claire lennon


get to know me meme (10 tv shows): playing house [3/10]

[While Maggie is in labor] Listen to me, listen to me okay, I’m gonna get real dark with you for just one second. I promise you it will have a happy ending. Okay, do you remember the morning of your parents funeral? [What??] Just stay with me. We walked up to the chapel and you said “I can’t do it. I can’t say goodbye to them.” And I said, “Maggie. Yes you can, yes you can cause I’m gonna be right here with you. So you lean on my shoulder and walk down that aisle.” Okay, well, guess who’s here right now? Your mom. She’s here, she’s here right now. Yeah and she’s wearing that weird housecoat from high school that we tried to throw out so many times. So you know what I want you to do? I want you to grab my hand and I want you to grab her hand, and I want you to push that baby right out of you. Okay? [Okay.] I love you, let’s do this. Let’s have a baby.


The salad clip is one of my all-time faves