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“It’s a good thing your mother isn’t here, she wouldn’t want you telling everyone the bad stuff she does. You’ll ruin her image”  Claire wasn’t a rich woman, she only had ties to the Goth family because she had been with Michael for ten years. She still felt out of touch with their ways sometimes still.

“Usually it would be Father when it comes to the finances, but Mother says he’s been in a bad state since Grandfather died” 

“Well it has only been a couple of weeks” Mary-Sue pointed out.

“It’ll probably be better once my Grandfather’s mansion is ready, we’ll finally have a large house  and there will be plenty of room for my father to work on his interests” 

“You looking forward to actually living in a mansion Kiddo?” Mary-Sue couldn’t even imagine how amazing it would be in live in such a large home. 

The home in question had been abandoned for a good twenty years now, it looked beautiful but was still in a state of disrepair. Mary-Sue could only hope to one day live in a home half as big. 

Peaceful Sounds and Flower Crowns

Word Count: 1,494

Summary: Felix and Bridgette agree to spend a summer afternoon studying together, but Bridgette gets a little distracted.

*Author’s Note*: I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, it’s a sweet little one shot based on this picture by @edorazzi. In my version of the PV, Bridgette lives with her grandparents above their bakery (which I don’t know if that was ever an actual show idea but at some point I came up with it). Happy summer and I hope you enjoy.

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Even though they had been dating for a few months now, considering Bridgette Cheng as his legitimate girlfriend still felt slightly strange to Felix. Not in a bad way, of course. He certainly didn’t harbor any lingering resentment for her or her bubbly and persistent personality; on the contrary, he had actually grown quite fond of those parts of her he used to find annoying. He’d seen such behavior as a nuisance when all he wanted was for her to take the hint to stay away from him, considering his aura of bad luck would run amok on anyone and anything that got too close to him. Felix was used to being prickly, unsociable, alone…keeping people at a distant was nothing new to him even before that coal black ring of bad luck sealed to his finger. But Bridgette, she practically made it her job to make it difficult for him to keep his distance.

Now, a few months after the truth of their superhero identities had been revealed to one another, Felix had to admit that being close to Bridgette was one of the most comforting things in his life. He loved seeing her smile, hearing her laugh, feeling her arm wrap around his as the two of them wandered the city on their days off—both from being students and defenders of justice. The sound of her feet pattering up to meet him, the brush of her hair against his chin when she hugged him, and the peck of her lips leaving a warm spot on his cheek that flooded with blush before he even knew what was happening all made his heart swell with identifiable emotions.  In short, he had never been happier.

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Fanfiction - Scalpel & Needle

@mary-waitforit-lou: Maybe a From Hate to Love au, at first they can’t stand each other and then…

I asked for prompts a few days back and immediately felt the need to write this one. It’s a classical trope that I feel can be quite interesting. I received a couple of other ideas, that are already in store - some are meant to go later into my existing works. Thank you for inspiring me!

Scalpel & Needle (Part I)

“I’d be bloody thankful if you didn’t come into my OR like some kind of unwanted saviour and start to order me around!” Claire snarled, ripping off her surgical cap, her curls exploding in the air after sudden liberation, her hair bobble tearing with an audible “pop!”. “I didn’t ask for your help!”

“The patient was crashing.” Jamie tried to explain, remaining eerily calm in spite of the angry woman facing him, looking like a rattlesnake ready to pounce. “Ye couldna possibly deal with all those bleeders. I thought a second pair of hands…”

“I already had a second surgeon!” She hissed, pointing at the frightened young resident who had sought refuge against the wall, clearly wishing to be swallowed by it – and away from the two galvanized surgeons. “I was in control, using the technique I prefer! But you decided to come and show off, like some goddam star!”

