milkuei thanks again for this wonderful banner omg. ;; and yes, your are squishy.

Okay, so here we go: today I hit 500 followers and I was pretty surprised to hit that mark within two months - or how I would say it - to even hit this mark. It was rather surprising. ;; 
thank you all for staying with me and dealing with me for the past two months. <3

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cuties I admire but never/don’t really talk to = italicized
people who are like a family for me = 

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piy-o poison-princess poutychenpretty-hun princesskealie psychotae pyokki rainingteadrops ryeou ryuhaii ssehundred tadaachii taoxim uniitea yogvrt

This is, actually, really short but it sums up things pretty good. I’m not following that much blogs either so something like this was expectable. ;;
Cuties, thank you for being such a big inspiration for me - please stay like that. T v T