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Makeup Mondays:

Nykhor Paul with blue makeup looks photographed by Ulrich Hartmann for Marie Claire South Africa, July 2015.


Maria Kalinina by Jamie Nelson for Marie Claire Russia, December 2014

I was at the mall today, and I spotted this nail polish at Claire’s. Seriously, whaaaaat? It kind of reminds me of those colorful sand kits I used to buy as a kid so that I could make cool sand displays in a bottle, but this isn’t sand. It’s nail polish. How does it even make sense?! You’d think the separate layers of colors are weighted so that the layers stay in order, but there were also some seriously messed up bottles people had obviously shaken, so I don’t think that’s the case. :( And yeah, the top of each bottle has a DO NOT SHAKE sticker on it, but…it’s a bottle of nail polish. Even if you avoid shaking it prior to use, it WILL be shaken!

After I snapped this photo, I opened the bottle, and when the brush comes out, it’s only coated in pink nail polish (the top layer/color in the bottle), which is pretty cool. So, does this mean consumers are expected to use this nail polish in the order of the colors/layers?

Have any of you had experience with this nail polish? I am totally clueless, so please fill me in. Now that shatter/crackle is yesterday’s news, is this what we’re all supposed to be excited about next? Claire’s had no display for this, and the bottle was less than helpful in clearing things up. What say you?