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Batfam At Hallow Eves

- Dick went as a very well put together Kid Flash outfit, emblem and everything, he spent the whole night running around and drank the same amount of coffee to stay active (even though he did water it down a bit more).

- Jason doesn’t really care much for Halloween, so he let the girls do his makeup and he becomes a Zombi, for the 4th time.

- Babs goes as Hermonie because who doesn’t want to pretend to be a witch? She curled her hair and even made her own wand.

- Tim goes as Wonger Girl much to Bart and Kon’s disappointment, but hey, he dressed up as them for the past 2 years. Cassie lent him one of her old outfits for the ensemble.

- Stephanie goes as a pun outfit because, you know, it was punny, it probably had something to do with waffles but honestly who knows? Dick was very happy and Jason dis-owned her as an honorary member of the family.

- Cass went as The Black Swan, last year she went as Babs, and the year before that Bruce, so now she came as another one of her role models. It was very beautiful, she did a routine and everything.

- Duke went as a movie character, I can’t really narrow it down other than he looked better than the character in question.

- Dami went as the ever so infamous Batman, a mini version, but still Batman. Half the way through the night Steph forces him into a different outfit and they become a pair of something. (Idk Socks? Who knows, its Steph).

- Alfred went as James Bond. It was amazing.

- Claire went as Luna after Babs introduced her to the Harry Potter Books.

- Harper went as a decked out Batwoman, Kate loved it.

- Kate went as a Police Officer and pretended to arrest kids all night.

- Selina went as Wonder Woman, she added some more sparkle to the store bought outfit and looked extravagant.

- Bruce… Oh, Bruce…. to everyone’s surprise, he went as the Big Blue Boy Scout, when he went to the Watch Towers party everyone was in shock, Clark cried, there are photos, it was beautiful.

team “cats are the spawn of satan and if you like them you’re wrong”:

  • Bruce
  • Dick
  • Kate
  • Babs
  • Duke
  • Harper

team “wtf is wrong w you cats are adorable and good and pure”:

  • Tim
  • Claire
  • Alfred
  • Jason
  • Cass

team “crying about all animals at 3 am”:

  • Damian
  • Steph

It’s an e-vite.

Selina Kyle has to admit that she’s never received an e-vite before, but there it is: black background, yellow balloons. Big, Blue “YOU’RE INVITED!”

She reads it aloud, in the quiet of her flat.

“Be our guest at Wayne Manor for a Luncheon!”

A litany of names appear at the bottom as hosts.

Dick, Barbara, Jason, Tim, Damian, Duke, Cassandra, Stephanie, Harper, Luke, Jean-Paul, Claire and Kate.

She sighs and strokes Isis as the Siamese cat jumps up next to her on her bed. “Well, kitten,” she says. “Time to face the gauntlet.”


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DC Ladies united (well, some of them)

*I can understand why kidnap Batgirl and Batwoman (as leaders of their respective teams), but why Harley Quinn, when you have Amanda Waller, who keeps Gotham in quarantine, and Renee Montoya, who is currently in control of GCPD*

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #15-16 (2016-)

Written by Julie & Shawna Benson
Art by Roge Antonio, Marcelo Maiolo
Letters by Josh Reed (#15), Deron Bennett (#16)

a summary of batman #16

dick: [responsible, tired oldest sibling]

jason: [obnoxious older brother, being a jerk on purpose]


duke: [the New Guy™]

bruce:[dad voice] can i speak to the manager?

alfred: [sassy af]

claire: [family princess]

selina: i’m here to make out and be cryptic *winks flirtily*

jim: [screaming]

tim: [”dead” and alone in a hole somewhere]

cass: [snuggling with harper, hopefully]

steph: [sleeping in a dumpster probably]

bane: hello it is i, your worst nightmare,

  • the bane of chef Ramsay:
  • Microwaves
  • grease
  • unclean kitchens
  • frozen foods
  • shouty 'Mericans
  • bizarre food concoctions
  • weird food that's been forgotten in the walkin refrigerator
  • bagged food
  • owners that take servers tips
  • incompetent people
  • RAAW