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Happy 20th birthday, Resident Evil!

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How do you think each RE characters trademark color symbolizes their personality?

I’m just going to get all the major characters :) I added in a few just to hit every color. I used this for some of the colors, so take a look if you want to. I bolded characters and colors for quick reference.

Albert Wesker’s main color is black, though he does wear some navy blue as well. Many people associate black with darkness or shadows, and Wesker is typically working in the shadows when he’s trying to get a goal completed, such as his involvement in RE4 and Raccoon City. Also, black and white can be seen as colors symbolize good and evil, with black equaling evil. This fits Wesker’s personally, and the color helps give off a sinister feeling which fits Wesker perfectly. (Also note that Wesker only wears blue when he’s playing the good guy captain, and blue can be symbolic of calmness and ironically honesty).

Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy are both seen to wear a lot of blue. The website states that it symbolizes “depth and stability” and “trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven”. Jill and Leon can be regarded to fit many of those things- they are very wise and intelligent, very confident (especially Leon), trustworthy and honest, and generally you would want to put your faith in them. Don’t forget that blue can be associated with calmness, and out of most of the characters, Jill and Leon are able to keep calm better than anyone.

Ada Wong’s main color is red. While red can have many interpretations depending on the shade, it’s fitting because red is a color that is associated with elegance, sexuality, strength, power, stability, and femininity, all of which are defining Ada. While being strong and powerful when it comes to fighting, she’s stable (in this case, her mind is, because she keeps a calm head during nearly every event) and due to her dress choices and her mysterious nature, she’s very feminine in a way that’s almost seductive.

Claire Redfield’s colors are pink and red. In RE2 and Degeneration, she’s wearing mostly pink. It’s interesting because pink can be associated with babies and female children, which may be a nod to her protective and motherly nature to Sherry and later Rani. Pink also is a color that means femininity or “girly-ness”. While being a bit of a tomboy at times, she’s also seen to be very emotional, maternal, and has a fear of bugs (seen in Darkside Chronicles) which are stereotyped for girls and women’s personalities. Pink can be regarded as a color that means “sweet, nice, playful, cute” and Claire is known for being a playful, snarky civilian in all her appearances.

When Claire wears red in Code Veronica it also symbolizes her personality quite well. Keep in mind, red can also mean femininity in the same way pink did, and red and pink can also be symbolic of romance and love, which can be descriptive of her relationship with Steve Burnside and her love for her brother. Red is associated with danger, which Claire gets into by accident in each appearance, and passion, in which Claire is a very passionate and dedicated woman. Red can also symbolize anger, which Chris and Claire can be known to show anger, and in her appearances Claire was shown to be a bit hot-headed, seen when arguing with Steve and Alfred, getting defensive towards Wesker at the mention of Steve’s body, and when slapping Ron Davis. (Red is also Barry Burton’s color, and he’s shown to have a strong love for his family, his comrades, and his friends, and a passion for guns.)

The color green has ties to ambition, safety, and endurance according to the website. Chris Redfield is seen to be one of the most enduring and determined individuals, almost to the point of stubbornness, especially when it comes to defeating Carla/Ada in RE6 and Wesker throughout many games. Endurance, as well, can be referencing his physical endurance, especially in RE5 and RE6. In RE6, he states that it’s his job to make sure his team gets home safely, and shows deep concern for their well-being. In addition, he shows the same concern of safety towards nearly everyone of his comrades and friends: Jill,Claire, Rebecca, Richard, and so on. (Interesting fact: The complementary color to green is red, which is one of Claire’s colors, and Chris and Claire are seen to contrast and complement each other greatly.)

In addition, green can be associated with health, and no one fits better than Rebecca Chambers, who’s seen wearing mostly green and white. The websites states that green sometimes “denotes lack of experience” and Rebecca is known for being a rookie with little experience when joining STARS. 

Purple is regarded as a color of royalty and wealth. Purple dyes used to cost a lot to produce and purchase, so only royalty could wear the color. Which may be symbolic of Alexia Ashford, who’s rich and is seen to act like she’s the ruler/queen of everything.

On another note, purple is symbolic of “wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.” Two characters fit that perfectly: Jessica Sherawat and Sheva Alomar. Sheva fits because of she’s wise, independent, and has a hell of a lot of dignity. Jessica on the other hand, fits more to mystery, magic, and creativity. Mystery, because she was a traitor and you have wonder if she acts the way she does on purpose or not, and creative and magic fit more to her… creative fashion choices. (Also note that perhaps Jessica was double-crossing for money and wealth)

Orange is a color that can can mean determination and joy, which fits Richard Aiken because of his determination to join STARS and help out, as explained in his letter to his girlfriend/wife, Bridgette. In addition, he’s been described in manuals to be very friendly and full of joy. Yellow is described as a color meaning intellect and caution, which fits Brad Vickers because he is intelligent, specifically with helicopter and technology, and easily frightened which shows his cowardly, cautious nature. 

White is described to mean “light, goodness, innocence, purity” which can correlate to Manuela Hidalgo and Sherry Birkin. Manuela and younger Sherry are both portrayed as innocent victims of their father’s deeds. Sherry is seen to have a good heart in RE6, and Manuela and Sherry are pure in the sense that their minds - not her bodies, which are infected with two different viruses - are unaffected by the greed and evil their fathers had. Also, youth can be associated with innocence, and Manuela is only 15 and Sherry was 12 in RE2, and in RE6 is seen to look much younger than her age because of her G-Virus infection. (Rebecca Chambers, who wears plenty of white, is also young at the age of 18. She’s also portrayed as innocent, and genuinely has a good heart.)

I hope you enjoyed this :)


I designed and artworked a poster for Chris Ramsey’s 2010 Edinburgh show Aggrophobic. The premise of the show being how Chris spends his life trying to avoid confrontation at all costs. I was really happy with the result but Chris’ agency thought it was too arty and just needed a big image of Chris and some type.

I couldn’t take this additional work on as I had another freelance job to do (Chris’ agency understood as they had signed off the design that was about to go to print), so I handed it over. Both posters are shown above - let me know which one you prefer.


I’ve wanted to have a go at screen printing for as long as I can remember. In November 2011 I finally got my arse in gear and went on a one day course with Print Club London and loved every second of it.

My plan was to try and make a print as a present for my friends - it’s the illustrated lyrics to one of their ‘songs’ - Mirrorball by Elbow.

I’m really happy with the results as a first attempt but it needs two colours to work properly (we were only allowed one screen for the day). I’m hooked now though so more screen printing to come.