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side-eyeing-you  asked:

Ohh, I have a question about the "endless loop" theory. Do you think the series of events happen the same way each time Claire falls through time? I love reading your ideas! Thanks. :)

No, I think that some things - small things - change with every iteration of the endless loop. The core aspects of the Outlander story - and Jamie and Claire’s characters - must remain the same (e.g., Jamie’s flogging, Claire’s marriage to Frank, Jamie getting hit in the back of the head with an axe, etc.), or else their characters would be *too* different.

But small things can change - the events at Leoch after Claire first arrives, the betrayal by Rab MacNab, the amount of care taken by Claire during her pregnancy in Paris, etc. I’m not sure yet whether these small things are changing due to conscious choice - which implies that Jamie and Claire remember previous iterations of the loop, and actively try to change them - or due to random chance.

For a wholly unique and thrilling interpretation of the endless loop theory, please read the amazing, amazing story just published by @writtenthroughtime, called Endlessly. She applies this theory to see how it would work in practice. And the results are mind-blowing, heart-shattering, and absolutely brilliant.