claire x rupert

Speed Dating - The Morning After

Alright alright!! You guys were so excited about @outlanderedandoverhere‘s speed dating prompt that I wrote more! Now y’all got my brain going so I’ve got at least four different thoughts going for this story. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens! Catch up below!


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you’re dark at your worst you’re loved and you’re cursed

Here I am still holding on, you’re finding ways to break the bonds,
They’re stronger than you realized,
You can say that I’ve not tried, I’ve let you down, left you behind
But you’re the one who’s saying goodbye


“It was always fun; that dynamic is always fun, because he’s so similar to her, and she’s so rarely challenged by another outlier. I thought it was very amusing how affronted she was by that, and threatened by that, and it exposed a vulnerability we don’t normally see in her. And because they’re so similar, they repel one another and attract one another, so that’s always fun to play with.” – Claire Danes

“Carrie has various kind of touchstones, and one of them is Saul […] who’s a great figure of conscience and gravitas. And I think Quinn is increasingly becoming another. Although because he’s volatile as she is– they’re almost like two north pole magnets.” – Rupert Friend


Have a little faith.