claire mathews

Carson Philips and Claire Mathews
  • Carson:Second grade, Mrs. McCoy's class, we all went around the room and said what we wanted to be when we grow up. I said I wanted to be a Nobel Prize winner and you said you wanted to be a...
  • Claire:Ballerina.
  • Carson:What stopped you?
  • Claire:They all laughed at me.
  • Carson:But I didn't laugh at you.
  • (I guess even then I thought laughing at someone's dream was one of the cruelest things one person could do to another.)
  • In what grade do we stop believing in ourselves? In what grade do we just stop believing, period? I mean, someone has to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Someone has to be a ballerina. Why not us?
  • (She stormed out of the room.)
  • Carson:And I can't be the only one who gets that...