Fixer Upper VS Love is an Open Door

Love is an Open Door:In this song, Hans is basically forcing himself towards Anna. “You like this? I like this too! That must mean that we are perfect for eachother!” He creates an artificial image of himself. He creates what he knows is Anna’s dream Prince. This song is perfect. It’s perfectly harmonized, the vocals are neat and so are the dance moves. But it’s all artificial

And that’s why Anna falls for him.

Fixer Upper:This song is Love is an Open Door’s polar opposite. Here Kristoff Isn’t forcing himself onto Anna, his family is. And by doing what? They start pointing out all of his flaws and all of the things that are wrong with him. They’re trying to show Anna the real guy. This song is messy, people interrupt eachother and probably 20 people are singing at the same time. But it’s real. Kristoff is real.

And the real overthrows the artificial, because even though Anna thinks she is smitten with Hans, by the end of Fixer Upper, she has clearly started to fall for Kristoff.


Evolution of the way Kristoff looks at Anna

  1. Who the heck does this girl think she is. That wasn’t even funny.
  2. Wait, so she married a guy she just met? Isn’t that kind of careless and stupid? How desperate is this girl?
  3. Oh god she’s crazy. She’s going to die.
  4. Wow, that was actually pretty cool.
  5. I’m glad she’s okay.
  6. Wow. Just. Wow.
  7. Keep her warm, keep her warm. Make sure she doesn’t die. SHe can’t die. She has to stay alive. She has to make it.
  8. She’s freezing to death and this girl is actually worried about me. I’ll be fine. As long as she’s safe I’ll be fine.
  9. She’s so beautiful when she’s happy like that.
  10. God. This girl is beautiful, amazing, cute, and nice. She’s a little crazy and can do a few stupid things. Her sense of humor could be fixed a little bit. But most of all she’s safe, and here, and smiling right at me full of exitement in her eyes.

                         She’s perfect.

“Can we please just stop talking about this? We have a real actual problem here.”

“I’ll say.”

Has anyone actually ever talked about this scene? I know, I know, it’s barely 10 words and probably one to two seconds long. But just look at him. First what he says. He doesn’t say “I don’t feel about her that way!” or “I’m just helping her save this place!”. He’s not talking about himself. Another point to see how selfless he is. Her priorities are first. If she’s engaged to another man, he can’t have her. End of story. And also look at his face. My parents would always be kind of like the trolls, teasing me about any random boy I talked about. Except I would roll my eyes and grunt, obviously annoyed. But look at him! His eyes are wide and very serious. He almost looks sad, and desperate. And If you focus on that last frame…

It is almost like he is telling this to himself.


Defense of Anna of Arendelle

I hate it when people undermine Anna. Just because Elsa had more anxiety and visible stress, we think she’s the complex character and Anna is just the stupid lead that didn’t even deserve to be the lead. But No. Anna also has many layers. She’s not only stupid. She’s not only dorky. She’s not only anything that you undermine her to be. She’s a complex character.

She is Lonely not Boring: Anna is also alone. Do you know how that is to be alone and not know why? Do you know how it feels to be shut out for most of your life not even knowing why. Why do you see more of Anna, because you see how she’s dealing with this. We understand that Elsa’s powers are based on how she feels, but do you even see how Anna deals with it? She’s trying her best to ignore it, she tried to make herself busy, do anything to forget about how shut out she feels. And that’s as painful as what Elsa is feeling.

She is Clumsy not Immature: Anna falls all over the place… Why? Because she’s never had a role model. She’s not immature, she actually pretty mature and even if she acts childish, that does not make her immature. So why does she fall ver so much all of the time? Because no one really had the chance to teach her otherwise. Her sister was locked out. Her parents spend more time worrying about her sister and dealing with Royal affairs then they ever did with her. And there were barely any servants. DO you realize Anna spent her childhood alone? Teaching herself everything she knew?

