clam time

Okay so the weather man says there’s a lot of storms around that are pretty severe. I’ll try to make it to movie night but if I randomly leave during it then it’s most likely I lost power or my mom told me to shut off my computer. That’ll explain what happened to me XD I heard a distant rumble 10 minutes ago and my mom is freaking me out saying “they’re severe, we might lose power, the storms are creating tornadoes” like ok I get it. I get anxious during storms (severe ones) so that’s not helping. Hopefully everything clams down by the time 7pm rolls around (for me at least)


Kuro’s birthday- observation

So we have this cute cute Kuro’s birthday art on official Servamp twitter source

And and do you understand?! I will explain…. Look at the other pictures for characters birthday, we had… 

See? Do you get know?! Kuro’s birthday pic is the first one to not be single character pic! It is more couple pic. :D Teheheh. Like Look Tsubaki has even present on his own pic… and what is the best present for Kuro? OF course spending birthday with his beloved Mahiru. :D And look Mahiru even feeding him! Awwwwwww.  It is so symbolic for me, like the best and the happiest birthday for Kuro are when he can just spend some warm, happy, clam time with Mahiru, like some old happy marriage. :D And just look at this loving look on Mahiru’s face… Aajhajhakjhaha He also want to make Kuro all happy. I guess Kuro’s birthday are exactly like this too. Like even if they will spend this with others friends, Kuro’s bros and etc… they will be like in their own happy world. Mahiru feeding Kuro with super yummy stuff, the fav of Kuro’s food (Mahiru will cook of course all of them,and will make super big cake for him :D) and they will be cuddling, and overall lazy around together (haha the fav activity of Kuro :D, and even more favorite when he can to cuddle to his boyfriend :D ) 

Witch Tip #116

If you require seashells for your alter or for a spell or blessing, wait until you or your family and/or friends go out for sushi or seafood, then ask the server if you can keep the leftover shells from oyster/clam/muscle dishes. 9 times out of 10 they will happily give you a takeout box and some beautiful shells!


Thanks for the advice guys. I told boyfriend about losing my bracelet. He was sad about it but totally understanding. We are both hoping it turns up somewhere. I’ve called every store I was at and left my name.

Now is study time and clam chowder from a can that honestly isn’t too bad.

year of the (b)ox

I absolutely hate being told what to do
Because it puts me in a box
An ox in a box that I didn’t make
The boxes I make are dangerous too
Too big to fit
I’m swimming in room
Too small so tall
I can’t get quiet enough
Tell me to be great
I’ll hate you forever
Tell me to stay
I’ll clam up whatever
Freeze time
Freeze frame
Please freeze the rapid pace of my heart
Place me in a box
In a box for the ox
Too stubborn to let down
Down into the ground
Where she drove herself

i wonder if the endless flood of ironic, hyperbolical and unfunny double entendre ridden ad campaigns that dominate everything in Stilwater and Steelport ever gets on the people’s nerves. like it was a huge fad during SR1, then in SR2 people were like “ehh… yeah… penis jokes… heh” and by 3 everyone’s basically living in a purgatory of tired wiener jokes. but the companies can’t stop it anymore. they have to keep on going. they have to make that joke about hairy clams the thousandth time. they’ve based their brands on this, and if they stop, it will all crumble. for them, it’s hell

The Entire Olicity Fandom right now


last night I was having a bit of a panic attack because I got separated from my friends right before all time low started, I was crying and I had to use my inhaler because I couldn’t manage to get a deep breath and I felt light headed and it was honestly one of the worst panic attacks I’ve ever had.

But then all time low started playing and I still felt horrible at the start of satellite, but by the end when Alex was singing “we were just kids, we were just kids singing” and everyone was singing along, I had the biggest smile on my face and I felt so much better and had calmed down quite significantly.

That whole incident made me remember why I love all time low so much, they always manage to put a smile on my face and can calm me down from an anxiety/panic attack, no matter how bad the episode is. They have truly made me feel like I’m not alone in this world and that there are people who love and care about me to the ends of the earth. They’ve created a safe space for me and so many other people like me

So don’t you dare say that this band hasn’t done anything for anyone, don’t you dare say music can’t change and improve lives. Don’t