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Defence Against the Dark Arts: Identifying Threats

[I’m writing this as the first chapter in what I’m hoping will be a series that achieves what the actual Harry Potter class didn’t do so well; educate newbies on the potential dangers in spell-and-spirit-work.]

Am I cursed? Am I haunted? Am I…

Probably not, no. However, it’s great to know what to do when you are having more than just a string of bad luck. Rule number one; get at least one other opinion. The scrying I detail below will help to clarify if their is a problem, but everyone is prone to their natural biases, and chances are if you suspect that you’re cursed, no matter what the tarot shows, your mind will contort the evidence to see something where there mightn’t be anything.

Scrying for Curses or Malevolent Spirits

It’s a good idea to note that if you’re being assaulted by a skilled practitioner (they probably have better things to do), they might want to obscure the results of your divination, possibly by cloaking their curses.

Tarot can be used to reveal if something is afoot. I would recommend getting a gauge on the situation by drawing a single card. The tower, or any other negative cards are a prompt to investigate further. 

For a more in-depth spread, I suggest one card for each area of your life you think is affected, and a card for the reason for the aggression, maybe even one clarifying the exact nature of the spell.

If you are familiar with mirror scrying, runes or clairvoyance, use these to build up as good an image as you can get.

Malevolent spirits are a different matter. It’s hard to know if a spirit in your home is actually trying to harm you, or if you’re using it as a scapegoat for a rough patch. One of the above scrying techniques should help clear this up. If you’re convinced that it isn’t a curse acting on you, then it may be a spirit. Feeling as if you’re being watched, simply sensing a being, are good indicators (as always, remember the Placebo Effect). 

So, You’re Sure You’ve Been Cursed/Haunted

Curses and Spirits need to be dealt with differently, obviously.

Curse Breaking:

[1], [2], [3], [4], [5]

Spirit Banishing:


With spirits, so long as you don’t think they’re doing anything, if you really need them to leave, tell them politely first.

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