She is Trusting not Stupid: Once she meets Hans, she immediately trusts him. Same thing for anyone she meets. Kristoff with his bad attitude, a talking snowman, even her sister who shut her out for so long. She trusts people. She still believes that there is good in people even though all her life, people have been shutting her out. She needs to trust people. Because if she couldn’t trust anyone, she would e all alone. And she can’t afford to have that happen all over again.

She is Needy not Crazy: When she agrees to marry Hans, she’s not crazy. She needs someone. She needs someone to care for her because no one has actually done that before. And then here comes a man who sounds perfect in every way and seems to love her just for who she is. So of course she takes the chance. When Olaf says that Anna doesn’t know anything about love, it’s true. All she knows is what she read. There was no love around her during her childhood. She was just always alone, she couldn’t have known any better. She only knew of the Fairytale Prince, and the guy right in front of her acted exactly like him. Again, she never learned what love was.

She is Insecure not Annoying: When Anna stumbles around Elsa, she isn’t annoying. She’s so nervous. It’s probably the first time Anna has talked to her and she has replied. Do you know how much of a shock that must have been. Also other than that, Anna’s always been living in her sister’s shadow, especially seeing her now. Anna realized she was nothing like her sister. Her perfect sister. And maybe to be accepted, she would have to act as if she was.

She is Kind not Bland: I’ve actually heard people say this. Anna was too bland a character, she was too nice to everyone. She never showed that much emotion. So first YES. SHE DID SHOW EMOTION. OR HAVE YOU JUST NOT BEEN WATCHING THE MOVIE. Second, it’s huge that Anna is kind. Anna has been treated like crap all her life, and now she’s being kind? Do you know how huge it is? Instead of teaching girls to avenge the past, Frozen teaches us not to dwell on it. Anna is kind to others, because she wants to make sure they don’t go through what she did.

She is Conflicted not Confused: When Elsa hits her with the ice, Anna looks like she wants to hate her sister. She does. But she can’t. Even after all of the crap she went through. After all the lies, she still wants to be with her sister. She’s not a confused little helpless princess. She’s not as dumb as people like to show her as. She’s actually pretty smart. But she’s been through an emotional roller coaster. Her sister, her fiance, this mountain man she just met. Anna has a lot of things to juggle emotionally. She has many conflicts in her head. Everything is just jumbled in her head. What would happen if you got all of that information emotionally. But even though all of that emotional pain, she gets through it.

She is Loyal not Dumb: Every time Anna is being loyal to someone, some dumbs thinks she’s being dumb. Like when she’s being loyal to her sister, defending her at all costs. No she’s not stupid trying to go out there alone. She’s focused. She’s going to get to her sister no matter what. And she sticks to her sister until the very end. Even if that means her turning into ice. Even if that means risking her life. She will do it.

Anna is not the prissy stupid little bland coward people make her up be. She actually a strong, and amazing woman, who deserves much more love then she currently gets.


“Elsa was preferable, of course”

This phrase is so undermined, and it’s probably one of the things he says that hurts Anna the most.

When Anna met Hans, he understood her. He even loved her with all of the quirks she had. For most of her life, Anna wash’t loved for those quirks. The servants kept correcting her, and she maybe even thought that her quirks were the reason that Elsa was ignoring her. She always felt second best. But then she meets this guy who loves her and isn’t paying attention to her sister, only to her.

But he ends up betraying her. Not only does he say that he was faking his “love for her the whole time, but he is basically also saying that her sister would be a better choice.

Anna, once again, was just the spare, just the second choice.


“We May.”

No but guys the things is that she’s waiting for him to come to her, and watches him as he comes to her. She helps him, by first kissing him on the cheek, but doesn’t jump right into it like she did with Hans. She slowly moves in.

She waits to see what he’s going to do, and even leans her head back when he’s about to kiss her. She doesn’t want to be tricked again. She doesn’t want to jump blindly into a relationship. 

But once he kisses her, all those worries go away. You see her absentmindedly put her hands un him, as if these were natural gestures. She presses herself against him, with a smile creeping up onto both of their faces as their kiss.

