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Thank you, thank you, thank you! For your support, for your questions, for being there and liking my art and/or character. You are the BEST followers I could ever imagine!

To be honest, I’ve never imagined to have this many of you following me. I… I don’t even know what to say. 

I wanted to put all of my followers there, but I’m only a human, I’m physically unable to draw 1000+ ponies. So I choose my most active followers and my 1000th follower to put it on this small gift. They’re all in order of following (I think I fucked up with two ponies, sorry! ._.)

1. asknigel, ask-oddendsaskburningstream, i-am-criefflocked, ask-zephyr-wing, askbubblepop

2. ask-star-moon-dancer, ask-tootie-frootie, checkmatechivalry, askfullforce, claireswitch-answers, lagasse

3. areallybadheart, bucketand5, rubymod, ask-vitium, ask-aerosalt, ask-mayia

4. soulycat, iyatsu, ask-nightraxx-and-roaring-rhythm, jumblescarf, ask-kellicpony, ask-toby-the-pony

5. emuchin, askwindcheer, ask-rubyrue, askstonehoofbastion, ask-horrorpony, twisted-gravekeeper

6. cottonsulk, sehtafrost, ask-buttoneyes, ask-anthony-sykes, ask-king-sombra, jaskierpl

7. uglypony, asksockz, goina, thesodashoppe, seekerofthelostelement, spectrumrain

8. asksaintcolarix, medley-tea, askspectralherd, asklordscream

9. ask-the-sk8er-pones, treble-in-capriccio, ask-thecuties (I hope you don’t mind I turned Taylor into a pone), askbutterpony