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JJBA Music Covers

I don’t know how many people search up music covers/fanmade remixes but I’ve compiled a few favorites here (…haha):

Sono Chi no Sadame
- Jonathan Young (English cover, full)
- Kal12012 (Japanese cover, full)
- rikutheshadow (4 pianos, full)
- Claire Anne Carr (synesthesia/piano cover, full)

Bloody Stream
- Y. Chang (English cover)
- Akio Scenro (piano cover, full)
- pellekofficial (Japanese cover, full)
- AnimeSongCollabo (band cover)

Stand Proud
- Jonathan Young (English cover, full)
Raitsu (Pokemon sound font, I think)
- Simpsonill (instrumental/electronic remix) 
石橋敬三 (mandolin)

Sono Chi no Kioku
- chiyo yabe (piano cover, full)
- Sojiro (Japanese cover)
- Emily Music (chiptune cover, full)
石橋敬三 (mandolin)

Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town
- NateWantsToBattle (English cover)
- Tyler Sampsonis (English cover)
石橋敬三 (ukelele, then mandolin)
- Shady Cicada (instrumental rock cover)

- Tsuko G. (Japanese cover)
태이드 TADE (band cover)
- tian nya (piano cover)
- R3 Music Box (music box, chorus only)

Great Days
- Tsuko G. (English cover using official lyrics)
- Patrick Auri (Japanese cover)
- MrLopez2112 (instrumental band cover) 
- PianoGoof (slow orchestral remix, full)

- Opening Medley by Scarlette Band (OP1-7)
- Stardust Crusaders/Life Will Change mashup by Tsunscreen
- All kazoo covers by The Kazoo Hero
- All 8-bit covers by Studio Megaane 
- Diamond is Unbreakable/Last Surprise mashup by The JoJo Fanatic
- All JoJo Openings Played At Once by Yin Yarn (…for kicks)

Most of the channels have done more JJBA openings than the one(s) I listed them under, so be sure to check those out too!

We teamed up with artist Lorraine Loots to illustrate our Summer 2016 titles! Check out HelloGiggles’ feature on Loots and Riverhead’s 2016 “Summer Box”!


Crazy Piano! MIRACULOUS LADYBUG THEME -  Claire Anne Carr