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For as long as I can remember, this has been one of my favorite feelings. To be alone in public, wandering at night, or lying close to the earth, anonymous, invisible, floating. To be ‘a man of the crowd,’ or, conversely, alone with Nature or your God. To make your claim on public space even as you feel yourself disappearing into its largesse, into its sublimity. To practice for death by feeling completely empty, but somehow still alive.
—  Maggie Nelson, “The Red Parts”

You know that last post got me thinking: what is up with the these alleged fans who don’t think Star Wars is funny? Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely am here for the Skywalker Family Drama (because hello I have a pulse) and the Kenobi Sads and the Lore but like…at the end of the day? Star Wars is ridiculous! It’s so delightfully humorous. How do people not see this?! Who are these guys and why don’t they want to actually have fun with any of this nonsense?

◤ Are you an already establish or aspiring model looking to make a name for yourself? Do you have that presence when you enter a room that turns heads? Have you an affinity for the spotlight and the ability to strut your stuff while all eyes are on you?

If you met any of the above criteria, we’re looking for you to work it during our Fashionable Charity Walk! Several designers from around Hydaelyn are coming together to put together an assortment of pieces that are bound to please, and we want you to model them.

Interested? Contact L’aelwyn Sutorei A-S-A-P to claim your place! Space is limited and slots are going fast!

⋱ Event Date: Sunday, April 30th
⋱ Event Time: 5pm EST [to make this EU friendly]
⋱ Contact Information: Tumblr, In-game, Discord
⋱ Designers Wanted: Check this post [x]

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Constellation Pixels

Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus,
Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo,
Libra, Scorpio, Saggitarius, Capricorn

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For as long as I can remember, this has been one of my favorite feelings. To be alone in public, wandering at night, or lying close to the earth, anonymous, invisible, floating. To be “a man of the crowd,” or, conversely, alone with Nature or our God. To make your claim on public space even as you feel yourself disappearing into its largesse, into its sublimity. To practice for death by feeling completely empty, but somehow still alive.
It’s a sensation that people have tried, in various times and places, to keep women from feeling. Many still try. You’ve been told a million times that to be alone and female and inpublic late at night it to court disaster, so it’s impossible to know if you’re being bold and free or stupid and self-destructive. And sometimes practicing for death is just practicing for death. As a teenager I liked to take baths in the dark with coins placed over my eyes.
—  Maggie Nelson, The Red Parts: Autobiography of a Trial.
he said 'I’ve never gotten a tattoo because nobody paints the walls in a rundown shack in the middle of nowhere'

But they do, yes they do

and they call it


they call it art

they call it tagging

they draw deliberate attention to

unexpected beauties

and utterly unique flaws

they make a statement

they say

this isn’t just some shack

they say

this place doesn’t matter to no one

they say

even if this place isn’t here forever

it is now

they make their mark

they say

I was here

And this was mine

- Andrea Trask

March 24 2016

Feels Like Home

(gif credit to the creator)

Part 1 - New Beginnings

Master List

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1,505
Warnings: smoking, mentions of underage drinking, language
A/N: Ah! Part one of my new Dean series. This is a high school AU and it was supposed to be a mini-series but my outlining got out of hand so it’s a full length series now (i need to relax with these I swear haha). It’s based on the song Move by Luke Bryan, give it a listen if you’d like! I really hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback is cool :)

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raybees  asked:

Hey Mama Bree- I have a question for you. I live in an apartment building with my husband. The building was put up sometime in the '70s. There have been a lot of problems here- before I moved in, my husband's neighbor jumped from the roof. A violent couple down the hall, which has been evicted and arrested. A lot of injuries of other tenants, etc. I feel something in the building, but since my sensitivity only goes to "see movement/feel dizzy when there is a presence", I don't exactly know <c>

<c> What it is or what I could possibly do. Do you have any ideas or tips?

Boy, DO I.

Apartments are problematic when it comes to warding, due to the shared walls and the sometimes-sketchy history of the place. Luckily, you can adapt the methods commonly used to ward a house or property to keep your apartment safe too.

There are endless amounts of simple charms for keeping homes safe. Most are of a “set it and forget it” variety; others you may need to refresh occasionally. I recommend clearing and claiming your space, and salting the doors and windows, at a minimum.

Ward yourself to help keep bad feelings at bay, or to create a filter so that your sensitivities don’t get overwhelmed.

And if worst comes to worst, start a fight…or finish one.

If you run into anything ooky, my askbox is always open for advice!

anonymous asked:

well you claim this is your safe space but you dont mind parading your nsfw caregiver and you say "my little space is not a kink" but alright.

YOO FAM CHILL IM GONNA CHANGE IT SOON. hoLY- I can’t prevent what he posts, yeah this is my safe space and I’m not parading him
I’m not saying “hey minor/person, go follow this NSFW blog”, I just have him in my bio. calm down please gmzoccijdn

So you have the basics: a table and a chair, but how to make it a study space? Seeing as I use my family’s dining room table for a lot of my studying, I know that there’s plenty of ways to make a bland table great for studying. I’ve bolded the important bits in case you don’t want to read everything I have to say (no worries, I won’t be too offended).

