Biohazard Heavenly Island vol 3.

I have been suspecting for a while that Biohazard Heavenly Island, the new manga by Naoki Serizawa is set in 2014. Why? In Ch 19 Brown Anderson, an ex-BSAA member mentioned he was present in the attacks in Africa, which took place 5 years ago. If he referred to Kijuju in 2009, this sets Heavenly Island in 2014, after RE6, and as a prequel to Umbrella Corps. 

Volume 3 which comes out soon may have more info on this.

It does make sense based on Claire having longer hair than ‘Sniper Claire’ in RE: REV2 (but shorter than kidnapped Claire). Chris is still in BSAA North America and leading Alpha Team (and makes a clean shaven appearance). There have been few mentions of other returning characters.

There is also a surprise return of an RE character, spoilers below.

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