milkuei thanks again for this wonderful banner omg. ;; and yes, your are squishy.

Okay, so here we go: today I hit 500 followers and I was pretty surprised to hit that mark within two months - or how I would say it - to even hit this mark. It was rather surprising. ;; 
thank you all for staying with me and dealing with me for the past two months. <3

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This is, actually, really short but it sums up things pretty good. I’m not following that much blogs either so something like this was expectable. ;;
Cuties, thank you for being such a big inspiration for me - please stay like that. T v T

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D: it should be okey to date whoever you want as long as you genuinely like them ; n ; Good luck with your boyfriend (i almost wrote blog .___. ) don't let the haters get to you c: ((is learning korean hard? what's it like in korea? c:))

thank you so much ;;♡ i think korean just comes differently for everyone.. for me, it came pretty easily and naturally. but i have a lot of friends learning who really struggle with it. i think being in korea helps a ton and makes it much easier and natural to learn~

korea is amazing, of course it has its negatives, but i really loved it there. the culture is very appearance based, which most people make out as negative. but i think it has pros and cons, i think people should be encouraged to embrace their appearance and do things that will help them feel great about their appearance. also i think it’s great that the culture is against obesity because I am very against america’s glorification of it (but I do NOT condone thinspo, i just want everyone to be healthy—i don’t condone fat shaming either, but people need to stop telling obese individuals that they’re fine as they are, it’s unhealthy. and instead encourage them to make healthy lifestyle changes) unfortunately a lot of Korean women are really insecure about a lot of things and force themselves on diets a lot even though they’re already thin. the culture is really kind and hospitality is huge thing so you might experience a lot of compliments and kindness. koreans especially love it if you speak korean and oftentimes they will try to have a conversation with you (this might be specific to gyeongsangbukdo and surrounding region, i didn’t really experience this in seoul). it was the best thing to me, before going to korea i had pretty much no self esteem but i left very confident and happy in my appearance. but koreans are also painfully blunt and will point out every thing about you they think should be improved, but to me that’s a positive and they only are trying to help, it’s not meant as like an insult if that makes any sense. but a lot of foreigners can’t handle it. kpop isn’t really as big as its made out to be, i almost never saw anything kpop related outside of Seoul except in designated music shops. also the food is amazing, but that’s a no brainer. things are usually either really cheap or about the same price as the US, except certain random things which are really expensive like any Western food and certain fruit. also it’s nothing like the US where everyone shoves their religion and beliefs down your throat, it’s a pretty coexist type of culture, at least the region where i lived. overall i think it’s a much better and healthier quality of life than the US, at least for myself, not speaking for others or Koreans themselves.~ you can travel all over korea for really cheap. a train from Busan to Seoul is about $30, and if you have a transport card the bus/metro fare is about $1. you can stay in hostels which are generally really nice and anywhere from $10 to $50 a night, depending on the hostel itself. also you can buy kimbaps in the convenience stores about 12 rolls for $1, an endless selection of drinks that are usually no more than $1, and instant ramen which you can make right there in the store by the hot water fountain. i can’t even begin to cover everything haha sorry I like completely rambled forever lol~

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Name: Candace
Time and date: 9:05am 3-30-15
Average hours of sleep a night: 8-5…
Last thing I googled: Marvel NOW! Female Thor
Nickname: dork (by allison), Candy, yujung
Birthday: Oct 29
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: straight (kpop bots tbh….so far..???)
Height: 164cm
Favorite color: BLUE!!
One place that makes me happy: my bedroom…..korea too
How many blankets do i sleep under: one
Favorite movie: all Marvel movies….waiting for Age of Ultron and Age of Apocalypse
What I’m wearing right now: School Uniform
Last book you read: Pride & Prejudice
Most used phrase(s): oops, sorry, 엄마 (mom), 
First word that comes to mind: sunflower
What I last said to a family member: 안녕
Favorite beverage: Melon Milk or Honeydew Smoothie
Favorite food: chocolate, meat, desserts, SPICY FOOD!!!!
Last movie I watched in theaters: The Theory of Everything (so good)
Dream Vacation: Trip all around Asia
Dream Wedding: lol in the words of my mom, “dont you need to have at least one boyfriend before you get married?"
Dream Pet: German Shepherd, Wolfdog
Dream Job: …. No comment

I cant rlly tag anyone cause claire tagged them all and i only have like 3 friends….

stay safe man just in case……… it probably wont happen i hope lots of people are callign it a hoax???? or like just a rly bad prank by teenagers an do hope thats true

clairedango replied to your post: hey…idk how to do this honestly so as …

I might’ve missed some posts but does amaris or amaresu stand for anything or have any special significance to you? Just curious~ ^^

hello! :D amaris was just a name that i always loved, and amaresu is sort of a made-up word but i’ve used that “nickname” whenever i write quotations and stuff on tumblr o u o i’m thinking of using it as a pen name if i ever get a book published ^^

btw i googled amaris for fun and it can mean “child of the moon” omg nice LOL

also apparently some people (and sites) say that it’s pronounced differently but from what i’ve heard (and like) it’s “ah-muh-riss” ^ - ^

clairedango submmited:

hello! on your calendar post ( post/74873370818/calendar-on-your-blog-codes ) I would like to know how to add little emoticons and words to show what’s going on for me on that day… similar to ‘s calendar c: thank you!

I think it’s best to ask xehunf the person who created the tutorial. :)

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hhmm~ I don't know O A O I dyed my hair from the roots tho >> it's actually a lot of responsibility because the dye fades and you gotta rebleach it and stuff = 3 = but anyway~ A lot of people have been doing ombres (?) you should try that out :D?

i was thinking of ombre as well… oh well, i may not be able to lose 20kg before easter and summer holiday so.. i will see by then what i wanna do haha, thanks ^^