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1. @anthca we’ve only interacted on a few occasions but I think they’re so nice. I love seeing them on my dash and they’re also one of those people that genuinely care about people + their muse. You won’t regret following.

2. @santaclaire !!!!! Wow what a perfect Claire. I mostly admire from afar as I am a wimp but they’re so sweet and they’re a gift to the dash. I love reading their threads as I can hear it in Claire’s voice :-)

3. @nogoodnessimproveme is a GEM. the mun, the muse, I’m honored to have met them and be able to call myself her friend. Her love for Adam is obvious and it’s just so refreshing to see.

4. @boltxnbastard another user I admire from afar but I LOVE having them on the dash. Ramsay is terrifying but I love ???? And Jen’s portrayal is just so spot on???? Their posts make me laugh, cower in fear or both at the same time??? Idk how they do it but it’s #GOOD.

5. @aroseofyork / @perhiistoria maybe it’s bc I’m biased toward female muses that have been forgotten by history but all of her muses are so good. Her writing is impeccable and I love everything that she does with Mary and her other muses too, even if I haven’t had the opportunity to interact with all of them yet. Tumblr would not be the same without her.


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  • Matthew: Several months ago I lost my dear girlfriend, Elektra.
  • Elektra: Quit telling people I'm dead!
  • Matthew: Sometimes I can still hear her voice.
Phone Call

content: Dean gets a phone call at work. And the person on the other end of the line is not the one he expected.

word count: 1,147


Dean almost ignores the ringing cell phone next to him on the table because he’s seriously not in the mood to talk to anyone with an empty stomach and only about fifteen minutes left of his lunch break to change that.

But as soon as he notices the name “CAS” flashing on his phone’s screen Dean finds himself smiling brightly, the sandwich in front of him forgotten.

“Hey, Cas,” he says cheerfully after picking up. The warmth in his chest spreads instantly just thinking about the man on the other end of line and he feels like a giddy teenager once again. It’s been about ten months since they made their relationship official and Dean can’t imagine this intense feeling of rightness to ever go away.

“Hey, Dean,” a voice greets him that is most definitely not Castiel, sounding way too young and way too female.

Dean, however, doesn’t feel put out by it. On the contrary, his grin only grows.

“Claire, honey,” he says gently. “Does your dad know you’re using his phone?”

“Yes,” Claire claims, though there is a waver in her tone Dean knows way too well.

He narrows his eyes. “Are you lying to me right now? Remember what we told you about that?”

Claire sighs as if it’s a heavy burden to put up with some grown-ups. “Daddy knows,” she insists. “He gave it to me, so I can play with it.”

Dean chuckles. “Playing Candy Crush is not the same as calling some people, sweetie. Can you imagine the phone bill if you’d accidentally dial someone in China?”

“I don’t wanna call China,” she counters, the frown on her face actually audible through the phone. “I just wanna call you.”

Dean feels his heart seize. “That’s very sweet, Claire –”

“I miss you,” she interjects, her voice lower all of a sudden. “When will you be back and make us some burgers?”

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love Jacks voice for Xefros

do yourself a favor and watch Trollhunters


I know I always need something to cheer me up around mid February.

Things You Said - Claire/Jamie one-shot drabbles

In order to get my feet wet in the world of Outlander fanfic, I decided to write some one-shot AU drabbles based on the “things you said” prompts. Feedback is extremely welcome.

Things You Said After You Kissed Me

She isn’t a jealous person.

Truly, it’s a useless emotion and Claire Beauchamp has no time for it. She was never jealous, not when she saw women flirting with her fiancé, nor when he announced he was leaving her for a former student.

So, really, if she was going to be jealous, it would have been then, not when she saw the pair of them walking into the jazz club she forced herself to go to.

While she may not feel jealousy towards the girl (Candy? Trixie?), she does feel a very specific emotion towards Frank.


Why should he get to walk around, happy and in love, while she mopes about like a pathetic spinster?

27 years old is too young to be a spinster. She’s a doctor, damn it, and a desirable woman.

