet long!  These sharks are very gentle creatures and both kids and adults love getting the chance to touch the sharks when they come to visit MSI!


I’m receiving some hate-mail from Social Justice Warriors (the wrong types, that even attack people that use mythological creatures) these days for using golems, Djinni, Rainbow Serpents (which I don’t even use, but that aside), Rakshasa, Naga and Akhluts, so especially for them here a little post about Golems. xxx luv ya’ll

There are multiple types of Golems in Mythika, all made out of their own materials, and mostly used by powerful magic users as guardians, bodyguards and trackers/assassins.

Golems are mostly build into humanoid forms, but some creative/insane architects and dwarves gave their own spin to their design.

Automaton or Iron Golems are the most numerous of golems, they are most common. They are only human sized, but entirely made from iron, making them much more durable and powerful than a normal human soldier. Though they lack a serious conscious and intelligence they can still perfectly follow simple orders such as attack, defend and search. 

There is also the Khalkotauroi, which is a Automaton in the form of giant fire-breathing iron bull, not unlike D&D’s Gorgon Bull. They are mostly used as mounts by Dwarves and Dactyl. 

Talos are enormous bronze, gold and silver Automatons the size of giants or even titans, they are extremely rare as they cost a lot of time, magic and resources to build.

Normal Golems or Stone Golems are made entirely from rocks, gems or stones, the most common are made from common rocks, the more expensive and powerful are made from pure diamond. They were the first Golems to be ever constructed and so the name-holder of the construct group. They can only understand follow, attack and defend orders, anything other makes the Golem lose control and attack anything around it, even its own creator.

Wulgaru or Wood Golems are made out of common wood or magical rune-incanted wood. The lesser Wulgaru resembles pretty much a scarecrow made from wood, the greater Wulgaru is much like a animated totem-pole incanted with powerful rune-tattoos which give them all types of blessings. They are often used by Druids to protect forests, groves and gardens from interlopers. Some Wulgaru however broke free and gained intelligence-scores, they still protect forests, but they see everything as interlopers, even creatures that are gentle to nature.

Pua Tu Tahi or Reef/Coral Golems are made from all types of corals, they were first created by the Siyokoy, but later also by human mages. They are often encountered underwater, in reefs or on beaches. These hostile living coral reefs attack most creatures they spot, especially land-based creatures. They are made out of sharp coral stone and so attacking the creature with melee attacks risks shredding your own armor and flesh. Inside greater Pua Tu Tahi live all types of other sea monsters such as Stella (Giant Starfish), Shen (giant Clams) and Indus Worms, these creatures all help in attacking the Pua Tu Tahi’s target. While smaller Pua Tu Tahi resemble humanoid golems, the elder and greater Pua’s resemble crabs, spiders or other forms.

Nargun or Magnetic Golems are strange Rock Golems with magnetic abilities as they were created by nature itself, when lightning strikes a Magnetite rock when it lies in any water source the rock is animated into this dangerous golem. Fighting a Nargun with metal armor and weapons is very difficult and proves fatal in most cases, as the magnetism is powerful and always on. Many crushed metallic armors (with skeletons still in it), tools, treasures and weapons are decorating their rocky bodies. Nargun often reside in lakes, underneath waterfalls or in streams, as the water will rid their bodies from the metallic parts often. Nargun are the most intelligent of the Golems.

Invunche are the most evil and cruel of the Golems, they are also known as Flesh Golems. Lesser Invunche look like deformed humans made out of parts of different victims, their legs are often stitched to their heads, as these monsters are mostly created to create a sense of fear into anything they encounter. Greater Invunche are truly horrifying creations that use the skinless flesh of bears, humans, dragons and everything mixed together in some sick abomination. Invunche are pretty intelligent for a Golem as the spirit to animate them is from a tortured humanoid.

Jenglot or Doll Golems are nasty voodoo dolls brought to life with souls from the cursed dead. They use the voodoo needles as weapons and terrible curses to bring much bigger victims down. They love to steal hairs or blood from other creatures so they create a link with the victim, torturing their own doll-like bodies will destroy the flesh of the creature they made a voodoo-link with.

Tupilaq or Bone Golems are very small but very powerful, they can easily break a full grown human male in half with little effort. They are animated by using the souls and bones of powerful creatures such as giants, whales or other such powerful creatures.  

Terra-Cotta Warriors or War Golems are mostly used in great wars, each terra cotta soldier is infused with the soul of a warrior, and the Terra-Cotta Chariots infused with the souls of legendary warriors.

Tatty Bogle, Cucay and Bubak or Scarecrows are also Golems. They are mostly build by Hags and placed around their gloomy huts to guard their treasures or used in hunting children for them.  Tatty Bogle resembles are normal Scarecrow, the Cucay is a Jack-o-Lantern like Scarecrow, more plant than construct, and the Bubak is a very ancient and powerful form of Scarecrow, being more intelligent than a human and more cruel than a demon, they carry a sack with them at all times, this magical sack can store much more than one would think.

All Pictures found on Google, taken from D&D, Pathfinder, Magic The Gathering Card Game, and Final Fantasy.


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