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Dear Jessi, you are one my biggest inspiration! I love your outlook on life. You seem like such a calm person. I feel at peace looking at your photos and reading the captions you write. I feel like the woman I truly am is calm like you, but I'm unable to reach her. I'm very fearful of terrorist attacks, bombings, and shootings. I fear even leaving my house. My whole life I've been ill and now that I'm healing... I feel that the world is in shambles. I'm scared I'll never be able to live my life.

….(cont.)…. Oh! I’m also wandering about how you stay so calm and I just wanted to clairify that it’s not that I’m scared to die it’s just that I’ve been ill so long that I want to live so badly without these crazy fears that prevent me from actually living! Sorry for the trouble!

Hi love, I’m sorry about these feelings you’ve been experiencing. I’m really happy to hear that you’re on the path to healing. First, know that just because you think or feel a certain way doesn’t mean that you ARE that way. Learning how to separate our thoughts from who we are is one of the keys to finding inner peace. This article explains more in depth how, “defining yourself through thoughts is limiting yourself.” (

One thing that has honestly helped me overcome my anxiety and insecurities (even more than yoga!) is meditation. Being able to sit in silence and to observe my thoughts without judgement has allowed me to let go of self-identification. I’m able to remove myself from external distractions and become more grounded and gain confidence in who I really am. It’s really amazing and I definitely recommend you giving it a try! Google, YouTube or even read books and articles on meditation and mindfulness. There’s soooo much out there! The more knowledge you gain the more you’ll start to feel in control of your life.

This is another amazing article… it goes into detail of steps you can take to observe your mind. I think this will be helpful for you to read because the author describes herself as a "highly sensitive person” and gives advice on how she keeps her thoughts and emotions intact… (

Another thing I find really important for my own wellbeing is emotional support- having another person’s undivided attention, compassion and encouragement. If you feel like some of these feelings or thoughts you’re having are totally overwhelming, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone, whether it’s a family member, a friend or even a therapist. Personally, going to see a psychologist changed my life and helped me to realize that I’m not alone. Talk to someone but also spend time alone. The more you start observing your thoughts the more you’ll start to realize what specifically triggers your fears. You’ll start to see patterns in your thoughts and you’ll be able to separate yourself from these thoughts and discover your true, authentic self. I hope this helps you on your journey to inner peace. Sending so much light and love to you. ✨💛🙏🏼 xx

Last Quarter One Card
Where I’m @
Preceding (bottom) Draw (top) Following

Draw; VI of Cups
Hands, Mist, SpyHopping

Preceding; Page of Cups r
Sly Shadows, Visual Definition Needs Custom Illumination, Lines Needed, What Lines(trider) to Clairify,

What Following/Leading Forward; V of Wands
Multiple directions to reconcile and …..
Come to a modicum of functionality……..

Haven Finale and Audrey’s (Paige’s) return

My somewhat feeble attempt to explain why I believe the ending was as close to a HEA as one could hope for on Haven.  The thing some fans don’t realize, is that she could NOT have come back as Audrey. (I know there were some confusing interview answers after the finale, but listening again and asking a few more questions clairified it for me.) Coming back as herself wasn’t an option, it was either a new identity or not at all.  The barn rules and mythology dictate that. Also remember, they are using the original barn’s controller crystal.

In the end, Audrey had asked Nathan to promise her he’d find someone who’d make him happy and move on.  She wanted him to be okay.  BUT, as much as she wanted that for him, she apparently wanted him back too much not to try the only option she was given.  Turns out, she was the one who couldn’t let go of Nathan.  If he was going to move on, she wanted it to be with her.

We saw that a month down the road, he looked at peace, even happy (ish).  He was whole again, physically, though he was still hurting emotionally.  He looked so much more relaxed and had a softer disposition.  He also looked like a man who’d accepted everything that happened and knew it was for the best.  Gloria and Dwight were there for him, to help fill some of the void left by the loss of his closest friends.  He missed them, but the others were stepping up.  He’d be okay eventually.

Audrey, after learning there was one way she could return to Nathan, by taking on a new persona, took it. Of course she would!  She said she wanted them to have more time, now she had a way to get it.  Audrey knew her love for Nathan was embedded in her core, she was  confident knowing she always found her way back to him and that he’d pulled her out of the darkest places before.  

Seeing her there, even as a new persona, Nathan would undertand this was a conscious decision Audrey made, to get back to him however she could.  She even brought their son and mentioned pancakes to reinforce their connection and give him more reason to believe she was just under the surface.

She gave him hope and that ‘s what Nathan is all about.  His speech during The Trial of Nathan Wuornos was a precursor to this. Hope is all he ever needs.  We know he reached her inside of Mara, he reached her inside of Sandman’s dream world and he reached her before she stepped out of the barn, so why wouldn’t he be able to reach her now, when at her core, Audrey is going to be reaching for him as well.

They both want a life with each other desperately.  They will find their way back and that’s the true meaning of “Love Conquers All.”

End of the Beginning vs Yellow trailer *Spoilers and Maiden Theory*

So Ruby is officially a maiden. It wasn’t clairified just which maiden, though I’m guessing that she’s actually the winter maiden, based only on the snow that fell as she left her home. We know she’s a maiden because of this;

Which caused this;

Look familiar? It is. Here’s a scene from the yellow trailer;

Both sisters turn hyper-active triggered by abundance of emotion.


Well as we know, Ruby is definitely a maiden. And Yang?

She’s a maiden too. Which maiden?

I presume she is the true fall maiden, because in her final scene there are leaves falling outside her window.

Ive had about enough of this shit

So some people apparently think im a freak or shit because i ship Sans and OlderFrisk (had to put that to clairify for the assholes of this world)

Here is what i have to say to you who wanna say something to me about it.

I honestly dont care.

My version of frisk is 16-17 years of age. and MY version of Sans is 18-19 years of age. Last i checked that was perfectly fucking legal.


Get that out of your sick ass heads you butthurt assholes.

I dont need to use Frisk as a way of self inserting me into a game cause i can self insert myself which i have in pictures before.


I cant see them that way and thats just how i feel about it. Kissing and stuff like that i can but not anything past that. Thats just me.

You wana throw your accusations of this shit at me go for it i honestly dont care.


If you dont like my shipping of Sans and OlderFrisk there is this thing in the top of my page called the UNFOLLOW button. use it and get off my page. i dont have time for assholes like those others who find things wrong with everything when Frisk is AGELESS and GENDERLESS.

And dont throw that “oh but he said frisk is a child” sorry but i am 26 years old and i call anyone under the age of 18 a child. because thats how I talk. so when i see the name Child for an ageless character i give them what age i want. Which if MY version of Frisk is a 17 year old girl get the fuck over it and go on with your life. dont judge me cause i have a 17 year old with a 19 year old. thats only two years difference people calm the fuck down.

Anyways ive pissed off enough people for today. Enjoy your lives.

Oh and to all the assholes or jerks who are probably gonna spam me or my ask box.

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