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Hello from England, Grey’s fan since day one here who just wanted to say i’m loving your work! :)   -clairington

Thanks so much! Can’t even explain how much of a blast it’s been!

Is your hair natural? The curls on Grey’s Anatomy look like a twistout. I’m just asking because mine is and I love projecting my life and habits onto my fave tv characters. Like Addison Montgomery drinks green juice because I do.  -remnantink

My hair is indeed natural but the curls are, shall we say, fine tuned every day. In the past I was all about the twist-out, though! On days I wasn’t being lazy. Which were few and far inbetween. Because I’m lazy. Super lazy. Like, embarrassingly so.

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They. Need. A. Spinoff. With Holly.

and Traci and Nick…I know not everyone likes Nick but I think he’s interesting and I like that he and Gail have a history and I’d love for them to explore genuine friendship with that connection since now they cannot deny a romantic relationship will never work (how many times can you fail at that?) but he’s known Gail longer than anyone on RB (besides Steve, of course) -before the academy and that’s never not intriguing. And I also think Nick is quite thirsty for the gritty, undercover, fast-paced Guns & Gangs department.

See? I just keep writing this plot. 

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Question: does Camilla actually have a British accent in real life? Because in every interview/video i've seen she's Americanised. (by the by i'm totally not at all even a little bit jealous of you for meeting everyone ;))

YES! It goes in and out, it’s pretty subtle but she definitely does! When she called us her “Water Bottle Girls’ it was in a full on British accent! 

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You see, if they’d never done the whole Arizona…


well, I don’t know if everyone would love Leah w/o the AZ bullshit but certainly most wouldn’t hate her. Every common reason people give for hating her is tied up in a storyline that should have never been written and that’s a shame. Because I just find her quite awesome on her own. And with the complaint directly against Callie, I’d probably hate her too, if I hadn’t decided a long time ago to view her as completely removed from them. lol Literally ignore any and all involvement she has with either of them.