“I was only trying to help, lass.” He grunted, gripping his fists. His blue eyes were dark and dangerous, tumultuous seas waiting for ships to wreck on their waves. “It seems to me ye have a bit of a problem admitting when ye need help and it’s perfectly…”

“Oh, you bastard!” Claire roared, advancing to face him – even though he had the clear advantage of his imposing height. “Don’t you dare call me “lass”, as you do to the young nurses, melting them away to do your biding. Stop pretending you know the first thing about me! You just want to please the board, so they’ll give you the most challenging cases!”

“I couldna care less about the board, Doctor Beauchamp.” Jamie said through clenched teeth. “Ye should be thanking me that the patient isna heading to the morgue - instead ye’re yelling at me like a mad banshee, because I wounded yer pride.”

Claire’s cheeks were throbbing with heat, her chest constricted with a fury she couldn’t even begin to understand. She raised her index finger and poked him on the chest, wielding it like a dangerous dagger. “Stay the hell away from me and my OR, Fraser. I mean it!”

Mallaichte bas! Fine!” He roared, raising his hands in exasperation. “I won’t meddle again, as much as I think ye might need it. Ye blind woman, stubborn as a mule…” And he reverted to clipped Gaidhlig, grumbling in a low voice as he strode down the hallway.

“Claire!” She heard the voice of her friend, Geillis Duncan, gaping at her with her mouth noticeably ajar. Claire was panting, her vision almost blurred from anger, as she contemplated James Fraser retreating with a cold satisfaction. “What’s this ruckus all about? Is something amiss?”

“Just my esteemed colleague, James Fraser, being an insufferable prick.” She glared at the other people surrounding her, frozen in contemplation of the spectacle, silently warning them to return to their own business. “I really don’t know how someone can be as egocentric, misogynistic, smug…”

“Well, don’t hold anything back, darling.” Geillis laughed, gently pushing her by the arm to a nearby resting room. “Yer feud with the man is becoming legendary. There’s probably people placing money to bet on yer next fight.”

“Someone has to show him he’s not even half as impressive as he fancies himself to be.” Claire puffed, filling a glass with cold water from the machine in the corner and drinking it down.

“Most people think him charming, Claire.” The nurse pointed, sitting on the small couch – a myriad of unidentifiable stains garnishing the old fabric. “A verra capable surgeon, kind and concerned with his patients, humble but with a sharp mind, and a brilliant sense of humour.”

“Damn Geillis, don’t you hold anything back either.” She rolled her eyes in disbelief. “One would think you very enthralled by the man.”

“Everyone – well, every lass and probably John Grey too – kind of is.” The redheaded girl gave her a mischievous smile. “That is one hell of a ginger fox, Claire. How can ye not want to ride that…”

“That’s quite enough, thank you!” Claire hawked and tried to tame down her revolting hair with her fingertips. “I happen to be immune to whatever spell he has been casting around here.”

“I just don’t understand why ye hate him so much.” The nurse looked at her with studying eyes, slightly biting her index finger, her nails a gaudy shade of pink. “Are you trying to conceal the fact that ye actually find him attractive?” She said in a soft voice. “I know that after Frank it’s hard for ye to…”

“Don’t.” Claire said in a serious voice, the shadow of a smile gone from her face. “Don’t say that. This has nothing to do with Frank. I just don’t see what you see, that’s all.”

“Alright, I’ll let the subject go – for now.” Geillis stretched herself like a cat and grinned, preparing to resume her work. “Drinks tonight at Leoch’s?”

“Sure.” Claire nodded absentmindedly, already studying her next patient’s chart. “I’ll meet you there after I finish my colectomy.”

“Behave until then, ye hear me!” She warned Claire, leaving her alone to face another surgery.


Claire opened her locker, blood pulsing rapid inside her vessels, so much so she felt the tidal waves of blood on her temples. Like she had foresaw, a lonely envelope was there, a bit crumpled after being pushed through the small gap. With shaking hands and a smile of anticipation, she opened it.

“It has come to my attention that you had a rough day. I’m sorry to hear it. I thought I would make it a little better – but this time I’m borrowing the words of a wiser man.

