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I am usually sure that I am pansexual but then I look at my list of celebrity crushes and I start questioning myself.


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Full Evolution of the West End Star Princess Costume

Starting at the Saloon Girl (UPDATED!)

  1. Sarah Brightman
  2. Claire Moore (Alt.)
  3. Maria Kesselman (u/s)
  4. Rebecca Caine (Alt.)
  5. Claire Moore (1988)
  6. Jan Hartley-Morris
  7. Jill Washington (1994)
  8. Annalene Beechey (u/s)
  9. Beverley Worboys (u/s, picture may be from her run in Basel but it looks like a UK dress to me!)
  10. Zoe Curlett (Alt., picture possibly from her time in the UK Tour, it’s really hard to tell and is never labeled with just “West End” or “UK Tour”)
  11. Meredith Braun
  12. Charlotte Page
  13. Claire Louise Hammacott
  14. Deborah Dutcher
  15. Celia Graham
  16. Katie Knight Adams
  17. Rachel Barrell
  18. Tabitha Webb (u/s)
  19. Robyn North (she had been a u/s in the past but this is when she split the role 50/50 with Leila Benn-Harris)
  20. Leila Benn Harris
  21. Gina Beck
  22. Katie Hall (u/s)
  23. Katy Treharne (u/s, 2009)
  24. Tabitha Webb (Alt.)
  25. Sofia Escobar (2012 picture however it is the old styled dress)
  26. Katie Hall (2011)
  27. Claire Doyle (u/s)
  28. Katy Treharne (Alt.)
  29. Sofia Escobar
  30. Anna O'Byrne (Alt.)
  31. Ashleigh Fleming (u/s)
  32. Olivia Brereton
  33. Harriet Jones (current 2014 dress)
  34. Emmi Christensson
  35. Lisa-Anne Wood (u/s)

(There were also no pictures I could find of Irén Bartók, Shona Lindsay, Lisa Hull, Debra Stables, Megan Kelly, Nikki Ankara, Ana Marina (u/s), Josie Walker, Zoë Curlett (u/s), Myrra Malmberg, Fay Richardson (u/s), Colleen Patrice Taylor (u/s), Amanda Jane Callaghan (u/s), Katrina Murphy, Louise Walsh, Mia van den Eykel (u/s), Nicky Adams, Jane Mark, Sarah Ryan. If you know of any PLEASE submit them to me and I will add them!)

NOTE: I tried my best to do the list by dress and not by actress or year but the ended up badly and this was the easiest way, if you see any errors and I am sure there are a TON let me know and I’ll start a list and try to fix them all! <3