Okay, so I know I already did an analysis for this scene, but there is one other one that I really needed to share. It’s going by gif and it’s gonna be pretty long. So grab something to eat, you’re going to be reading a while. Let’s go gif by gif shall we?

1. This is the only one that is not in the same “timeframe” as the others. This is kind of a prologue to this whole analysis. This gif summarizes how Kristoff is leaving Anna because he thinks that leaving her is best for her. During the whole trip, I don’t think Kristoff has seen that Anna was returning his feelings (we kind of do, but he doesn’t see or realize it). Their was no proof. And since she had talked so highly of Hans, thats who he left her with. Even though he still doesn’t think the engagement is a good idea, he trusts Anna. And ignoring his broken heart, he leaves knowing that at least Anna was safe.

2. I wanted to use the gif when he sees the blizzard around the castle but this one was the next best thing. The thing that I really love about this scene (and this applies to the scenes after it) is that all Kristoff sees is a blizzard around the castle. He doesn’t know that Hans is evil, he doesn’t know that Anna is still freezing to death. He just sees this blizzard and is compelled to go rescue Anna. For all he knows she is actually fine and safe in the castle with Hans and is living happily ever after. But in this moment, he forgets all about Hans, the only thing on his mind is Anna and the blizzard that may be endangering her.

3. This gif is meant to be here as a bridge. It basically shows what Kristoff is going through for this girl who may actually be fine. This gif is supposed to represent how he ran through a blizard without turning back. In this scene he is extremely selfless. He risks being smashed by a boat and practically killed. He even risks loosing Sven, on of the most important things in his life. And I can’t stress enough that this is for someone who may actually be fine. He just wants to see that she’s okay. He wants to know that she is okay. He hopes that she is fine even if it’s with Hans. Because that is how selfless he is in this scene.

4. Four and Five are very similar but I decided to keep them apart anyways. In four he finally hears her. He hears Anna. And she’s yelling his name. HIS NAME. He doesn’t know what happened with Hans, but she sounds weak. Just look at his eyes widen in mixed emotions as his name is yelled out. Even though she is yelling his name, she is in danger. And this is what really worries Kristoff. Kristoff is looking around and blindly tried to follow her voice because he can’t see her. How does he know that he isn’t just make it up in his head? He doesn’t. But he follows it anyways, because it is the closest thing to Anna he has at the moment.

5. He sees Anna. He actually sees her. Look at his face soften, his eyes widen. He sees where she is. He sees how broken she is, how freezing, how weak she is. He is only a few meters away. He can reach her. He runs. He yells her name so that she knows that he is coming. He sees she’s not dead yet. She could be saved. He could still save her. This makes him run, run faster than he ever has. This makes an enemy of his favorite thing in the world: ice. This is the peak of Kristoff’s character development. This is where he hates ice, this is where he runs to help someone else, the is where he wants to save the girl, because he knows how much he needs her in his life.


“She gets sexed up”

“It's inappropriate.”

“A terrible example for young girls.”

“Does being yourself mean wear swanky clothing and wear a lot of makeup?”

Yes, actually it can.

I hate when people say this about Elsa. I HATE IT.

First I would like to mention that when people say “be yourself” some people don’t really mean. What they mean is don’t try to hard, don’t put too much makeup, don’t wear clothes that are too tight or comfy, stay comfortable. And for some people, that is not themselves.

Some people like to put on a lot of makeup.

Some people like wearing revealing clothing.

Some people like to look rebellious.

You can’t hold that against them.


All her life, she was told to be this quiet, poised, conservative girl. A girl who wears long dresses, capes. A girl who doesn’t talk back, doesn’t act up. She was trapped. She was trapped in a little box full of responsibilities.

And now she’s LETTING GO.

Did you even listen to the freaking song?

She’s becoming what she wants to be. She’s letting go of the past and heading straight into the future. And no one affects what she looks like. There is no boy she wants to impress. No townspeople. No parents. 

She’s doing all of this for herself.

And I don’t know about you, but I think that this is a great example to set for little girls, afraid to be themselves.

anonymous asked:

Have you done an analysis about what Anna was thinking right before she dies? Like when she sees Kristoff coming toward her and then looks in the other direction and sees Elsa? I love your analyses :)


I would like to point out that there is absolutely no hesitating in this look. At all. This is her looking at Kristoff and feeling bad.

Why? Because he came all of this way to save her, and she’s running at the last minute.

He loves her.

And maybe she loves him too.

But no matter how much she thought her sister hates her after throwing her out of the castle, no matter how many times she shut her out, excluded her… she’s still her sister.

And Anna would rather not live at all, then live in a world where her sister is dead.


“Elsa was preferable, of course”

This phrase is so undermined, and it’s probably one of the things he says that hurts Anna the most.