«My struggle is harsh and I come back with eyes tired at times from having seen the unchanging earth,

But when your laughter enters it rises to the sky seeking me

And it opens for me all the doors of life.»

I hope to see it again soon. I shall miss your laughter every second you hide it away.

With l Yours,


It had started six months before. On a day when night had forgotten to go away, leaving everything immersed in shadows, rain pounding over the roof like a furious fist banging.

She had lost a patient that day. She recalled it vividly, because it had been the first since she had moved to Edinburgh. Not only that – it had been a young woman, with the same hopes and dreams that she had, heart broken into a million pieces but still hopeful. Losing her had been like losing a piece of herself, an entire world shattered away under the lights of the OR.

Claire accepted the sympathetic words of her colleagues, the gentle hands that touched her back, assuring her that not every battle was meant to be won. But she had lost – so brutally, so completely, so painfully. She walked to the locker room and bolted the door, allowed herself to cry on the floor, to sob until her heart had melted and gone away.

When she opened her locker to retrieve her things at the end of her shift, she had found a sketch there, pencil on paper like the tears on her cheeks. Someone drew a hand – elegant fingers with a thin wrist, which eerily reminded her of her own – holding a scalpel. And touching her palm underneath it, as if the fragile scalpel had been too heavy to hold on her own, a second hand helped her to hold it. The touching image – it had brought tears to Claire’s eyes – had been signed in a crooked handwriting. “Scalpel”.

The drawing had been on her nightstand since that day, a reminder that someone out there truly understood – knew – the loneliness of her work, the hardships she endured and how much she needed a presence to hold her when her strength failed her.

The second gift came a week after that – a pressed blue flower, perfectly preserved, clearly saved for quite some time between the pages of a book. Claire inhaled it, hungry for the perfume and words still trapped in it. A short note came with it – “Will you make a home for it with you? Scalpel”.

After a few weeks – time in which she had received poems, caricatures and photos of landscapes – she decided that her secret friend – for the mysterious person clearly meant to forge a relationship with her through those small tokens – deserved an answer.

She had scribbled it at home, sitting at her desk – the pressed flower next to her, on top of an organized pile of paper – and left it lodged on the door of her locker, where he’d certainly find it.

“Dear Scalpel,

I’m not sure why you think me deserving of such kind attentions, but I have to say you seem to read my mind! Not only I find everything you give me fascinating, but you seem to guess when I’ll need it the most. If someone ever told me I’d have a secret correspondent, I’d laugh and swear them insane. But in truth I find great solace in you and cherish every thought you spare me. Thank you for being a true friend – the more selfless kind.

Cla Needle

P.S. – Of course you know my real name, but it seems only fair that the both of us would have secret code names. I’ve been told to be sharp as one - and equally resourceful.”

And so their correspondence became two-sided. A week hadn’t gone by without a sign from him and Claire realized they were incredibly close – intimate, even. She had tried to suggest for them to meet and talk in the cafeteria – at least for him to reveal his name, so she could put a face on the person that meant so much to her. His answer had been concise and clear: “One day I’ll tell you everything. But not yet.”

Claire placed the note on her pocket, where her fingers could brush it – touching it, savouring it through the next hours. She headed for the pub to meet Geillis – blissfully unaware of Scalpel’s existence - wondering how one could be enamoured with a man made only of words on paper.


Life isn’t always so Charming with the Charmings.

The Sims Complete Collection Captioned Adventures have returned after a long hiatus! I’m trying to remember my format, so bear with me. Yes, they are captioned, so sorry again to the moblie users.

However, I can say I missed this without missing this. It’s so hard to stay in the green, and making friends is about impossible. At least they’re alive!

