outlander o/s idea


So I read half of the Outlander series (got up to ¼ through book 3) about 3 years ago and loved it, but the story finished nicely with Claire coming back to Jamie for me. I have this fic idea that I want to write, but it’s kind of like a hopeless maybe wanky idea.

Claire falls back through Craig na Dun earlier than in the novel. She convinces Frank that she fell through time and that they should quietly save Jamie and his fellows without disrupting history. They go back through those mystical stones, and Frank impersonates Captain Jack Randall, orders his men to leave and saves them (sometime around the first novel). Randall stays around for bit, fascinated by the history, and reluctantly gives Claire and Jamie his blessing. (No Brianna in this situation yet). I want to write this so bad but as someone with a history degree….gosh, I’d want to make it as accurate and as detailed as Gabaldon herself.

Plot bunnies. Send help.


Jamie & Claire - Awake my soul [1x06]