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Thank you so much!!

I’ll be starting these classes in June!

I work around your schedule.

Email, call, or message me for more info.

I’ll also be doing rune, and pendulum classes.

“But Kitten, why should we take a class? And why your classes?”

-If you are an advanced reader, we’ll be working on any trouble areas.

-Beginning reader? We’ll go over basics, I’ll listen to your concerns, and we’ll model your class to you.

-Medium level? We’ll work on more intricate things like reversals, and tailor your class to you.

Each class is 30 minutes in length, and can be a 1 time session, or however many you feel you need.

Why take my classes?

-tailored learning plan

-A proven teaching record (I have a teaching background, have substituted, and I did teaching hours for my degree)

-I work for you. You get to decide the time/day that works for your busy schedule.

-You get a pdf tailored to you, and a pdf tarot journal.

-You get a discount in my store for whichever divination tool you take a class for.

I’ll be happy to chat with you about any questions.