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“So, you desire me?”

There wasn’t a sole in New Orleans who didn’t want to attend a Mikaelson Family ball.  You’d been lucky enough to get into the good graces of the one and only Rebekah Mikaelson, and that instantly got you an ‘in’ to the various functions the family would throw.  Of course, being close to Rebekah also meant that you got to meet her brothers.  A certain Elijah Mikaelson in particular.  Tonight was yet another ball, and you had shown up at the Mikaelson household a few hours early to have Rebekah help you with getting ready.  She was fortunately loaning you a dress, seeing as you were quickly running out of fancy clothes with all the parties the Mikaelsons threw.

“When are you going to start bringing a date to these balls?”  Rebekah asked, zipping up the back of your dress for you.  You sighed, rolling your eyes teasingly and fluffing out your hair in a vain attempt to make yourself more presentable.

“I haven’t found anyone that I want to invite along yet.”  You countered, pawing through Rebekah’s jewelry for a necklace that matched the dress she had you in.

“Oh come on.  You have to have your eye on someone.”  Rebekah pressed with a knowing smile.  You felt your cheeks flare up at her comment, a sign that she didn’t miss.  “You can tell me.”  She continued to press, flopping down into her bed.

“You’re going to think it’s a stupid crush.”  You shrugged off, glancing at yourself in the mirror to ensure that you looked alright.

“Just tell me.”  Rebekah rolled her eyes.

“Elijah.”  You murmured after a few moments of silence.  Rebekah’s face lit up at your confession, a laughing emanating from her chest.

“Elijah?”  She repeated, almost disbelievingly.  You nodded shyly, turning to face your friend and jumping slightly at the figure in the doorway.

“So, you desire me Y/N?” Elijah asked, a smile pulling on the corners of his mouth.  Mutely you nodded, at a loss of how else to reply to his question.  “Well then, would you kindly allow me to escort you to the ball tonight?”  He asked, bowing slightly at the waist, never letting his eyes stray from yourself.

“I would love to.”  You murmured, your blush returning ten fold.