When Anna met Hans, he understood her. He even loved her with all of the quirks she had. For most of her life, Anna wash’t loved for those quirks. The servants kept correcting her, and she maybe even thought that her quirks were the reason that Elsa was ignoring her. She always felt second best. But then she meets this guy who loves her and isn’t paying attention to her sister, only to her.

But he ends up betraying her. Not only does he say that he was faking his “love for her the whole time, but he is basically also saying that her sister would be a better choice.

Anna, once again, was just the spare, just the second choice.

“She’s my sister, she would never hurt me.”

The worst part of this is how Anna doesn’t even try to stop the ice from coming inside of her.

All her life, she has been shut out by her sister, but she still remains positive. Her sister shut her ut every day of her life. But she tries all over again every single day. And finally when everything seemed to be ok which them, she got shut out all over again. And then, she discovers her sister has ice powers.

And she doesn’t freak out, she doesn’t yell, she isn’t mad. She defends her sister. Even though she doesn’t understand, even though it doesn’t make sense, even though she is still scarred by the past, she defends her sister.

She believes that her sister would never hurt her. You see it in this gif as the only thing she does is close her eyes because she thinks that whatever is going to happen, her sister will stop it.

But she never does.

“An act of true love?”

I did an analysis on this but it somehow got deleted and plus this is a better gif to demonstrate it. This is for all the people who wanted a Post Fixer Upper Analysis.

In this exact scene, Grand Pappie has just told Anna that only an act of true love can save a frozen heart. She lets it sink in then her eyes widen in realization. And normally, Kristoff would probably widen his eyes in realization too and he would see that maybe Anna wasn’t doomed and if he brought her to Hans, everything would be okay.

But he doesn’t.

Instead his eyes sink down, and yes, maybe he’s looking at Anna. Feeling sorry at how weak and tired she looks But seriously, he should have the hint of a smile knowing that she might be saved. But no.

He also realizes that this means that Anna will be saved another man. And that man could never be him.


“Kristoff. They sound wonderful.”

So this big gruff mountain man, covered already in layers of clothing, ranting about his bizarre family, getting a little stressed out only needs a small hand to his arm from Anna to calm him down?

I mean even Anna is even nervous putting her arm on his shoulder because she’s afraid it won’t do anything. He’s just totally freaked out and ranting but once Anna puts her hand on his arms he turns towards her and he gulps. He’s so nervous that she’s going to to say something bad, or just not want to come with him.

But once she tells him that it’s going to be okay, his features soften and he starts staring at her again. And then he breathes heavily. Again.

I just find it amazing that he started out as a mountain man unaffected by anything around him, and now he’s flustered at even the tiniest act Anna does.


They meet at night.

They journey during the day (Keeping in mind that this probably wasn’t done in one day. This might have just been little clips of their journey when it could have actually been longer. Also, they never rest and you can’t stay up and that energetic for that long.)

They go see the trolls at night. (So that’s two or three days (or one if you actually think their journey was in one day.)

And it’s in the middle of the day when Kristoff comes to save Anna.

So is that like two, three days and a half?

“But that’s not different, you can’t fall in love with someone in the spans of three days.”

No. You can’t fall in love with someone after three minutes.


And maybe you can’t fall in love with someone in three days, but you can if you spend every minute of that days with them.


I’m sorry, but you can fall in love with someone in 84 hours.


“It’s because she struck you, isn’t it?”

So I was looking for gifs for an analysis requested from a very sweet anon when I found this. Now this scene is obviously to show comedy with Olaf being all like “You hesitated…”. But lets really delve deeper into this subject, shall we?

So let’s look at it in Kristoff’s point of view. So he just basically almost not really saved her. And picked her up from the snow with his amazingly strong arms. They just had a moment. He is realising that he may be actually developing feelings for this girl. And then, a white streak appears. 

The last time he saw a girl with a white streak in her hair, she was almost dying. And now a girl, that he realises he may care about more then just platonically, has a same thicker streak appearing on her head. And yes, she did still have the streak in her hair but he hadn’t noticed it. He hadn’t “seen” her befre this. In the first gif, he is scrunching his eyes, trying to remember. And when he looks back at her in the second gif and remembers what her fate could be, his eyes widen just for a second. He needs to bring her somewhere where she could be healed. The trolls.

Then he remembers what she was asking him and answers.

He’s not hesitating because he thinks it looks bad. Frankly knowing him and his feelings, I don’t think that he thinks anything looks bad on her.

He’s hesitating because he’s scared for her, and what could eventually happen to her.

“How’s your head?”

Again, I feel like this is another moment when you can clearly see how self conscious and uncomfortable Anna feels about herself. I mean look at her.

