claire ball


First scene of 3x20 for @kolvinaeverafter


Don’t forget this, so cute.

The mental image of Rowen and the twins going out on Friday nights to go bowling amuses me so much because

The twins are incredibly competitive and also spontaneous and you never fully know what they’re up to. Sora tries tricks or flips or some crazy thing you shouldn’t try with a bowling ball, while Claire has a WICKED curveball

And Ro, as it turns out, is insanely good at bowling in spite of never being taught and he doesn’t know the rules, he just likes to bowl and spend time with friends

And their group can get bigger too so Yumi and Michael can tag along some nights too, and even Risa as well because she follows her kid cousins, or anyone else who wants to go along

Just the kids being kids, that’s all~