London-based illustrator Claire Scully says that she loves “going to the zoo and seeing happy animals,” and doesn’t love “going to the zoo and seeing bored animals.” Her enjoyment of the animal kingdom is evident in her series titled ‘Bejewelled.’

These illustrations feature intricate line work and patterning to create the shape of each animal. The images are mostly monochromatic with some bi-colored drawings. However, it is the strong patterning and lightness to darkness gradients that really make the images pop.



Between the Lines

London-based artist Claire Scully specializes in highly intricate, beautifully colored illustrations of mostly animals (though she does do portraits of human subjects, as well as typography). Looking to do some scribbles at home? Check out eBay’s selection of Sakura Pigma Pens, Prismacolor Art Pens, and Pentel Art Brushes.

(Illustrations courtesy of Text by Jenny Bahn)

signs as strong female fictional characters
  • Aries: Khaleeli Daenerys Targaryen
  • Taurus: Joan Holloway
  • Gemini: Fiona Goode
  • Cancer: Emma Swan
  • Leo: Cristina Yang
  • Virgo: Hermione Granger
  • Libra: Agent Carter
  • Scorpio: Dana Scully
  • Sagittarius: Claire Dearing
  • Capricorn: Leslie Knope
  • Aquarius: Black Widow
  • Pisces: Olivia Benson