End of the Beginning vs Yellow trailer *Spoilers and Maiden Theory*

So Ruby is officially a maiden. It wasn’t clairified just which maiden, though I’m guessing that she’s actually the winter maiden, based only on the snow that fell as she left her home. We know she’s a maiden because of this;

Which caused this;

Look familiar? It is. Here’s a scene from the yellow trailer;

Both sisters turn hyper-active triggered by abundance of emotion.


Well as we know, Ruby is definitely a maiden. And Yang?

She’s a maiden too. Which maiden?

I presume she is the true fall maiden, because in her final scene there are leaves falling outside her window.

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James POV

I couldn’t help but look Farah up and down, allowing my curiosity to get the best of me. With her under this spell I wondered just how far I could go. I didn’t want to give her a reason to try and hide away but at the same time I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this. “I’m glad you agree darling. Now what are you trying to hide?” I hummed as I moved closer and sat next to her on her bed. I looked her dead in the eyes as I allowed my hand to trail down her arm, dragging the covers with it. “Hmm, I see you haven’t gotten dressed yet. How convinient.” I replied biting my lower lip as I looked at hers. I then leaned forward allowing my lips to practically graze her ear. “Let’s clairify something shall we? You’re mine.” I growled before attacking the skin on her neck. Finally she wasn’t resisting so I was able to let out some of my previous frustrations. One kiss to her neck was all it took and I knew I would need more. I continued my assault up her neck over her jaw and finally to her lips, smiling to myself as I went.