When she tries to care for him, she messes up and hurts him instead. That’s probably what happens to her every day. That’s probably what she thinks happened between her and Elsa. So when she hurts him, she’s scared. She’s scared that he’s going to yell at her for hurting him, or just give up on her, like so many people have probably done.

But he doesn’t.

He says it’s okay, and that she doesn’t have to worry. That he has a thick skull and that it’s not her fault. And her face softens up and smiles…

Because even after dragging him in this adventure, making him jumping off a cliff and almost killing him with fire, he’s still here.

Okay. There is something I need to say.

I’ve been looking through a lot of Kristanna and Frozen hate and they all start with the same thing: “It was like Kristoff hated her up until he caught her in his arms and then he was in love. It didn’t make any sense. There was no development.”

I am here to explain what that goofy look actually meant because sorry to break it to you, but that was not a look of love.

When Kristoff meets Anna, he does not hate her. He’s just confused.

Here is this random girl coming up to him, offering him a bunch of goods he couldn’t afford, just so that he can come with her to the North Mountain. he takes it of course, because he’s a good guy. He still doesn’t trust her though. I mean he meets this ditzy princess in a fancy dress out in the snow, he’s a little weirded out. And by her appearance, he assumes she’s just a bratty little princess…

And here his suspicions are confirmed. She MARRIED a guy she just met. She doesn’t think about the consequences. She’s helpless, and naive, and probably even bratty on top of that by the way she is acting. During this conversation, he thinks thats he’s just a regular princess. He doesn’t hate her. he just doesn’t get her and assumes the worse in her at first because remember, he isn’t good with people.

So almost redeems herself by saving him (twice actually). But her burning his sled and all of his belongings still makes him doubt her. But after that moment, you can already see him warming up to her. And no, he does not wish death on her. he’s just not used to people. He actually likes her more than he cares to admit.

So what does this look mean?

The script quotes: “Kristoff watches after he, digging her fearless pluck.” Kristoff is a man of action. he’s not going to go with a girl who is afraid to climb mountains, afraid to defend herself. And that’s what he thinks Anna is, at first. But here he realizes that she is a lot more than an obnoxious princess, he realizes that maybe he judged her too harshly. 

And he is intrigued.

Not in love.

Just interested by this girl who just denied all of his assumptions.

This is just step one.

And a relationship with actual steps?

Well that’s relationship development if I ever saw it.

“Can we please just stop talking about this? We have a real actual problem here.”

“I’ll say.”

Has anyone actually ever talked about this scene? I know, I know, it’s barely 10 words and probably one to two seconds long. But just look at him. First what he says. He doesn’t say “I don’t feel about her that way!” or “I’m just helping her save this place!”. He’s not talking about himself. Another point to see how selfless he is. Her priorities are first. If she’s engaged to another man, he can’t have her. End of story. And also look at his face. My parents would always be kind of like the trolls, teasing me about any random boy I talked about. Except I would roll my eyes and grunt, obviously annoyed. But look at him! His eyes are wide and very serious. He almost looks sad, and desperate. And If you focus on that last frame…

It is almost like he is telling this to himself.


“Not your awkward but just me… I’m awkward.”

I just absolutely love Anna’s face in this scene.

All her life, Anna has probably been told she was awkward, and not behaved like a princess would. She was very clumsy, and talkative, and just not very princess like. She thought that when she’d find her prince, he would be so sophisticated and help her become sophisticated. She thought she was the only awkward person around…

Until Kristoff.

Kristoff is the opposite of what she imagined as a little girl. He’s gruff, and big, and grumpy at times. But most of all: he’s awkward too. He’s as nervous as she is when he sees her. He’s nervous to kiss her. He’s rambling. Like she does. He’s just like her.

And she realizes that maybe she doesn’t need a prince to “fix” her. Maybe she doesn’t even have to be fixed. As long as Kristoff is here, accepting her awkward ness, and acting as awkward as she… 

She can be whatever she want to be.


I love how brilliantly animated Kristoff and Hans are so that they can be polar opposites.

  • Hans is thin and very prince like whie Kristoff has a stockyy body and scrappy clothing.
  • Hans has combed auburn hair while Kristoff has an unruly blond mane.
  • Hans has sharper features on his face as his nose and chin while Kristoff’s are softer and more relaxed.
  • Hans is the type of guy girls swoon over while Kristoff is the one most girls will try to run away from.

But how could Anna fall for both men? Two men that are so different?

Because Hans, as his features, are artificial. They are cliche. He is so clean cut. Hans is the type of guy girls dream about, the type of guy girls are made to dream about. Remember, Anna falls for Hans just by seeing him. His looks are what first pull her in. Every time she stares at him dreamily it’s at his looks.