Because Kristoff is nothing like Hans. He’s different. And it’s a good different.

“I’m sorry Kristoff…”

Is it just me or does Kristoff look way more devastated about Anna’s death then she is? I mean look at those puppy dog eyes. Look at the worry, the pain, he fear in his eyes. Just look at that.

Look at what the thought of losing her does to him.

And the trolls aren’t even saying “Sorry Anna.” They say “Sorry Kristoff.” KRISTOFF. Because they know.They KNOW that he cares so much.

It basically looks like his life is being taken away instead of Anna’s.

But I guess that’s what true love does to a guy.

“Hang in there.”

Okay, first of all let’s get over the fact that it looks like the hat is dissapearing and Kristoff keeps trying to put one on. Over it? Okay, now we can start.

First, can we please look at Kristoff’s eyes? He looks like he could burst into tears at any moment. He’s just so worried about her. He doesn’t want her to die. Especially in his arms. Imagine the girl you love dies in your arms. Because you couldn’t do anything else to save her. He doesn’t want her to die.

Second, look at his hand. It lingers. IT FREAKING LINGERS ON HER HEAD in a way to reassure her that everything is going to be alright. And maybe we should mention that as soon as he touches her, she opens her eyes slightly. This girl who is so weak find the force to open her eyes from only his touch.

Finally I just wanted to express how powerful this scene really is It looks like just Kristoff is giving her his hat because she’s cold. No. It’s not just that. Kristoff is not the kind of guy who wants to share things. From his reindeer to his sled, he doesn’t trust anyone enough to take care of any of his stuff. But here he is, giving Anna his hat which, judging from how worn out it looks, he has probably owned for a very long time. And he still does it. Why?

Because he would stop at nothing to see Anna warm again.

“Make sure she’s safe.”

Now to most people, this is probably a really cute scene. Like “oh look at that’s so cute look at him he’s so caring and nervous and wow that’s adorable”. Nopedynopenopenope. This is actually a tragic scene, no matter how adorable it looks. Because we finally see one of Kristoff’s main characteristics throughout the movie.

He’s not enough.

He’s not enough to stay with Anna because he’s just a commoner and she’s a princess.

He’s not enough to save her because she has a fiance at the castle who is waiting for her and he’s probably perfect and he’s going to save everything.

And he’s not enough to just warm her up because he has barely communicated with a human before her so he uses a fire instead.

Throughout the whole movie, Kristoff backs away from Anna because he thinks she doesn’t need him. He thinks that there is always going to be someone better. He’s lived his life all alone because he thought that humans didn’t need him, didn’t want him.

That is until he sees that blizzard because even if she doesn’t need him, he definitely needs her.


Kristoff not needing words.

One of my favorite things about Kristoff is how he doesn’t say, or doesn’t want to say what he’s feeling, but his emotions are clear as day.

He doesn’t need to say that Anna is becoming less of a chore and more of a friend, his smile shows it.

He doesn’t need to say that he’s worrried about Anna, he shows it through is gestures.

He doesn’t need to say that he thinks that Sven is right, because his face says it all for us.

He doesn’t need to say that he needs Anna in his life, his actions show it all for us.

He doesn’t need to say that he loves Anna…

Because everything he does shows that it’s true.


“I did it!”

I feel like this scene is very underrated when it comes to Kristanna and actually even mostly Anna.

Every time Anna did something quirky and weird before, it would either backfire, or she would get criticized for it. Like when she awkwardly stands next to her sister and is corrected by Kai, or when she destroys the cake in “For the first time in forever”. Even at some points hans is uneasy about her quirkiness.

But here, it finally came into play. All of her weirdness, quirkiness, anything that used to be an obstacle for her in the past, finally gets to shine. She uses what used to be an obstacle and turns it, int he oddest way, into a weapon. And it works! It finally works.

And she is weary at first. Look at how nervous she is at what Kristoff might think. Like: “Oh God he probably think that I’m a totally weirdo”. But what does he do? He cheers her on. he appreciates her ways.

