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Hello from England, Grey’s fan since day one here who just wanted to say i’m loving your work! :)   -clairington

Thanks so much! Can’t even explain how much of a blast it’s been!

Is your hair natural? The curls on Grey’s Anatomy look like a twistout. I’m just asking because mine is and I love projecting my life and habits onto my fave tv characters. Like Addison Montgomery drinks green juice because I do.  -remnantink

My hair is indeed natural but the curls are, shall we say, fine tuned every day. In the past I was all about the twist-out, though! On days I wasn’t being lazy. Which were few and far inbetween. Because I’m lazy. Super lazy. Like, embarrassingly so.

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They. Need. A. Spinoff. With Holly.

and Traci and Nick…I know not everyone likes Nick but I think he’s interesting and I like that he and Gail have a history and I’d love for them to explore genuine friendship with that connection since now they cannot deny a romantic relationship will never work (how many times can you fail at that?) but he’s known Gail longer than anyone on RB (besides Steve, of course) -before the academy and that’s never not intriguing. And I also think Nick is quite thirsty for the gritty, undercover, fast-paced Guns & Gangs department.

See? I just keep writing this plot. 

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Question: does Camilla actually have a British accent in real life? Because in every interview/video i've seen she's Americanised. (by the by i'm totally not at all even a little bit jealous of you for meeting everyone ;))

YES! It goes in and out, it’s pretty subtle but she definitely does! When she called us her “Water Bottle Girls’ it was in a full on British accent! 

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Jesus. They had one job! Also is the green different..?

It’s kind of a shiny paper, I don’t think my phone captured it well, haha.

I did email Playbill yesterday asking how I should rectify the situation, and they replied and told me to keep this one, and that they’d send me the 10th when it comes out later this month. :)

So if anyone else did happen to have the same issue, never fear.

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You see, if they’d never done the whole Arizona…


well, I don’t know if everyone would love Leah w/o the AZ bullshit but certainly most wouldn’t hate her. Every common reason people give for hating her is tied up in a storyline that should have never been written and that’s a shame. Because I just find her quite awesome on her own. And with the complaint directly against Callie, I’d probably hate her too, if I hadn’t decided a long time ago to view her as completely removed from them. lol Literally ignore any and all involvement she has with either of them.

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When does Grey’s dialogue ever make sense? They don’t think about continuity on the level we do, which is ridiculous and frustrating and, frankly, insulting. I don’t think we’ll ever know what was meant by that line.

I know! It’s just another thing in the long list of things we are supposed to just 4get about. You hit the nail on the head! Frustrating and insulting!

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OK i’ve slept on it, and while i confess that my comment may have been an over-reaction post, it’s not that far from the…

no it was cool. I didn’t say I disagreed, necessarily. I agree with almost everything you said here. Only I actually don’t like what they did with Chloe this season either lol. Which I gave a lot of thought to after your comment.

This season was definitely the worst season. I don’t know why it’s like this, ‘disjointed and messy’ is the most accurate description ever. I like where things seem to be going with Gail but I fucking HATE how little time was put into her plot, you’re right, there’s no way to blame ANYONE for not buying into this 'I’m ready to be a mother’ stuff. Because why would they? Like, I can roll with this but I can get why people wouldn’t be able to.

I know the reason Holly couldn’t be woven into the plot was because of scheduling. But I wondered if the whole damn cast was busy because yes, wtf, where was EVERYONE this season?! Traci, Steve, Gail, Chloe and Chris…jfc, they were barely there. And when they were the scenes were brief. And Traci just can’t get good plot no matter what. Andy’s annoying for no reason this season. Ironicaly, I like Sam more than I ever have. I miss Oliver. I wish Gail and Dov would do actual police work. I don’t know what happened…let’s not even get started on Frank and Noelle dropping off the face of the earth, never to be seen, heard from or even mentioned again. And whose idea was Duncan because fire them.

But dammit, I still love it. And even with all its flaws this season, it still made me pretty happy. I guess it’s like…an average show, at its worst lol