  1. Make sure it’s well lit! You’ll be able to study best in a space which won’t tire your eyes. Try using some desk lamps like this or this one to light your workspace. Bright light can also help to keep you awake while you work!
  2. Claim your space. Make sure everyone knows it’s your spot to study, so it doesn’t get used by anyone else. 
  3. Stock up on supplies. If you need an extra pen, you won’t to get up and lose your focus, so make sure you have plenty of pens, paper, index cards, post-its, and whatever else you might need for studying.
  4. Get some reference books. To make sure you don’t get distracted when you’re looking up info on the computer, grab a dictionary and thesaurus for reference (if you take a language, make sure you have one for that, as well).
  5. Organize your work! Keep binders, notebooks, or folders, and give each subject its allocated workspace (colour coded if you like) to make sure your work stays organizes and you can easily reference it.
  6. Make sure you can see reminders. Use a corkboard or whiteboard if it works for you, or even a page of your journal for sticky notes! Just have an easy way for you to keep on top of your to do lists and all those important pieces of paper flying around.
  7. Get a clock or timer. These will help keep you to a schedule so you can get more work done, and remember to schedule in breaks. 
  8. Finally, use your space only for studying! Don’t use your bed- you sleep there, so you’ll want to nod off while studying. Maybe that empty table in the basement, or a desk in your room would be a better idea.

Good luck studying! If you want to see more of my posts, here’s a link to the rest of my Study Series!

Heavy-Duty Banishing Incense

As promised, here is the recipe for the banishment incense @faithandmagick@thegravityofnothing​ and I used during our exorcism.  It stunk thanks to the Asafoetida. It isn’t a subtle thing.  It set off the smoke alarms but damn, did this do the trick. 

Note: please research all ingredients before handling or burning.  I don’t recommend eating this mixture either.  And yes, it is okay if you don’t have all of the ingredients.  Just use what you have.  Check out my Exorcism and Banishment section on my herbs index for some substitution ideas.  Also, as usual, I don’t do measurements.

  • The ashes of a bay leaf with your intent written on it 
    • (I wrote one that said “BE GONE” and @faithandmagick​ wrote Psalms 23:4)
  • A dog tooth
    • (no animal was harmed in the acquiring of this tooth–it is also still alive)
  • Asafoetida
  • Frankincense resin
  • Myrrh resin
  • Garlic powder
  • Onion powder
  • Benzoin resin
  • Mugwort
  • Patchouli leaves
  • Rosemary
  • Clove powder
  • Five Finger Grass
  • Red Sandalwood powder
  • Yarrow
  • Salt

To Make: Crush the ingredients in a mortar and pestle (or however you want to crush them).  Put them in a sealed jar until ready to use.  

To Use:  Be safe, make sure whatever you burn it in is fireproof and heat resistant.  I used a cast-iron cauldron with a handle so I could hold it and walk around with it. 

Ground yourself / do whatever you need to do in order to get yourself in a calm state of mind.

Open all windows and doors, including any closets, depending on the space you are cleansing.  This gives the entity/energy a “door” to escape out of and nowhere to hide. 

(note: We were doing this at night and turned all the lights off save for a few candles because that was when the entity was active.  You don’t have to do this but it just felt right to do)  

Light your charcoal disk (mine isn’t “lit” until a bunch of little crackly-sparks happen) and wait until it is covered in a white ash.  Carefully pour the incense onto the disk (add more as needed) and walk around your space with the smoke.  Let it fill up the room completely–pushing the energy/entity out.  Get the corners especially and any places that feel “creepy”.  

If it helps to speak aloud, then say something like “this is my space, you are not welcome here, please leave” firmly but not aggressively.  Really feel this feeling.  The energy/entity has overstayed their welcome.  Claim your space. 

(note: if you are doing this for someone else, it is really important that you involve them in this process.  They need to feel confident, so encourage them as best as you can to really take back the space that the energy/entity has invaded.  Since the big cauldron was a little intimidating for our home-owner to hold, we had her wave around a dragons’ blood incense stick instead while we handled the cauldron.)

Let the charcoal burn out completely if you can.  If you’re in a rush, slowly pour some water over it to douse the coals.  Just be careful because it can sputter and some stuff might fly out at you.

Close the windows and doors when you feel that the banishment is concluded.

Cleanse and ground yourself afterwards (recommended but not required).  Have a cup of tea, do something to dejunk and reenergize.  If you are working with someone else, talk with them for awhile.

Todd: Going from sex to violence, was there any time when you had to really worry about your own safety, either during a show or right after a show that somebody didn’t take very kindly to?

Alice: I don’t think I ever thought that. I think when I was on stage, I felt invincible, and then when I came off stage, I felt that way, too. I remember being in New York City for the first time and being lost, because my friend had gone home with someone. I was walking down a dark street and there was a man walking behind me, and I remember thinking, “You better be scared, because I could kill you right now.” I felt like there was nothing that could happen to me, that nothing could touch me.