If Jamie and Claire could text : seeing Jamie/"Alessandro" on the beach in Voyager Edition [[BOOK SPOILERS]]
  • Claire: JAMIE
  • Claire: oh thank god I CAN SEE YOU
  • Claire: who the bloody hell are those soldiers you're wth??
  • Jamie: Marsali lass, stay hidden, d'ye hear?
  • Jamie: and since when do you use such unladylike language?
  • Claire: oh Christ sorry
  • Claire: this is marsali's phone but it's me
  • Claire: ClAire
  • Jamie: ---
  • Jamie: CLAORIRE?
  • Jamie: TRUKLYTT???
  • Claire: truly
  • Claire: I'll prove it
  • Claire: you dropped your phone in the sand right before those last messages
  • Claire: and now you've got your hand on your heart and look like you're about to pass out
  • Claire: //THE BEARD//
  • Claire: Jesus h roosevelt CHRSIT!
  • Jamie: Christ, mnd
  • Jamie: when i learned the gddm porpoise had taken ye
  • Claire: god I know
  • Claire: and I left my phone on the bloody Artemis so i couldn't reassure you
  • Jamie: and then I came for ye learned that ye'd been lost in the storm and
  • Claire: oh my love
  • Claire: you must have been frantic, I know I certainly
  • Jamie: and THEN
  • Jamie: to learn that //NO//
  • Claire: have I ever complimented you on how you can text without looking at the screen?
  • Claire: That's terribly impressive darling, you must show me how it's done
  • Claire: well, YES
  • Claire: but to be fair
  • Claire: I could die any day living in this century
  • Claire: NOW who's talking all unladylike?
  • Claire: if it counts for anything
  • Claire: i'm ecstatic to see you
  • Claire: and i'm happy you're safe
  • Jamie: *sigh*
  • Jamie: i'm happy you're safe, too, ssnch
  • Jamie: i'm glad you're no' dead or in danger
  • Jamie: for the moment
  • Claire: WHAT?
  • Jamie: nevermind
  • Jamie: everything will be fine
  • Jamie: prbably
  • Claire: what exactly is the plan with these soldier brutes?
  • Jamie: oh,
  • Jamie: tie them up in the hold until further notice
  • Claire: and //i'm// allegedly the foolhardy one in this marriage
  • Claire: do you SEE how heavily fcking armed they are???
  • Jamie: dnf, ssnch
  • Claire: jhrc
  • Jamie: where are ye
  • Jamie: need to see ye for a moment
  • Jamie: **need to have my hands on your arse for a moment
  • Claire: ahem this is your daughter's phone, remember?
  • Jamie: SHIT
  • Jamie: delete that
  • Jamie: but in all seriousness
  • Jamie: I need to touch you in some moderately indecent fashion
  • Jamie: right this minute
  • Claire: i'll meet you near the big palm tree at your 4:00
  • Claire: watch out for snakes
  • Jamie: on my way
  • Jamie: tho i think that's better advice for *you* right now, mnd
  • Claire: what ?
  • Claire: oh AhAHAH
  • Claire: charming
  • Claire: just how "moderate" is the indecency you have in mind?
  • Jamie: getting more extreme by the minute
  • Claire: DEFINITELY leaving this entire chat for marsali to peruse
  • Jamie: dinnaevencare jsut get over here and take a look at this ferocious snake

Another wee Jem and Jamie ficlet - not sure why I’ve suddenly got a bee in my bonnet about these but I have! haha! Thank you as always for your encouragement and support :) xxx

Jamie cocked his head to the side and drummed the fingers of his left hand on the table top.

He was thinking, Jem realised with a small thrill and glanced excitedly at Germaine but his cousin was staring intently at their grandfather and spared no attention for Jem. The seconds ticked by, marked by the slender bronze hand of the mantelpiece clock. A single bead of sweat ran from Germaine’s blonde temple and dripped onto the pale linen of his shirt. Jem squared his shoulders and straightened his back. He wasn’t scared of his Grandda, not ever, but when he was concentrating as fiercely as he was, Jem could see why people might be. He looked so stern!

