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The Rogue One vs OT fave competition thing that fandom is doing is … really baffling for me.

I mean, there are lots of reasons, like the fact that Luke Skywalker—far from singly claiming the glory—leads a squadron named in memory of Rogue One. 

But also, a lot of the … hm, guiding principles of the RO characters are lived out by the OT characters?

In particular, one of the essential RO lines for me is 

You’re not the only one who lost everything. Some of us just decided to do something about it.

That’s Cassian, but also it’s hard to think of anything that could better describe the Skywalker twins. Luke lost his entire world over those plans. Leia literally lost her entire world. And it only makes them more determined to throw themselves into the fray.

They do it in the immediate wake of those first terrible losses. And the next year, and the next, and the next, and the next, on and on and on. There’s another essential line from RO:

We’ll take the next chance, and the next, until we win, or the chances are spent.

That is the hope and determination that shapes every one of Luke and Leia’s choices. The Force is with them, and occasional pure luck—but that’s the only reason they don’t meet the same fate as Jyn, Cassian, and all the others. 

Often enough, it might be easier for them if they had. But, however steep the cost, they never stop pushing forward. They never give up.

They couldn’t live with themselves if they did, either.


There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, 
and many of us will have to pass through
the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires.

Sigourney Weaver as Desdemona
Irrfan Khan as Dr. Carrington
Anthony Mackie as Tinker Tom
Billy Zane as Deacon
Zoe Saldana as Glory
Armie Hammer as Drummer Boy

Fun events/M!A’s?? Let’s give it a try!

❣ – VISITOR – A creature has paid a visit to your muse, and they show little signs of being a benevolent soul.

♚ – STARVED – Your muse suddenly becomes very hungry for power, willing to do anything to reach the top and claim glory.

☠ – TOXIC – Your muse has lost any faith in life and humanity and decide to take action, and may deal with that as they may.

☒ – CENSORED – Your muse can no longer tell the truth, and they only speak in lies.

✒ – REVEALING – Your muse cannot lie, and can only speak the truth, whether they know it is true or not.

⇺ – REVERSE – We see an event from your muse’s past, played out in full, as specified by the asker.

웃 – IDENTITY – Your muse must switch bodies with another muse, as specified by the asker (with permission from other blog).

✁ – PERSONA – Your muse will lose a trait of their personality, specified by the asker. 

☻ – DECEIT – Your muse will act as their polar opposite.

✷ – KIN – All asks will  be directed towards a family member of your muse.

❥ – STARCROSSED – Your muse will fall in love with another muse of the asker’s choice.

† – HOLY – Your muse will become an angel or demon, as specified by the asker.

❇ – MUTATION – Your muse will transform into some kind of monster or animal, specified either by asker or left to mun’s imagination.

π – TECHNOLOGICAL – Your muse has become an automaton.

☢ – DISEASED – Your muse has now fallen incredibly ill with a mysterious disease and must be taken care of.

⌚ – CLOCKWORK – Your muse is now older or younger, as specified by the asker.

♘ – PURITY – Your muse wants nothing more than to help others and see to their well-being.

✾ – INHABITATION – Your muse has become possessed by another, foreign entity.

¿ – ALTERNATIVE – Your muse is now part of an alternate universe (crossovers included) of the asker’s choosing.

ᵜ – ANIMALIA – Your muse is now a half-animal being (animal is specified by asker).

☐ – LAME – Your muse loses one of their senses, specified by asker.

✷ – MAGICA – Your muse develops magical powers, as specified by asker or left to mun’s imagination.

◌ – ABSENT – Your muse has amnesia and cannot remember anything about themselves.


Did you know that canonically, while Roy is doing his burnation thing with Lust, Lan Fan was busy just WRECKING Envy? He couldn’t even lay a finger on her. So yeah, if you only watched fmab, you missed out on how she totally outclassed this dumb little shit. Roy just got to claim all glory of eliminating him later on.

i am so serious when i say that hermione is third generation west indian/jamaican and her doctor parents pushed her to value education bc that’s how you move up in the world

i am so serious when i say that snape is from the caribbean side of colombia and learned his english from james bond movies like from russia with love, and as a kid, equated his magical heritage as claiming some form of glory that meant being known by only your last name, “snape - severo snape.”

i am so serious when i say the potters were independently successful purebloods that immigrated fully to britain from colonial india in the 19th century and have a long history of resistant political activism

i am so, so very serious when i say that being witches and wizards of color in britain in a post-colonial period had a huge impact on how they approached their wizarding education. 


Damn I love this one. Like it shows the development of Carl so well and it is marvelously edited. 

Susan Bones.

When she entered Hogwarts, she began by shocking everybody when she–smart, kind, pragmatic Susan–was placed without hesitation, not in Ravenclaw as expected, but in Hufflepuff: house of the castoffs who weren’t brave or smart or shrewd or anything at all, really, just pushed to the back burner while the other houses claimed their fame and glory.

Susan Bones, whose family had experienced untold horrors as they were murdered one by one by the Death Eaters during the First Wizarding War, did not let her past nor her fear define her.

Susan Bones, niece of renowned judge Amelia Bones, remained stolid and level headed in the face of danger, through the opening of the Chamber, the invasion of Hogwarts by dementors, and Cedric Diggory’s death.

