As a lot of you already know, I, ClaireBear Newstead, have been slandered for being the notorious scammer in the BJD community, Clairebear (Claire Maclennan), due to me having the same nick name and similar looks.

Someone has put this together for me and it shows very obviously that we are two completely different people. I’m much paler than her, I’m a have a much bigger body frame than her. Her lips are fuller than mine and her eyebrows are darker too. Her hair is a much darker shade of brown than mine. I have consistently for the past two years had multicoloured hair. We even part out hair on opposite sides! 

I also found out that that this Maclennan girl is atleast 4 years younger than I am. As she was still in highschool when the scams happened in 2012. I left high school in 2008. 

Please pass this around to show the differences between us and prove that we are not one and the same. 

Mistaken Identity

This is a long post but please read 

It has been brought to my attention this evening that somebody in the BJD community is spreading rather nasty rumours and allegations against me because of a serious case of mistaken identity. They have posted my details on multiple sites around the internet stating that I am the notorious scam artist, ClaireBear. This Clairebear was caught selling dolls that she didn’t own by stealing people’s photos and setting up sales pages. This happened, I was told in 2012, I have only been in the BJD hobby about a year so I had no knowledge of these events until it was explained to me this evening. My facebook/AU/DOA user name is Clairebear. And if you nosey at my profiles on the forums, I have only been around for a very short time. I have had my facebook page since 2008, so it isn’t a new account that’s been made up recently as a new identity, and I highly doubt that someone would spend nearly 7 years keeping a fake profile. I don’t even have my first doll yet, never mind attempting to sell other peoples’. So I would really like to set things straight. 

When I checked the post claiming that I’m the Bad ClaireBear, the justification given for this person’s accusations was:

-We share the same name: 
I may share a first name and a nickname, but we are not the same person. I myself have met 3 other ClaireBears in my own city, never mind the whole country. It is a very common nickname for Claire/Clares. Our surnames are completely different. 

-We live in the same area: 
No, we don’t, I live in Nottingham and I have done all my life, all 23 years of it. The scammer as I have been told lives in Bolton, near Manchester UK. I didn’t even know where Bolton was until I googled it this evening. It’s a 3 hour drive from me. Not exactly close by. Adding to that, I’ve only ever been to Manchester city ONCE in my life.

-We look the same:
I have been linked to the profile of the scammer and I have looked through her photos. We look similar in a sense, but we are not “identical” as the person has stated. I have brown AND blonde hair. She has really dark brown. I have thin square glasses. She has large framed glasses. She has a much smaller body frame than I do. We have different noses, my cupids bow is more prominent than hers, her lips are fuller than mine, her eye brows are much darker than mine. We’re completely different.  

-We have similar FB URLs:
Yes, fair enough but her’s is /claire.bear, mine is /ClaireBearNewstead. And it has been for a very long time. This proves nothing but we have the same nickname.

-We are English. 
Yes, yes we are. But that in no way means that we’re the same person.

The person who has made the accusation has done no research what so ever into who I am or what I do, but this slander is incredibly hurtful to me and my profession. I have only been in the hobby less than a year and I make human and BJD sized jewellery, in an effort to save for my own doll. I DO NOT sell dolls. This horrible, misguided and thoughtless “threat warning” is incredibly damaging to me.

This person, along with several others have put me on an instant ban list, so that I can not stand up for myself and speak to them personally. They have also stated publicly that any “white knighting” on my behalf will be ignored and deleted. How am I possibly to prove who I am if I can not speak for myself or have people who know me, speak on my behalf?

When people have tried to stand up for me on the posts, this person has stated also, that if I didn’t want to be mistaken for a scammer, I shouldn’t use a scammer’s name. It’s not a “scammer’s name”. It is MY name and I shall use it as I please, especially seeing as I didn’t know of this situation until today.

I am incredibly thankful to all of the wonderful people that have helped me, either by sending messages or just speaking to me. It is overwhelming how lovely the people I have met so far are and just how incredible they are to have my back in a situation like this. So Thank you.

Please, help me by sharing this post to others to try and help prove that I am not this person. I am not a bad person, I’m just a newbie trying to make friends and enjoy a hobby.

A friend who has been helping me by sending messages to the “threat” poster has come back to me with a response. The person refuses to believe that I am not said scammer, even though several people have plead my case and explained to her that I am new to the hobby. She is utterly convinced that I am said scammer when I am not and has blatantly said:
Seriously, if she is NOT the same person tell her to make a Facebook that does NOT have the same name as a notorious scammer and pics that look you know JUST LIKE said scammer." 
So, because of somebody and their stubbornness to believe I am not the scammer, even though they have been proven wrong, I am expected to completely close down my facebook page, my business page, my tumblr pages before I change my name and make new ones. Oh and to not post pictures that look like a scammer. Sooooo do I steal other people’s photos? Or get plastic surgery so I don’t look the ‘same’? Huh? Some people. I mean, seriously? I’m supposed to delete my whole life to suit one person with a grudge against my NAME? 

clairebearer  asked:

First I'd like to say that I LOVE your blog *hugs*. And second, that I only started watching spn 4 months ago with my parents who are very excited about s9 (especially my mum who is a massive Cas fan!). I'm a true Destiel shipper at heart - never shipped a pairing so hard in my life. They truly are love with all of its perfections and imperfections, and for tptb NOT to make it canon would be like Star Wars without the Jedi powers. Stay positive! I can sense the force is strong this season. x

First of all, THANK YOU ♥

Then… WOW. Thank you for this message, you know… every time I receive a message like yours I feel better. We are legion, seriously we are. Destiel is a couple that is supported by people of all ages, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, etc. We are legion, hon.
The Last Avenger (fanfic)

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An alternate ending and future to Marvel’s The Avengers. When New York is lost the world spirals into dark and troubled times at the hands of Loki as SHIELD and the team are dissassembled. The fate of the world is in Steve’s hands, but what can mere men do when even gods fall? Steve Rogers/OC, Loki, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Nick Fury, Rhodey, Peter Parker, Thor [Ongoing]


I shall be drawing a few covers for this with my own two hands very soon so expect the image to change into something more suitable.