And that gives Anna enough confidence to finally appreciate herself.

“An act of true love?”

I did an analysis on this but it somehow got deleted and plus this is a better gif to demonstrate it. This is for all the people who wanted a Post Fixer Upper Analysis.

In this exact scene, Grand Pappie has just told Anna that only an act of true love can save a frozen heart. She lets it sink in then her eyes widen in realization. And normally, Kristoff would probably widen his eyes in realization too and he would see that maybe Anna wasn’t doomed and if he brought her to Hans, everything would be okay.

But he doesn’t.

Instead his eyes sink down, and yes, maybe he’s looking at Anna. Feeling sorry at how weak and tired she looks But seriously, he should have the hint of a smile knowing that she might be saved. But no.

He also realizes that this means that Anna will be saved another man. And that man could never be him.

“She’s with her true love!”

I’m sorry, but can we just appreciate this scene for a second?

Kristoff has no idea what Hans did.

Kristoff has no idea of his intention, of his plan.

Kristoff doesn’t even know that he indirectly but conciously tried to kill Anna.

And yet here he is, ready to beat Hans into pulp, just because he knows that it’s his fault that Anna was stranded on the fjord, freezing to death.


“The only frozen heart is yours,”

I just realized this in this scene and I love it. When everyone hears Hans getting up in the boat, most of them hesitate and don’t really know what to think. All of them except Kristoff.

I mean you can totally see right when Hans starts to make a sound because right then, Kristoff starts to frown at him, and then tries to punch him.

Keep in mind, Kristoff doesn’t know anything about the Hans wanting the kingdom and wanting to kill people and even about when he says ‘Oh Anna, if only there was someone out there who loved you.“ He doesn’t know about any of that.

He just knows that Hans is the reason Anna almost dies, and that’s reason enough for Kristoff to beat him into pulp.


Kristoff vs Hans: Catching Anna

Someone made a comment to my last post of Kristoff being the first one who had really caught Anna for the first time since Elsa. They said that Hans said “Glad I caught you!” But here is why I don’t think that counts.

Hans: I have said this before and I will say it again: Hans is flirty. Everything he does is to win over Anna. Here Anna is pushed to the group, so why not catch her? It’s the perfect flirting tactic. And look at him how he smoothly pulls her up while putting his oh so sophisticated champagne glade down. Then he raises his eyebrows in a flirting manner as he leads her into a waltz. Everything he does is to please her, seduce her. Catching her is part of that plan.

Kristoff: This guy isn’t catching her for him, he’s catching her for her. He doesn’t expect to get any love from her. He doesn’t try. She just asks him to catch him and I think he would have anyways. I mean look at his worried face as she falls down. What if she falls? What if he doesn’t catch her? But he does and as you can see, he’s breathing heavily. He’s not trying to affect her because she already affects him. And that is confirmed by the lovestruck gaze he gives her once she leaves his arms.

So why don’t I count Hans as someone really saving and catching Anna? Because even without being knowing he is evil, he’s too smooth. He’s not doing it for her, he’s doing it for him.

Kristoff on the other hand is actually worried. He doesn’t want to have anything back, he just wants her safe because that would be his greatest reward.



What I really appreciate in the Kristanna relationship is how they are created to be foils to one another, but also to be exactly the same.

And no, I’m not talking about those people that start out as opposites and learn that their differences make them stronger. No. Disney does a lot of that these days.

Kristanna don’t only foil eachother in the most perfect way, but they are similar too. These are only a few scenes showing how similarly different they are. They are both awkward, but in very different ways. They are both so selfless, although Kristoff tries to show it less. They are also both very dedicated, but about totally opposite things.

It’s very hard to create two characters with such a confusing and deep kind of relationship. Oh so different, but oh so the same.

That is why Kristanna is unique for Disney.

And that’s why they are meant to be.


“Oh, it’s just you.”