So she does the first thing that pops into her slightly whisky-soaked brain: grab the handsome red headed stranger sitting two seats away and kiss him for all she’s worth. It’s a great plan, if she does say so herself. Sure, there’s a possibility of things going terribly wrong, but there’s no time to consider that outcome.

Thankfully, the stranger is only stunned into stillness for three seconds. She feels one large hand slide into her hair, gripping the curls lightly as he responds to the kiss. His other hand rests respectfully on her shoulder. If she wishes he would move that hand to her back, pull her tightly into his embrace, that’s just the whisky talking.

The sound of a man clearing his throat somewhere to her right causes her to slowly disengage from the gorgeous stranger, their eyes locked. His gaze shines bright with confusion and hunger and the urge to ignore the interruption and get back to the task at hand is strong.

Unfortunately, the interruption speaks and breaks the spell. “Hello Claire.”

His voice, smarmy and haughty, grates on her nerves. How did she ever think he was the one? Why did she think she wanted to marry this man and spend her life with him?

“Hello Frank,” she responds, her tone cool and disinterested. Gesturing vaguely to his female companion, she continues, “and this is?”

“This is Sandy. My…fiancée,” he answers with slight trepidation. Again, Claire feels no jealousy over the situation. She doesn’t wish she still held that title and she doesn’t feel her heart crack in her chest. At most, she feels anger that he’s moved on so fast with this woman, as if their relationship meant nothing.

Lost in thought, Claire nearly misses Frank extending his hand towards her unwitting accomplice. “Frank Randall.”

“Jamie Fraser,” he introduces himself with a lyrical Scottish brogue and a hard gripping handshake – Claire doesn’t miss the slight wince on Frank’s face. “Claire’s husband.”

If she had been taking a drink at that moment, it would have ended up all over Frank and Sandy/Candy/Trixie. As it is, she coughs slightly to cover up her surprise at his impromptu answer.

“Husband?” Frank seems as surprised by this change in marital status as Claire is. His eyes widen as he searches her face for answers.

“Oh aye, going on one month now. Bit of a whirlwind romance, ye ken? We met right at this very club and from the first moment, I knew there could be no other.”

Her fake husband grabs her hand reverently, stroking his thumb over her knuckles in a tender gesture. She can’t help but catch his eye, marveling at the shade of blue and at the mischief hiding there. Finally registering Frank’s silence, she glances over to see a rare lack of composure taking over him.

“Well…I guess congratulations are in order,” he says with no real confidence or sincerity. Claire’s not sure if the shock is plain on her face, but she smiles tightly and nods.

“Thank you, Frank. Congratulations to you both as well.”

The awkward silence stretches on before Jamie stands, reaching several inches taller than Frank. “Ready to head out, mo nighean donn?”

Stunned, Claire barely manages a nod and a polite goodbye to Frank and his new fiancée. She feels Jamie’s fingers squeeze hers reassuringly before they make their way to the exit hand in hand. Claire doesn’t even offer a parting glace at the man she used to love, leaving him in shocked silence with his new future.

“I’m sorry if I got a little carried away back there, lass. I just thought you might like to one up the bastard,” Jamie explains with a self-deprecating shrug and a smirk one they’re out the door.

“You?” she exclaims, eyes wide, “I practically accosted you without so much as a ‘hello, how are you?’ I didn’t give you much of a choice in the little charade.”

“Weel, I’ve no been accosted by such a bonnie lass before. Did you no see me working up the nerve to talk to you all night?”

Claire can feel the blush warming her cheeks in the cool night air. “As a matter of fact, I didn’t. “

Finally taking stock of their surroundings, she notes that they’re a couple blocks away from the bar, hands still clasped together. She ponders letting go for a brief moment before tightening her grip, enjoying the feel of his warm palm against hers.

“Since you so brazenly attacked me at the bar, I think you owe me a favor, lass.”

“Oh really?” she asks with a smile fighting to take over her face. “And what, exactly, did you have in mind?”

Stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, Jamie gestures to the diner a few paces away. “A quick bite to eat?”

She finds herself unable to slow her rapid heartbeat in the face of his bright grin. Not trusting her voice, she nods and allows him to lead her inside the nearly empty establishment.

If Claire fancied herself a competitive person, she would definitely declare herself the winner.