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You are not to be underestimated, Claire.
Hell, I’m still getting used to bringing the hurt instead of fixing it.
Well, for what it’s worth  I’ve never had a student progress as fast as you have.
Guess I got tired of people doing things for me all the time.
Tell me about it.


Biohazard: Heavenly Island
Revelations 2 prequel manga.

Basic rundown as I can’t be bothered to translate and edit stuff outside of marking out Claire’s page:

Starts with a colour page showing people getting slaughtered, a pig being beheaded and an enemy looking similar to the thing that I can’t recall the name of from Lost In Nightmares but with a tribal mask on - it looks like it’s wearing a trashed, ripped up Mr. X make Tyrant coat?

The enemies have crazy masked get ups along the lines of the RE4/RE5 bullshit but think of weird tribal and stereotypical “voodoo” looking stuff mixed in - it’s weird is all I’m going to say. There’s also people drumming whilst we see a girl in a bikini getting slaughtered.

It’s on an island (well, one island out of a cluster of them), the name reads oddly and I’m not 100% sure of it (weird title) but the next one is a beach, the katakana reads as “Emurodo” so I’m going to assume, “Emerald Beach” is where we see the next few scenes with the visitors and locals of the locale dicking around in swimmers whilst another introduced (but non-TerraSave) character is perving/blushing at them after a small cruise ship called “White Castle” has anchored off-shore, leaving our new, glasses wearing and non-TerraSave character to come to shore via a boat.

Claire is being a boss and makes quite an entrance by lobbing a knife and nailing a monster dead-on. But sadly, we don’t really see Claire for more than a couple of pages. She’s in a different location that is reading as “Sanaoria”

There’s a female character called Ines Deeako (well, katakana makes this “dei~ako” but considering that could change to say, “Diego” if this gets localized in English) that also works with TerraSave.

Claire and Ines are on the phone.

This switches back to Emerald Beach.

There’s a few stereotyped characters too. Guys are harassing the girls (during a filmshoot for their gameshow on the island), Ines interrupts and barely avoids punching one in the face to get the point through.

The first chapter ends with a throwback to RE1 with the classic zombie head turn but with a female zombie (probably a throwback to RE2’s short-haired zombie girls) - this is the bikini girl from the start of the chapter, she’s now been infected (or was infected and dying triggered it to revive her). The guy with glasses (non-TerraSave, can’t be assed to translate this at the moment) that was perving/blushing towards the girls has just found her in the rainforest.

There’s no preview for the next chapter.

I’ll probably sit down and translate stuff properly, typeset it and the like when I finish up work tomorrow.

I just can’t be bothered to do so outside of confirming Claire in the manga.

villainislemony - I was also right about how Claire looks with her hair down.

reservoirdogma  asked:

OKAY TALK TO ME ABOUT OWEN AND CLAIRE HEADCANNONS because I haven't been able to find anything online for them and it's killing me dead I shipped them so hardcore. (I usually don't even buy those token romances in blockbusters but this one hit all my buttons somehow)

OK THESE ARE LITERALLY ALL ABOUT THEIR FIRST MEETING/FIRST DATE BECAUSE I AM OBSESSED also I am posting this publicly because like you I have been consumed by claire/owen feels and I want to take the world down with me and damn it I want someone to write real fic ok somebody write fic

- owen had been working with the raptors for a while before claire landed her job on the island, and he happened to be passing by helipad when she was first arriving. she climbs off the chopper wearing her college sweatpants and an old t-shirt (one of very few times that he would ever see her without her signature heels-skirt-blazer combo) and struggling to carry her three large suitcases (filled of course with heels, skirts and blazers). he thinks she might be one of his new interns so he introduces himself and offers to carry her bags, but not before letting it slip that watching her try to manage it all on her own is kind of amusing to him – which claire does not take well. she brushes past his extended hand, very clearly annoyed, muttering something about a long travel day and delayed flights and missing luggage and not having time for this. he follows her, making another joke about how much stuff she has because ‘damn, I thought I was an overpacker…’ and she sends him the deadliest of deadly glares over her shoulder before a driver helps her into a car and she disappears, leaving owen wondering where in the world they could be taking his intern and why he feels like he misses her

