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Tapioca pudding, pumpkin pie, & chocolate chip cookie.

Tapioca pudding: favorite animated characters?

(you asked me this one solely because of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, didn’t you) Everyone already knows that I love Yuuri Katsuki and Phichit Chulanont, but I bet most of you did not know that I love Armin Arlert from Attack on Titan. Steven Universe, Lapis Lazuli, and Garnet are a few others that I really like.

Pumpkin pie: what were your interests as a child?

I liked a lot as a child. Interestingly enough, I was a pretty sporty child. I played soccer for three or four years, I played basketball and volleyball, I was on a swim team; I even went to a cheerleading camp. It’s funny because I have no interest in sports nowadays, and I am terrible at most of them.

I loved to read from a young age, too. I started reading the Harry Potter books when I was seven years old, and I read the entirety of Gone With the Wind in the fifth grade. This interest did carry over into my life today.

When I was in the third grade (I think it was the third grade) I took up violin because of the fact that my favorite character from The Boxcar Children, Violet, could play violin. I got pretty good, but I eventually quit when my teacher moved out of town. I played piano for three or four years, as well. My piano teacher retired a few years ago, though, and I never got signed up for more lessons under a different teacher.

Chocolate chip cookie: how has your life changed over the past year?

God, everything has changed. I’m different, my friends are different, school is different, the world is different.

I suppose, friend-wise, I have gained a lot more friends, I’ve lost a few, and I developed a very close friendship with someone I never thought I would. I made a friend from Ecuador ( @mykatsudon ) and a friend from Italy ( @clairelions ), which has been wonderful. It has given me a better understanding of the world, and Mila (the lovely, patient human that she is) has helped me improve my Spanish. Three of my close friends decided to move schools, so I said goodbye to them yesterday as it was our last day of school.

I have learned more since last year. For one, I know that I definitely do not want to be a chemist, so there’s that. But I’ve learned so much from my classes at school, as well as from the people I’ve interacted with.

I’ve finally ventured out of my home country, I’ve seen beautiful new places, and I’ve watched my little brother finally finish middle school. He’ll be turning fourteen on Monday. God, I remember when he was in diapers like it was yesterday.

Hello lovelies! This blog has recently hit 1000 followers and I just?? Wow thank you all so much for following me and sticking around for the past 5 months. The YoI community has some amazingly kind, talented people, and it’s because of them that my fandom experience has been such a positive one. So as a tribute to these wonderful blogs, and the friends I’ve made along the way, here’s my first follow forever! :)

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Last movie I watched: koe no katachi

Last song I listened to: for forever

Last book I read: i’m not sure

Last thing I ate: strawberry jam sandwich

Where I would want to time travel: idk….i mean if i had to choose maybe like early 1900s?? few decades after that? only bc i like the dresses

Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: if i only get a day, maybe i’d like to hang out with kuroo. or the doctor, that would be fun

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be: tbh i kind of want to go back to campus bc the internet was better……and i had my nice cozy space in my room…..

Current Fandom Obsession: i guess yuri on ice! but i recently watched arslan senki and now i’m kind of obsessed with that too lol

i tag (if you want to!! it’s ok if you don’t!!) : @cutiepieminho, @pokkipo, @shinguuxi, @ma1foy@k-arasunohigh, @brokuro

Artist tag thing

I was tagged by @severeminx, thank you friend, you find the coolest things :D

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Artist: Florence + The Machine

Gender: Girl with one eye

Describe Yourself: Queen of peace

How do you feel: No light, no light

If I could go anywhere: Bedroom hymns

Your best friend: My boy builds coffins

Favorite time of day: Only if for a night

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Which witch

What is life to you: Strangeness and charm

Relationship Status: Never let me go

Your Fear: What kind of man

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Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold {a Lily Evans fanmix}

Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold - The Lone Bellow // Lily - Benjamin Gibbard // She Is Love - Parachute // Eyes On Fire - Blue Foundation // Youth - Daughter // King And Lionheart - Of Monsters And Men // Brave - Sara Bareilles // English Girls Approximately - Ryan Adams

listen the playlist here