“Ye ken that’s no a verra honourable thing, considering I was so courteous with your earlier error.”

Jamie said evenly, his eyes flicking between both boys but settling on Germaine who stuck out his chin defiantly.

“We all make our own choices, Grand-pere.”

He shrugged and Jamie snorted, though his gaze didn’t soften and Jem swallowed nervously.

“Aye, but are ye sure your partner feels the same? Ye look a wee bit peaky Jeremiah.”

Jem licked his lips and shook his head. In truth he didn’t really understand what it was Germaine had done. It couldn’t be too awful or Grandda wouldn’t be discussing it and anyway, whatever it was he and Germaine were a team and he would stand by his teammate no matter what.

“I think its fair Grandda. Ye didna ask us to owe ye one so I dinna think ye can claim foul-play.”

Jamie’s stern countenance broke and he smiled, jiggling Mandy who was on his knee, her brow furrowed in concentration.

“Your brother is going to be a lawyer mo maise … and ye cousin will be a highwayman.”

Both boys looked fairly pleased with their future career predictions but Mandy’s scowl intensified and she glared across the table at them both.

“Dinna be mean to Grandda! Horrid boys!”

She scolded, patting Jamie’s arm consolingly before looking up at him, blue eyes wide with concern.

“Are you OK Grandda?”

“Och aye, dinna fash a leannan. I just need to teach these two young men a lesson, ken?”

Mandy nodded and Jem and Germaine exchanged anxious glances.

“Will ye help me?”

Jamie asked, eyes still trained on his granddaughter who nodded, only too happy to help her beloved Grandda sort out her brother and cousin.

“Aye Grandda.”


Jamie leant forward, huge frame hunching over the table as he pointed for Mandy to follow

“ye see the horsey? Aye that’s the one - put him here and take that piece away.”

“Wait …”

Germain’s eyes flew wide as Mandy picked up his Queen and replaced it with Jamie’s knight.

“The King!”

Jem yelped and Germaine turned sharply, digging his cousin in the ribs. The game had been going on for nearly an hour and in that time he had to shut Jem up countless times.

“Shh. Let me think…”

“No you need to protect the King …”

Jem leant across Germaine in a panic and seized the crowned piece of wood, dragging it back in the path of Jamie’s bishop. Germaine tried to slam his hand down but Jem had already let go, relinquishing their turn.

“Ah… I think perhaps Jem did not mean to let go so soon, Grand-pere, if I may just …”

“You may not!”

Jamie said tartly, placing Mandy’s hand on the bishop.

“We all make our own choices, ken? Capture the King for us, lass. Let’s finish them.”

Mandy slapped the bishop down viciously and seized the pale King with a roar of victory.


“Grandda got us! You just sat there!”

Jem snapped petulantly but Mandy was too wrapped up in her victory to much care. Germaine shook his head and slumped back in his seat, utterly spent.

“Mon Dieu.”

He murmured gesturing weakly to the board, the elegant turn of his wrist the very echo of his father and Jamie felt a small flutter in his heart at the memory of Fergus as a destitute waif, sat in the parlour of their house in Paris, charming Claire with his wit and his sweet nature and, not for the first time, Jamie marvelled at the chance of fate.  

“You saw it all along, didn’t you Grand-pere?”


Jamie smiled but with more than a trace of sympathy in his voice

“Ye have the makings of a fine player laddie, but ye are too eager to make the kill. Ye must remember to survey the whole board not just focus on your own plans.”

Jamie held out his hand and Germaine shook it good naturedly, accepting his grandfather’s assessment of his strategy gracefully.

Jamie offered his hand to Jem next, and grinned

“And you need to learn to pay attention to the game at hand, ye didna wait nor listen to your captain and it cost ye the King. But ye are getting better.”

Jem blushed but shook his grandfather’s hand firmly and nodded. He could hardly argue with that assessment given that he had just done exactly as his grandfather described.

