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Representation matters: my six favourite black female fictional lawyers.

  • Clair Huxtable (The Cosby Show)
  • Maxine Shaw (Living Single)
  • Joan Clayton (Girlfriends)
  • Jessica Pearson (Suits)
  • Olivia Pope (Scandal)
  • Annalise Keating (How to Get Away With Murder)

Happy Birthday Amy Acker!!!

Amy Louise Acker (born December 5, 1976)

@AmyAcker: And thank you to everyone for all the birthday tweets! What a happy birthday!

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Books and CupcakesFebruary Book Photo Challenge

Day 13 • Fictional BF/GF

What do you mean I can’t have more than one?

AU | Crossover: Shaw in the Dollhouse, she tries to figure out what’s going on. 

Most of the time nobody pays much attention to her. Except Root. No, not Root. Dr Saunders there. She is like a twin of well-known hacker, but she is definitely not Root. Her personality, scars and this almost scary resemblance makes Shaw extremely curious. She doesn’t have feelings, yeah, but warmth spread in her chest every time, when Root-like doctor talk to her. 

That is a problem. 


Without flirtation and dirty jokes. 

Her voice is sweet and quiet. She seems so fragile, embarrassed with her scar-painted appearance, that Shaw finds it almost impossible to be rude to her. 

- Sameen, please, take away the gun, there are no enemies here. Come, it’s time for your treatment. 

February BPC // Day 13 - Fictional Boyfriend //

William Herondale from The Infernal Devices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare

Noah Shaw from The Mara Dyer Trilogy by Michelle Hodkin

Sam Roth from The Wolves of Mercy Falls Series by Maggie Stiefvater

Cole St. Clair from The Wolves of Mercy Falls Series by Maggie Stiefvater 


The zodiac signs as “The Originals” charaters.

the marching band au: fall de rousseau

[start from the beginning]

  • one day in practice freshman year claire missed her set because martine told her wrong
  • that’s how martine eventually ends up as section leader over claire
  • martine is evil and full of garbage
  • and also ran straight into the sousaphone line who all fell over like sad little dominos and crushed tiny baby deer root
  • it turned out to be a very traumatic head injury that left root partially deaf
  • and if shaw “accidentally” broke martine’s leg in a weight lifting incident the next day
  • well
  • who’s complaining
  • not small precious baby claire, that’s for sure!!
  • without martines constant negativity and really just flat-out abuse, claire doesn’t panic so badly all the time
  • she can finally breathe and focus and think
  • ms. thornhill approaches her a few days after martine breaks her leg
  • “we’d like you to be the new flute section later, claire”
  • “oh yeah, just until martine gets back. no problem”
  • “martine is no longer a member of this marching band, claire”
  • “oh. well. im not really good enough. it’s fine. you can give it to someone else”
  • “if you’re uncomfortable with the leadership position, you can always decline. but i do think you could turn this section around. the other flutists could really shine under your more…positive and friendly approach”
  • “…really? you’re not just saying that because you don’t have another choice?”
  • “you’ve always been my first pick. martine’s rise to section leader was not my choice”
  • ms. thornhill glances over to greer
  • claire’s eyes widen. she nods gratefully. “ i won’t let you down, ms. thornhill. thank you”
  • she hugs tm real quick before darting away to go scream to harold about it in a practice room
  • executive decision: claire is ace and wants to be adopted by ms. thornhill
  • everyone wants to be adopted by ms. thornhill
  • band kids go fucking everywhere by school bus
  • some fancy schools have like a trailer that they put all the instruments on but this school is too poor for that so everyone has to bring their instruments and cases with them on the bus
  • basically it gets crowded and you can only fit like two sections per bus and so they always have to take like seven buses to get fucking ANYWHERE
  • claire and finch are bus buddies!
  • they sit next to each other and claire gets caught up in finch’s wind ensemble schemes and its great
  • she loves feeling included and it’s so nice to finally have friends
  • she’s a very diligent section leader
  • she’s suddenly become everyone’s older sister overnight and she has no idea how it happened
  • she’s very conscious of the fact that martine Fucked Her Up a bit and so her section’s mental health is very very important to her
  • the flutes are a family now and its very pure and sweet and i love them
  • claire helps them out with homework on long bus trips
  • she’s a math and history geek and between hers and finch’s science skills, they keep both the flute and clarinet sections’ gpas at at least a 3.7