Susan Bones joined Dumbledore’s Army to defy Voldemort, to protect herself and her loved ones against this senseless reign of terror that had already hurt so many, placing her hard earned faith in the nervous looking Potter boy who her Auntie had admired last summer for producing a fully corporeal patronus, learning all that she could with a purpose driven ambition.

Susan Bones endured the frantic queries of fellow students who spoke of her murdered relatives, sick to her stomach of this twisted fame and wishing it could just all be over.

Susan Bones lived through the murder of her Auntie Amelia, brutally killed at wand point by Voldemort, feeling as though the ground beneath her feet was failing when her beloved role model, advisor, and caretaker disappeared.

Susan Bones fought through the tenure of the Carrows, protecting the younger students from their wrath alongside the D.A., standing up to their injustice and abuse with a courage and skill paralleled by few. 

Susan Bones watched her family members fall one by one once more with a morbid sense of deja vu, filled with pain and rage and hopelessness but battling on, loyal to the very end to the Potter boy and the memory of her family who had taught her not only spells and charms and potions but also justice, bravery, honesty, and compassion. 

Susan Bones watched Voldemort and his Death Eaters fall with a heart pounding with adrenaline and a soul filled with vindictive anger, as she brought down one murderer after another with the focused concentration and knowledge her Auntie had instilled in her so many years ago.

Susan Bones was not a Hufflepuff because she was nothing.

Susan Bones was a Hufflepuff because she was everything.

Inside the Mind of Simon (The Mind Electric [Demo])
Joe Hawley
Inside the Mind of Simon (The Mind Electric [Demo])
Resident Marvin let me explain,
My brain has claimed its glory over me.
I've a good heart, I may be insane,
Please mend my mind and let me go free...
Submit a nation and i will make it on EU4 and try to lead your people to glory.

Make a nation.

The nation you make, will it be able to stand the tests of war, plague, and time? Do you think you have what it takes to rule an Empire? with the help of your Military Commander (Me) you people can be warring barbarians, warriors of Civilization, or the humble nation of science and reason. can you rise up to claim glory…

or will you fall and parish into the deserts of time..?

Size: one province, small, medium, large, Empire.


Nation Name:
Nation adjective:
Ruler name:
Dynasty name:
Heir name:
Nation colors:
Flag colors:
Idea set: Roman, Egyptian, Great Britain.
Year: (any where from 2AD to 2016)

Religion inludes many ancient faiths, even Hellenic.

Government would be the form of you nations elite, ex. Fascist Dictatorship.

Nation adjective is something like this.
Nation: Rome
Nation Adj: Roman.

If you wish to use IM to submit feel free.

Location example, “i want it located in Central Europe.” Or “the capital of my nation is here *name city* once in game change it to *new capital name*

I could be def going on a ramble because I’m emo after reading Song of Achilles, but I think Achilles and Patroclus really reflected all the four types of love (if not both, then Patroclous to Achilles for sure)

Eros is obvious. Especially when the boys go up to train with Chiron. The way Patroclus seems to memorize every single detail of Achilles’ laugh or the movement of how his muscles dance while he trains. There is an undeniable attraction from the moment Patroclus first sees him running.

Phileo is the brotherhood that I feel when the two of them are so easy. The silent but resilient mutual agreement to never lie to one another. The whole acceptance of each other’s flaws and the vow to love each other until death.

Agape is the second most obvious. They are constantly sacrificing for each other. Achilles fucking let’s 10 years go by and doesn’t kill Hector and claim that glory that he craves, because he can’t bear the thought of leaving Patroclus behind while death claims Achilles as the fates said it would. Patroclus denies himself any chance of claiming a name for himself; he doesn’t care for it. Achilles is his purpose for living.

Then there’s Storge. It is best defined as love between a parent and child, but it’s really talking of that special bond between family. I read this wiki page quote about how they trade places of student and teacher at the end, but fuck that, I think it’s really more like a mother and child.


Patroclus is always talking about Achilles childish naivety, and that vibrance to him that only children hold. That hope. He tries really hard to shield the harshness of the world around them from Achilles until they’re forced to face it, when they’re swept away into the war. The desperate attempt at salvaging the last of Achilles honor and reputation (maybe redundant) is also very motherly of him. Sacrificing everything so Achilles may not “fail”

Meanwhile, Achilles recognizes Patroclus and all his broken pieces from years of being told he wasn’t good enough. His guilt of taking a boy’s life etcetc. He listens to him and wraps him up in this feeling of it’s okay to be flawed. Reassuring like a mother.

Sighs, all in all….. this book broke my heart. I don’t remember the Iliad very much cuz i read it over 6 years ago in a lit class, and obviously it doesn’t quite follow the myth (altho really not much detail is known beyond their role in the war, i believe). I can’t get over these two. Ever. I also really am disgusted when they’re boiled down to “that gay couple from greek myth”. I mean they are but they’re so much more…….

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In your animatic, from about 30-40s ("... Father your honour, may I explain/ My brain has claimed its glory over me/ I've a good heart, albeit insane"), Lalnable looks a bit like Link in Breath of the Wild. Kinda funny to have someone like him looking like the hero of time, huh? XD

Woah, does he? I haven’t really seen any breath of the wild stuff rip me 😂