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leonacastellanos  asked:

Can you talk about your future handy fics?

Sure. I already talked about it at poetdameron, but here’s a reminder that I’m working on the following: 

  • I Know We Are Cool
    In this one, Haley is living in San Francisco. She took a photography program and turned out to be pretty good, she also got a job at a small modeling agency as a photographer and so she stayed there. Years later, walking in the street, she literally walks into Andy, which makes them spend the entire day together.

    This is like these ideas… Like the movie Before We Go, where the couple spends the entire night together and stuff happens. In this case, it’s an entire afternoon and night. I can asure it has a happy eding.
  • Once
    This is a series of ‘what ifs’ scenarios in which I change major moments of Andy and Haley’s relationship. Instead of telling him she wasn’t talking about anyone in particular, she tells him she has feelings for him and he stays at the wedding. Instead of not telling Haley how he feels, Andy tells her about it when she shows up with the doctor. And so on.
  • 487 Miles, 0.87 Hours
    Which is the distance between California and Utah. In this one, Andy and Haley try a long distance relationship. And it works out.

Additional to these Andy/Haley fics I’m working on, I’m also working on a Phil/Claire one about the time she realized she was pregnant with Haley.

Hey, hey, guys, listen, uh, Leslie’s gonna walk in and say something that sounds very boring but is actually a really big deal, so when I give the signal just everybody cheer like crazy. Here we go.

Ben, “Parks and Recreation,” S07 E11

Best. Husband. Ever.