Kind of a request, it’s not exactly what they ask but it has to do with it.

There is a big part of the Kristoff’s character development that not a lot of people talk about. And this small request reminded me of it.

The first time Kristoff meets Anna she’s in this beautiful princessy dress, and she’s all confused. He probably thinks that she is a spoiled pampered princess. He probably knows what she looks like, from seeing pictures, but doesn’t know her past too much. So he doesn’t care much for her. When she comes in and requests his help, he thinks she’s just going to be luggage and very annoying.

His suspicions are confirmed on the sleigh ride when he heard about the “stupid” and “spoiled” things she had done. She married a man she just met for god’s sake. Just because he’s probably a prince and she was a princess. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think he’s jealous. Sorry. He’s just very confused.

However, she surprises him. When he tries to protect her from the wolves because she obviously can’t do it herself, she takes his lute and hits one smack in the face. She even saves him. TWICE. And that how he falls in love with her (take for example the “crazy trust exercise”). Every time she does something out of the ordinary for a princess, he warms up more and more to her.

She’s not at all what he was expecting, and he’s more than totally okay with it.

But there is so much to love about this scene.

There are the trolls that get out of the way to let Kristoff catch Anna.

They know somethin’s going on.

There’s the face he has as he’s trying to catch her.

He’s so worried about her getting hurt.

The smile he gets when she’s in his arms.

Just having her near him makes him smile as an idiot.

And then he sees that Anna is all confused, so her tries to wipe the smile off awkwardly.

He know’s what’s going on, he just doesn’t want her to leave because she’s weirded out.

And that sums up the whole relationship, his worry that she gets hurt, his love and admiration towards her, and the fear that none of him will ever be good enough for her.


“No Sven, we’re not going back.”

I hope you guys realize that Kristoff was ready to run down that mountain all by himself if it meant getting to Anna.

When he sees that blizzard, the first thing he thinks is: Anna. Anna’s in danger. Must go save Anna. Need Anna to be safe. And this whole time, we’ve seen Kristoff always consulting with Sven. He would talk to him before making a decision or just say “Come on Sven”. But here, he doesn’t wait. It’s like an instinct. He had to go save Anna.

And so he runs. He starts running all by himself. Without Sven, without hesitating (Olaf would be proud). He just runs in that seemingly foot deep snow. He jumps. He runs. The snow is making it hard for him to move. He’s even slipping. But it doesn’t matter. Anna. Anna. ANNA.

And I also hope you realize that one of the only reasons Kristoff gets on Sven after a little while, is because he realized that Sven was almost passing him and going way faster. He got on Sven so that he could get to Anna faster. To make sure she’s okay.

I swear in this scene, he doesn’t even think about himself, his safety, or his surroundings. His only thought is Anna.

And if that’s not true love I don’t know what is.


“It’s because she struck you, isn’t it?”

So I was looking for gifs for an analysis requested from a very sweet anon when I found this. Now this scene is obviously to show comedy with Olaf being all like “You hesitated…”. But lets really delve deeper into this subject, shall we?

So let’s look at it in Kristoff’s point of view. So he just basically almost not really saved her. And picked her up from the snow with his amazingly strong arms. They just had a moment. He is realising that he may be actually developing feelings for this girl. And then, a white streak appears. 

The last time he saw a girl with a white streak in her hair, she was almost dying. And now a girl, that he realises he may care about more then just platonically, has a same thicker streak appearing on her head. And yes, she did still have the streak in her hair but he hadn’t noticed it. He hadn’t “seen” her befre this. In the first gif, he is scrunching his eyes, trying to remember. And when he looks back at her in the second gif and remembers what her fate could be, his eyes widen just for a second. He needs to bring her somewhere where she could be healed. The trolls.

Then he remembers what she was asking him and answers.

He’s not hesitating because he thinks it looks bad. Frankly knowing him and his feelings, I don’t think that he thinks anything looks bad on her.

He’s hesitating because he’s scared for her, and what could eventually happen to her.