“Now my teammate,”

Jamie looked down at Mandy and offered her his hand to shake as he had with the boys.

“I think ye need to work on being a gracious winner, it’s no’ verra polite to scream ye victory at the top o’ your lungs.”

Mandy ignored his hand and threw her arms around his neck, squeezing tightly

“We still won though, didn’t we Grandda?”

She beamed and Jamie laughed despite himself

“Aye, mo chridhe, we did.”

Jamie began to pack the pieces carefully away whilst Mandy scurried off to find Claire and tell her of the victory that she had, in her mind, been an integral part of.


Jem murmured quietly but Germaine waved his apology off

“It doesn’t matter, I had not seen the black knight’s potential move and without the queen all was lost anyway.”

He sighed dramatically before grinning at his cousin


He cried, mimicking Jem’s Scottish accent and throwing himself back in his chair, one hand draped across his eyes.

Jem kicked him in the shin lightly

“Shut up! I didna say it like that!”

“Ye did a bit, Jem. It was verra impassioned.”

Jamie teased and received a long look down the bridge of his grandson’s nose before Jem gave in and laughed.

“Chess is harder than I thought it would be.”

“When ye play wi’ the best it is.”

Jamie grinned, his smile widening as Jem and Germaine rolled their eyes simultaneously.

“Dad beat you last week!”

Jem pointed out smugly and Jamie nodded thoughtfully

“Aye and I dinna ken who was more shocked.”

He laughed, placing the lid on the box of pieces and returning it to the mantel piece.

Another story :) This time using an idea from @smallbladder24 


Dr. Kang was a man with a very interesting gift. He could see what was beneath the skin of a living creature. He could see skin, veins, muscles, bones, and organs, without the help of an x ray. This power was thanks to a gift from his father. A simple piece of glass tied to a string so he could keep it conveniently around his neck. As a kid, he thought it was nothing special until he looked through it and saw what was underneath the clothing of someone. And then he adjusted it and saw the muscles in a leg, and the skull of a person, which caused him to leap back and really understand this gift that was given to him.

Thanks to this advantage and a newfound fascination with anatomy, he looked into becoming a doctor. Besides his empathy, he could tell when and how someone was ill by using the tool he had, leading to a successful life as a doctor.

Now a man of 28 years, he sat in a bar, still in uniform after a long day of work. People were getting ill all over the place and while diagnosis was one thing, treatment was another. He twirled the glass of his beverage in his hand, staring at it and wondering how his patients were feeling. He glanced around, subconsciously scanning for ill or intoxicated people. So far nothing too terrible, but judging by the organ views some definitely should stop coming there as often.  

He saw two women, one older and blonde with a strong frame and brown eyes, and one thinner young brunette with green eyes. They were sitting across each other at a table, talking, and he noticed that one of them, the brunette, didn’t seem to be doing well. She was pale in an unhealthy way and shifting her legs. He tilted his head and lifted the glass to his eye to study her organs.

Lungs and heart? Healthy. Slightly increased heart rate.

Stomach? Healthy.

He glanced lower and saw that her bladder was full and practically twitching. He’d never seen a bladder that full before. Her legs were getting in the way of the view with the occasional twitch of them.  

He was confused. “Why doesn’t she get up?” He thought to himself.

He kept watching her for a few minutes and then realized what he was doing and wondered why he was caring so much. Then he remembered as he stared down at the glass in his hand. He was a doctor, that’s why. Even outside of the hospital everyone was a patient whether he liked it or not.

He decided to get up and walk over to her. The two women looked up at him.

“Would you like me to buy you a drink?” He asked, looking to the brunette woman.

“Ohh, look at you, Claire. This charming man wants to buy you a drink,” the blonde said.

Dr. Kang raised his brows then looked back to Claire.

Claire’s soft pink lips smirked and she looked over to Dr. Kang.

“Doctor, should you really be condoning alcohol?”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m not.” He said bluntly.

