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20. Do any of your OCs sing? If they sing, care to share more details (headcanon voice, what kind of songs they like etc)?
Ruin sings a lot, usually to herself. Sounds and music and auditory stuff is really monumental to how ruinpeople communicate. Her singing probably sounds like horrible garbage to anyone but her species.  She’s really into people who can play instruments she’s not familiar with (which would be most stringed stuff). I don’t have a specific VA in mind for her, but I always imagined her voice kind of monotone. Her music tastes are varied and stretch across a lot of different genres.

Makar mostly hums a lot or sings low but I wanted to mention him anyway because music is kinda his thing. I don’t have a set voice for him but his guitar playing probably sounds like this.


Remember commissions? Boy I sure do. Got a commission for 2 traditional sketch pages, though my scanner wasn’t necessarily helpful to be honest, so I took pictures instead.

Characters belong to clairvoire, who was patient enough to wait through my sudden wave of anxiety for this. We’re not done here yet, though! There’s more coming up!

Also, still doing commissions, so if you want some drawings done for ya, refer to this post!

“Just a little further. Aaaalmost there~ ”



Made this to apologize to my bf for pretty much just coming home and going to sleep a good part of this past week. busy times at work. _ 3_;;; and also just because i haven’t drawn them in a while. I like how his girl came out but kinda hate how mine did; didn’t quite get the “sleeping on her” lean down but njkdf need to post something