Kat: That’s quite a feeling.

Alice: It is. That’s an amazing feeling. I remember one time being in the audience at a Dils show and a guy reached around and grabbed my crotch. I grabbed his hand and jumped up, because I was pogoing, and I slammed into his face with my whole body. I didn’t stop long enough to look at him and to realize that he was wearing glasses, so the glasses broke and cut his eye open. There was blood everywhere and he had to go to the hospital and have stitches, as it turned out. I remember Claude Bessy [editor of Slash, singer of Catholic Discipline] pulling me aside and saying, “This guy is in a gang and his buddies are after you. You better go in and explain what happened.” I went in and said, “Look, your friend here grabbed me, and I’m sorry that he ended up the way he did, but he deserved it,” and they were okay with that. A week or two later, we were playing at the Hong Kong Café and this very tall woman came in, and I had this very funny feeling that she was looking at me. As I was leaving, she blocked the doorway, and I was thinking, “Uh, oh.” I wasn’t in that excited Alice Bag mode. She said, “You sent my boyfriend to the hospital.” I knew exactly what she was talking about and I said, “If you want to get into a fight over your boyfriend, that’s fine, we’ll go outside and do that. But I wonder why you would want to have a boyfriend who goes to clubs and grabs women’s crotches.” She said, “He didn’t do that.” So I talked to her, and by the end of the night, she was ready to kill him. He was sitting on the side looking back at us, and he couldn’t believe that she was sitting with me.

From an interview with Razorcake.

The Ghostly Galleon

Disclaimer: This post is not about ‘how to photograph the moon’. Neither is it about “amazing super moon shots”. In retrospect, I don’t even know if the photos will amount to something post processing. 

I find myself on top of a hill after having almost run for five kilometres to reach in time. However, I notice that the eastern horizon is shrouded by plantation. And I am out of  choice for higher elevation. 

So I perch myself on a rock, to pass time seeing the sun set, till the moon comes up. It is tranquil. Birds chirping, lovers at odd intervals, children playing badminton with tennis racquets, and flying kites, old women chattering. All in all, safe tranquility. 

I have taken out my gear by now. Tripod’s set, the remote trigger fails to work (as usual), the right lens (the best option of a 200mm, given the constraints) mounted.

I am taking long exposures of the murky skyline when night stealthily creeps in. It’s only after several shots that I realise that I am getting starry lights of the city and a black sky, even with a thirty second’s exposure. 

The lovers are probably gone. A man is sitting at a distance, nonchalantly and furtively checking out my work. When suddenly, my heart skips a beat as I look towards the east. The alliteration in “The Highwayman” (Alfred Noyes) or “The Listeners” (Walter De la mare), had left this very image in my mind. In the “leaf-fringed” horizon, I see a bulbous yellow-red quiet spectacle. 

“The wind was a torrent of darkness upon the gusty trees,
The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas,
The road was a ribbon of moonlight looping the purple moor,
And the highwayman came riding–
Riding–riding–The highwayman came riding, up to the old inn door.”

I am not good with words. The photos I took might be lost is translation. So I do feel ill at ease, trying to explain what I saw. I hope you understand how beautiful it was when I say that in that moment, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed even if the photos amounted to nothing. I just wanted to sit there.

This is when I notice a clearly drunken man almost rolling down the hill. This doesn’t bother me much. In the event of him bothering me, all it’ll require is a gentle nudge and gravity will oblige. I turn to the area where the previously mentioned man had been sitting. Now I can see two silhouettes and that creeps me out a little. He catches me looking that way and asks me if I’m shooting the moon. I appear brave and give a curt reply. Suddenly I see a black figure standing at a distance. I look hard and the figure starts moving in my direction. From the other end a flashlight blinds me as I notice two men approaching. I am starting to grab the gear as calmly as I can while my mind is racing and am planning to run down the hill. 

Bated breath as the men with the flashlights pass me. I catch the outline of a tripod on one of the men’s shoulders and immediately let out a sigh of relief. They soon start complaining about how white the moon looks on the screen as they indiscriminately make use of the camera flash. Idiots. 

I am a little assured now and take out my camera again. A few more shots later I start descending. To my surprise I find two more sets of people shooting the moon. 

When I reach the base of the hillock, I stop to take a few more shots. This is when a man comes up to me and asks me what I am doing. I stutter in my imperfect Hindi and explain to him that I’m taking pictures of the moon. He looks unconvinced. He waits and then asks me not to light a fire. I guarantee him that I won’t. I pass a family where the cars are parked. They share the excitement of the first sighting.

It’s nearly 9 as I walk back home, with prickly nettles bothering my bottoms. I feel a little less inhibited. 

However scared I was, I feel I had claimed my space. I had not spotted anyone coming alone, especially women. The point is not to hand myself a ribbon for bravery, but to tell myself that I should take chances, be a little less afraid.

The perks of going solo can be liberating.