clam art


Drew some concepts for a Splatoon, from the Octarian side.

[Possibly more concepts to come]

1) They’d have a make shift Inkopolis (Octopolis), Octarians are very resourceful so they’d have have tire seats in the diner area and speakers of all sizes welded to an old, repainted tower (resembling the tower from inkopolis plaza) and the countless adds (for clothes) will be shown on stacks of re purposed TV’s scattered around the area.

2-3) They’d have their own idols or idol to portray the upcoming battle stages, in this case Octo Mamma would be a pompous idol who flaunts her money and surrounds herself with her lacky’s and backing dancers.

4) By now the Ocatarians would have been able to maintain a male kid form (Octarian science or something)

5) With new shops there are new shop owners, the loudmouthed clam who stocks the freshest of shoes, the trendy mollusc for all your new shirt needs, the quiet (sea plant) for the perfect hat and the sea newt for a weapon to trounce all your competition.



Just an idea I had the first time Kitten received mints from Don G.

There are certain hidden messages behind each items Don hands.

Mint: You’re no enemy

Cigarette: You’re an enemy

Cigar: I revere you

It’s a tactic usually used during negotiations, allowing his boys to understand how it’s going so they can prepare for it.


Rare Ocean Conchs and Cornets

This collection of rare shells was compiled and designed by Albertus Seba. He was one of the early Continental Europeans who worked on zoological taxonomy who influenced Linnaeus.

Locupletissimi rerum naturalium thesauri accurata descriptio, et iconibus artificiosissimis expressio, per universam physices historiam. Albertus Seba, 1734.


I made this small shell book for my sweet brother and ocean-lover, Matt, for his birthday this week.  Its covers are a true pair of incongruous ark clam shells (that we found together years ago at the beach – I think) and it’s bound with a two needle Coptic stitch variation.  Along with individually handcut pages, it features endsheets of handmade mulberry paper that I marbled with a suminagashi process.  :)


Here’s some trashy glo up featuring the zoo AU that Sofia and I came up with