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Why I Love Sweet Jesus: Heaven is a place on Earth

Arguably considered one of the most Instagramed food establishments in Toronto, Sweet Jesus has become a mecca for those looking for the ultimate #foodporn picture - and for good reason. The ice cream cones are a work of art with so much detail going into its creation.

The child of the restaurant La Carnita, Sweet Jesus is located in the Richard West House, which was profiled last week. The establishment opened last July and its entrance is tucked into the corner behind the big speech bubble at The Pinnacle on Adelaide. Now, I spent a majority of my summer at this complex and always noticed a line, but assumed it was for La Carnita. Lo and behold I was missing out on sweet delicious goodness up until last week when Mo and I tired the tasty dessert after Passport to PR. 

What is funny about our decision to go to Sweet Jesus was that our last stop for Passport to PR was Narrative PR, which is part of Bensimon Byrne which owns One Method. One of the owners of Sweet Jesus, Amin Todai, is President and Chief Creative Officer at One Method – what are the odds! Todai co-owns the establishment with La Carnita’s Andrew Richmond.

(Courtesy of @vonzmirlen)

When Mo and I arrived we met an employee who had started a few weeks ago. We asked her how traffic was that day and she said it was the slowest she has seen it since starting there. Mind you there were still at least 15 people waiting or eating ice cream. However, a recent statistic from the Toronto Star notes employees make between 200 and 1,000 cones a day.

Check out this Snapchat of an employee making my cone!

The extreme cones are $6.75, just over $7.00 with taxes. I must say they are huge. So I suggest having the cone with a date or friend. 

Eating them is also pretty difficult. You can’t lick them because of all the extra added goodness, so you have to take bites. See my how to video below.

Mo and I joked throughout the experience saying things like “I’m getting my religion on,” but overall it was amazing. Mind you I am lactose intolerant so it probably wasn’t the smartest decision I’ve ever made.

Furthermore, the mega ice creams are just one option. You can also get a Paletas, Churros or regular soft serve.  

Below is a gallery of some of the cones you can get. I suggest you go and #BlessYourMouth.

(Courtesy of clairedanicating)

(Courtesy of @mneponce)

(Courtesy of @sweetjesus)