“I’m just offering you a drink. A full drink of water. From the vending machine outside. It’s on me.”

The blonde snorted and Claire’s jaw dropped slightly and she smiled in surprise.

“Alright, I’ll play along. Thanks for the water.”

“No problem.” Dr. Kang answered with a smile and went outside to the vending machine to get a bottle of water.

She came back and drank the water in slow sips, slightly feeling less at ease. Dr. Kang watched her sharply from where he sat, hoping this would motivate her to get up and use the bathroom. To his surprise, she didn’t get up and she continued talking and sipping the water where she was sitting. He was almost impressed but mainly concerned.

Did she not have nerve endings? Was she going to wet herself in front of the other woman because she can’t feel?

She got up and he overheard her say that she was going to head home. His gut told him he needed to get her to go before she hurt herself, but that might be awkward and it wasn’t even his business. Still… The struggle in her eyes…

He got up and walked outside by her, feeling the cool breeze in his silky short black hair.

“Here, you forgot your water.” He said, handing the bottle to her.

“That’s ok, I’m not thirsty…” She answered numbly, continuing to walk ahead, her heels clicking on the sidewalk.

He persisted, “You seem ill, the water will help. It’s important to keep hydrated.”

She sighed, nearly groaning when she stopped to wait for a cab.

“If I drink it will you feel better?”

“Yes. In fact, why don’t I give you a ride home. Are you close? I worry about you out here in your condition.”

“I’m not drunk! I’m fine. I can handle myself.” Claire answered.

He frowned, “You’re obviously ill. You’ve been squirming and pale all day.”

Her cheeks showed a faint pink color. “I’m fine. What, are you hitting on me? Is that why you followed me out of the bar?”

“No. I’m just worried. Come on, you’ve been out here for a while.”

She stared at him, irritated.  

He furrowed his brows and tilted his head.

She clicked her heel on the sidewalk impatiently. “Alright, fine. You can give me a ride home.”

He gave a faint relieved smile and guided her to his car.

She got into the car and sat in the seat next to him, crossing her arms.

“Seatbelt.” He ordered, staring ahead.

She pulled it down, feeling the pressure on her bladder and wincing. He used the opportunity of her not looking to check on her again with the glass.

He stared back ahead then asked where she lived. She bitterly responded and he pulled out and began down the road towards her home.  

After a while she groaned and looked away from him.

He asked, “Are you sure you’re ok?”

“I’m fine.” She clarified and he nodded tensely.

“It’s just… I just… Oh…” her breath shortened and got quiet. “Oh no…”

“Oh no?” Dr. Kang asked, concerned.

She blushed. “It’s nothing serious, I just need the restroom.” She muttered, squirming her smooth legs together under her short, floral patterned skirt.

“I know.” Dr. Kang answered.

He smirked, still staring ahead. “You even leaked…”

Her eyes widened and she looked over at him.

He reached over in front of her opening the glove box and pulled out a towel. He handed to her.

“Here, go ahead.”  

She huffed, dumbfounded.

“How did you know that I-! Well, more importantly, you really expect me to wet myself in some strangers car?”

“Well, yes, if not now then later. Your home is a while from here.”

“So you knew I needed the bathroom and you gave me water?”

“You needed the bathroom and you didn’t get up and use it?” Dr. Kang countered.

She stammered, looking down shyly.

“W-well… That woman you saw me with… That’s my manager. What we were talking about was important.”

“It was so important that you’d give yourself a UTI and therefore give me another client? How stubborn…”

“I don’t have a UTI!”

“Are you sure about that? I am a doctor. I could be the judge of that if you want.”


He sighed, “I don’t think you have a UTI either. But you can give yourself one if you keep holding it like that. So go. Either here, or I could pull over and you could go in one of those fields nearby.”

Her heart sunk as she remembered the towel in her hands. “You can’t be serious.”

“I am. Unless you want to hurt your bladder further and have more visits with me.”

