clam linguine

This is a thank you to my father’s cooking,
To my taste buds, those spoiled brats
Birthed on my tongue the first time
I tried his chicken tarragon,
Raised to know the difference between tenderloin and strip blindfolded,
Thank you to pasta fagioli,
To beer cheese, to homemade chicken noodle,
Italian Wedding and clam chowder,
Any of which will work on days I need comfort food
(Every day)
And thank you to old fashioned tomato, which will do
In a pinch
Amen to lasagna,
Rigatoni in meatsauce
Made from scratch,
Fettucine alfredo,
Linguine with clam sauce,
God bless the savory beef stew that would
Have your stomach bursting before you could walk through
The front door after school and ask what’s for dinner,
Praise be! to Christmas cookies,
Lined with pounds of homemade powdered sugar frosting,
Cannolis and pizzelles and
Caramel covered apples dressed to the nines
In chocolate chips,
I hope I look half as sweet on my wedding day,
But only if my father bakes the cake,
And sculpts the fondant,
Towers of swirled sugar,
Floured and flowered
On layers of chocolate heaven,
Raspberry sauce drizzled on top in rivulets of temptation,

Thank you to baby back ribs
To my ribs
To my abs, non-existent
Thanks to my father’s cooking,
Thank you to butter,
For making a home in my butt,
To “butter face”
To “she’s hot … but her face” jokes never
Being directed at me because those are saved for the skinny girls
Which I am not,
Thanks to my father’s genes
Oh, and his cooking,
And to the pizza dough he’d let us knead
Though we didn’t need it
Thanks to his homemade potato salad
For my inevitable arrival at parties with food in my arms
And still thanks to potato salad
For my constant need to cover my arms
Even in the summer
Because of stretch marks and flab
Jiggly as the cherry limeade Jello
My father makes on Independence Day,
Thanks to my father’s cooking
For the stares
The jeans ripped in the thighs,
For Victoria’s Secret shame,
For the dressing room tears,
For having the consistency in my life
Of high-end cheesy, garlic mashed potatoes
Alluring, but immediately regrettable

And thanks to my father’s cooking,
For embodying what a home should be
For showing me how to make a home in my body,
For reminding me that good meals can take time,
Food for thought,
Favorite meals don’t come from a recipe, too standard to impress,
But take a personal flair to make them all their own,
Thank you to my father’s cooking
For teaching me that loving myself is a dish best served

—  Ode to My Father’s Cooking // a.d.c. // 4.6.17
Zodiac Advent Calendar Day 24: Christmas Dinner Around the World

*Of course everyone can eat whatever they want. This is supposed to be fun, we know that you can’t match a food to a zodiac sign. Tastes are different.

Aries - fata (Egypt),  a kind of lamb stew with rice, bread and garlic, actually huge christmas meal, all the foods contain meat, eggs and butter - all the yummy things they didn’t during the Advent fast

Taurus - Christmas barbeque (South-Africa),  involves turkey or duck, roast beef, mince pies, or suckling pig with yellow rice and vegetables and a sweet and spongy cake called malva pudding

Gemini - angikjöt, smoked lamb, hamborgarhryggur, succulent salted pork rib,  lightly smoked puffin, ptarmigan stew or even reindeer steak (Iceland)

Cancer - gourmet (Netherlands), small groups of people sit together around a gourmet-set and use their own little frying pan to cook and season their own food in very small portions, includes finely chopped vegetables and different types of meats, fish and prawns/shrimps, different salads, fruits and sauces 

Leo - Julbord (Sweden), guests help themselves to a wide array of dishes,  includes Swedish meatballs, ham, sausages, spare ribs, pickled herring, gravlax, rye bread with orange peel, cheeses, cabbage, and beets 

Virgo - Hallaca (Venezuela), involves a mix of meats with raisins, capers and olives wrapped in cornmeal dough folded inside plantain leaves before being steamed

Libra - oysters, foie gras, chestnut-stuffed turkey, roast chicken, smoked salmon, and goose (France)     

Scorpio - Feast of the Seven Fishes (Italy), typically consists of seven seafood dishes, symbolic of the number seven, which is the most repeated number in the bible, includes baccala (salt cod), baked cod, fried calamari, fried fish or shrimp, linguine with clam or lobster sauce, octopus salad, shrimp cocktail, and stuffed calamari in tomato sauce

Sagittarius - kiviak (Greenland), comprising the raw flesh of whole small arctic birds wrapped in greasy sealskin and then buried underground for several months, once the auk meat has achieved a certain level of decomposition and been softened by the fermentation process, it is dug up and consumed

Capricorn - Julepølse (pork sausage with ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and mustard seed), lutefisk, Pinnekjøtt (salted, fried, and steamed lamb’s ribs), svineribbe (whole-roasted skin-on pork ribs), and sossier (small sausages) (Norway), red cabagge served on the side, washed down with Christmas beer ( juleøl )

Aquarius - 12 meat-free dishes (Poland), represents the twelve apostles, include barszcz (borscht) with uszka (filled dumplings), carp with potato salad, pickled herring, rollmops, pierogi, mushroom soup, cabbage rolls, potato dumplings, and salads 

Pisces - traditional curry and newrio (India),  newrios are sweet dumplings stuffed with palm sugar, sweet grated coconut, and sesame seeds

Merry Christmas Everyone! ❤️(It’s Christmas Day in Germany)