- the next morning during InGen’s weekly check-in with his team and the raptors, he has a do a double take before realizing that the woman in the black pinstriped pantsuit and four-inch heels is the same woman from the night before. she is content to pretend last night didn’t happen and introduces herself in her most formal tone, extending her hand. he laughs, trying hard to resist the urge to brush past her like she had the night before, but she’s giving him this look that’s caught somewhere between pleading and contempt, so he plays along for her sake (and also, admittedly, for his)

- after her first couple of months on the island, she starts to warm up to him a bit. owen always finds time during the check-ins to talk to claire. he starts calling them ‘dual check-ins’ – claire checks in on the raptors, and he checks in on claire. she’s not crazy about the idea (‘how many times do I have to tell you, mr. grady? just because we are in the jungle instead of a conference room doesn’t make this any less of a business meeting’) and she does her best to keep him at arm’s length, but there are moments where she allows her guard to fall (‘okay, you can ask me ONE question. but then you give me an update on the raptors!’). he respects her limits, knows when to stop pushing her. her family is a sore spot, he learns quickly, so he doesn’t ask about them often

- as acting manager of jurassic world, she does her best to make it to every weekly check-in, but things just keep coming up again and again, so she only ends up seeing him about every other week. he asks about her when she’s not there, and he will only demonstrate improvements in the raptors’ abilities when she is there to watch. his obvious crush on her becomes an inside joke among the InGen board members

 - at the end of claire’s first quarter as acting manager, InGen holds an event in her honor. owen – who has somehow managed to avoid all of these annoying banquets in his past couple of years on the island – is one of the first to arrive. he sits at a table with his team and tries not to let his eyes wander over to claire all night (it’s bad enough that the InGen board members are joking about his crush, but now his team is giving him shit for it too). he can’t help it, though. she’s wearing the most beautiful gold dress, and she’s smiling more than he’s ever seen her smile before, and whenever her eyes connect with his he feels his heart drop down to his stomach. after all of the official board members and presidents and owners and shareholders have given all of their official speeches, owen stands up before he can think twice about it and taps his fork against his glass. he tells everyone to ‘toast to claire, the woman who keeps us all going.’ when owen’s eyes meet claire’s through the crowd, he swears there’s a tear in her eye. he catches a moment alone with her before the night is over, and she’s not sure if it’s the wine or his toast or the way he looks in that damn suit, but she asks him out to dinner the following night.

- she shows up to his place the next night, six o’clock sharp, itinerary in hand. she hugs him hello when he opens the door, and he’s so surprised that by the time he rests his hands on her back she’s already pulling away. she calls him owen for the first time and his heart just about stops beating. her smile drops when she looks down and sees the board shorts. ‘did— I’m sorry, am I early? do you need more time to get ready?’ ‘nope.’

- he ends up making her ditch the itinerary after the first hour and takes her to a burger joint in the park that she says she’s never been to. ‘why would I want to go to the one restaurant on this island with the lowest customer satisfaction ratings? we’ve almost closed it down three separate times.’ ‘claire, if you ever closed this place, I’m sorry, but I would resign on the spot. I’m pretty sure it’s written in my contract.’ ‘there’s no way that’s written in your contract.’ ‘well, it should be.’

- owen gets ketchup all over claire’s white sundress and she threatens to send him her dry cleaning bill (two weeks later the bill is taped to his front door)

- during lulls in their conversation, he talks about the raptors. he talks about the raptors… a lot. at first, she’ll admit, she finds it kind of cute – endearing, like the way a child talks about their dog. but it comes to a point where she can hardly get a word in edgewise, and finally she insists that they get back to her itinerary. he makes some snappy comment about her always needing to be in control which he immediately regrets, but it’s too late to take it back. ‘fine, we’ll forget the itinerary. I’m ready to go home.’

- they walk back to her place in silence, claire three paces ahead with crossed arms, and owen trailing behind rewriting his apology over and over again in his head. when they reach her building, she turns to face him only for a brief handshake. ‘goodnight, mr. grady. I’ll see you on monday.’ ‘goodnight, ms. dearing.’

 - things between them are inescapably awkward after that night. their conversations are all busines, and claire has to hide the fact that she misses all of owen’s annoying inquiries into her personal life, and that it upsets her that he doesn’t try to show off in front of her anymore

+ a while after the events of jurassic world, he takes her on a second date. he shows up with his own six-part itinerary and she can’t help but laugh at the fact that four out of the six steps are ‘kiss claire’

It’s rude as fuck to ask “is that your hair/is that your real hair” cause who you asking? Only Black women. Not these lil white girls with Claires clip ins. Just us.