“No thanks.”

She sighed, frustrated, and put the towel between her legs.

She grimaced and he glanced over and saw that she wasn’t doing anything.

“Well? Go. Urinate in the towel.”

“I can’t with you ordering me around!”

He swallowed, unsure of how to handle this.

“Right, Ok. Uh… Try to relax… Think of… Uh… Water. Think of… Rain…? Think of… Urinating… Think of urinating into that towel.”

She stared at him, “Is this a joke to you?”

He chuckled nervously. “No…! I just want to help!”

She pursed her lips. “I think it’d help if you didn’t say anything.”

He nodded, staring ahead. “Ok.”  

There was silence in the car and then he heard a faint exhale. Her breath was gentle. Then she breathed again more calmly and relieved, and he heard the faint hissing followed by the towel absorbing her strong flow. He glanced over quickly to see the towel becoming heavy and sodden, warm in her hand. Her bladder slowly felt less waves of pressure as her whole body loosened and calmed, liquid trickling from her thighs lightly.

She swallowed, staring out the window, faint rosy color on her face and neck, her legs loose and trembling slightly as she finished. When she did closed her eyes and tilted her head back, giving an uncontrollable sigh of relief, that caused poor Dr. Kang to blush.  

When they got to a traffic light he looked at her bladder through the glass, it was empty and worn. He quickly let go of it and let it swing down back down to his neck when she looked over at him. Her blush was starting to deepen as she realized he was looking at her.

“There… I wet myself. Are you happy?”

“I’m happy that you aren’t hurting yourself anymore.”

“Oh, that’s where you’re wrong.” Claire added.

“I am hurt. My pride is hurt. I wet myself in someone’s car. I wet myself and I soaked everything.”

His expression softened. “Hey… Hey. This was an emergency situation. You listened to a doctor telling you to take care of yourself before you got ill. That’s normal and ok. Besides, you had that towel there.”

 She looked down timidly. “It soaked through the towel.”

He drew in a breath tensely, his hands tight on the wheel.

“Well, I suppose we’re even then. I hurt your pride, you hurt my car.”

There was silence, and when he looked over he saw that tears were rolling down her face.

“Are you still upset?” He asked, worried.

“I’ve never wet myself… Not even as a kid. I always held it. And… And now…”

 He tried to reassure her, “Hey, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this kind of thing happen. I’ve seen a lot of things as a doctor.”

She frowned. “I know it’s not embarrassing for you! But it’s embarrassing for me! How would you like it if…! If…”

“If what? If I wet my pants?” Dr. Kang finished for her.

She swallowed. “Yeah. How would you feel?”

“Well, that would never happen to me because when I need the bathroom I get up and use it.”

She scowled at him.

He sighed. “But… If I did… I suppose I would feel a little odd… But I’d be lucky because I know you wouldn’t give me a hard time about it, right?”

“Well… No… I wouldn’t…” Claire answered.

“And what about me? Am I putting you down? Am I making you feel bad for wetting yourself in my car?”

She wiped her tears. “No… You haven’t…”

“So you have nothing to be upset about. If anything this is my fault, getting into your business and telling you to wet yourself… I’m sorry.”

He smiled sheepishly, and gave an honest glance to her, which softened her expression.

“I just didn’t want to see another person hurt themselves today.”

“I understand…” She muttered calmly, and she nodded and relaxed. She leaned back and scratched her now cold leg.

“Clammy? Here…” He turned on the heat and pulled a blanket from the seat behind him, gently laying it on her lap and torso. It was soft and warm, and it settled her a bit.

“Get some rest. You’ll be ok. It’ll be ok.” He assured her.

She placed her hand on his wrist and he glanced over at her, her eyes were closed and she looked calm, her cheeks still pink.

He stared back to the road and she faintly murmured, “Thank you, doctor…”

Faint color showed on his cheeks and he swallowed with a small grin.

“You’re welcome.”