claire vickers


Happy 20th birthday, Resident Evil!


I designed and artworked a poster for Chris Ramsey’s 2010 Edinburgh show Aggrophobic. The premise of the show being how Chris spends his life trying to avoid confrontation at all costs. I was really happy with the result but Chris’ agency thought it was too arty and just needed a big image of Chris and some type.

I couldn’t take this additional work on as I had another freelance job to do (Chris’ agency understood as they had signed off the design that was about to go to print), so I handed it over. Both posters are shown above - let me know which one you prefer.


I’ve wanted to have a go at screen printing for as long as I can remember. In November 2011 I finally got my arse in gear and went on a one day course with Print Club London and loved every second of it.

My plan was to try and make a print as a present for my friends - it’s the illustrated lyrics to one of their ‘songs’ - Mirrorball by Elbow.

I’m really happy with the results as a first attempt but it needs two colours to work properly (we were only allowed one screen for the day). I’m hooked now though so more screen printing to come.