She falls for Kristoff in a different way. It doesn’t matter what Kristoff looks like, he doesn’t even care. He is messy and scruffy because that’s who he is. He has no one to impress. He is open. Anna doesn’t fall for him when she first sees him. When she first sees him she is actually quite frightened. Notice that the moments when Anna starts to fall for Kristoff, is when he starts to reveal himself.

Because instead of falling for what’s on the outside, she falls for him. For the inside of him.

And that’s the best way to fall in love with anyone.


Kristoff not needing words.

One of my favorite things about Kristoff is how he doesn’t say, or doesn’t want to say what he’s feeling, but his emotions are clear as day.

He doesn’t need to say that Anna is becoming less of a chore and more of a friend, his smile shows it.

He doesn’t need to say that he’s worrried about Anna, he shows it through is gestures.

He doesn’t need to say that he thinks that Sven is right, because his face says it all for us.

He doesn’t need to say that he needs Anna in his life, his actions show it all for us.

He doesn’t need to say that he loves Anna…

Because everything he does shows that it’s true.

But there is so much to love about this scene.

There are the trolls that get out of the way to let Kristoff catch Anna.

They know somethin’s going on.

There’s the face he has as he’s trying to catch her.

He’s so worried about her getting hurt.

The smile he gets when she’s in his arms.

Just having her near him makes him smile as an idiot.

And then he sees that Anna is all confused, so her tries to wipe the smile off awkwardly.

He know’s what’s going on, he just doesn’t want her to leave because she’s weirded out.

And that sums up the whole relationship, his worry that she gets hurt, his love and admiration towards her, and the fear that none of him will ever be good enough for her.



Isn’t it scary how in the short time Hans knew the sisters, he already know what would break both of them?

Hans never gave any of them any reason to trust him. Any clear reason. Yet in 2 days he discovered that Anna’s worse fear is not to be loved and being left alone. In two days he learned that Elsa’s worse fear was to lose Anna and to have something happen to her.

And in two days, he used both fears to destroy each sister.

But you have to keep in mind thing is that those people exist.

Not all people are like that, but you can’t go around assuming no one is.

There are people in this world that are going to seem like they just want the best for you, that they just want to know you, they want to help you. But instead they use those secrets against you. They will try to get to know you with the soul purpose of knowing how to break you.

And the worst part is they will.


Fixer Upper VS Love is an Open Door

Love is an Open Door:In this song, Hans is basically forcing himself towards Anna. “You like this? I like this too! That must mean that we are perfect for eachother!” He creates an artificial image of himself. He creates what he knows is Anna’s dream Prince. This song is perfect. It’s perfectly harmonized, the vocals are neat and so are the dance moves. But it’s all artificial

And that’s why Anna falls for him.

Fixer Upper:This song is Love is an Open Door’s polar opposite. Here Kristoff Isn’t forcing himself onto Anna, his family is. And by doing what? They start pointing out all of his flaws and all of the things that are wrong with him. They’re trying to show Anna the real guy. This song is messy, people interrupt eachother and probably 20 people are singing at the same time. But it’s real. Kristoff is real.

And the real overthrows the artificial, because even though Anna thinks she is smitten with Hans, by the end of Fixer Upper, she has clearly started to fall for Kristoff.


I’m the screwup, don’t I know it?

This scene pains me for two reasons.

“I’m completely ordinary.” Anna always was the ordinary sister. Nothing special. Not in line for the throne, just the extra. Elsa always had this interesting and mysterious aspect to her. She’s always been the less interesting sister. Peopel all wanted to see Elsa. The Queen. The one that no one ever saw. Anna was less like that. People knew her. She wasn;t interesting… She was ordinary.

And look at her face while Hans says that she’s ordinary. Her eyes falter. So even her beau thinks she’s ordinary? So everyone thinks that. It’s not only her, or the villagers. But the man who apparently loves her thinks that she’s ordinary?

Speaking of Hans, he backs up Anna. And I think personally this is also proof that he’s playing her. He’s trying to be perfect, standing up for her. He knows that girls like it when men stand up for them, so he does, and doesn’t thinka bout what comes out. He doesn’t realise that wha he says is hurtful because he is so convined to try to be perfect.

He’s not in love with her, so he can’t realise how low her self esteem truly is, and that he’s not doing anything to help it.


“We May.”

No but guys the things is that she’s waiting for him to come to her, and watches him as he comes to her. She helps him, by first kissing him on the cheek, but doesn’t jump right into it like she did with Hans. She slowly moves in.

She waits to see what he’s going to do, and even leans her head back when he’s about to kiss her. She doesn’t want to be tricked again. She doesn’t want to jump blindly into a relationship. 

But once he kisses her, all those worries go away. You see her absentmindedly put her hands un him, as if these were natural gestures. She presses herself against him, with a smile creeping up onto both of their faces as their kiss.

Because Kristoff is nothing like Hans. He’s different. And it’s a good different.