Me Before You Book Review

Me Before You
By Jojo Moyes

Okay so it was just this year when I finally had my own ebook copy of this book late January.

I’m really happy that I was one of the others who read this book even before the trailer came out. It really made me feel superior iykwim.

I came across it from a list of books-to-be-movies in 2016. So, the reason I actually picked this one first is because Emilia Clarke is in it. I loved her in GOT and I know she is just going to do a good job in this movie. It was even a bonus when I found out that Sam Claffin was also staring here.

Enough with my story and let’s get started with this one.

Okay, Louisa Clark just lost her job and her next one wasn’t entirely very ideal. But it payed well so it was good to go.

Will Traynor got in a motorcycle accident which made him paralyzed from the upper body downwards.

On the day they met, Will pulled a slight little prank on her. And it really was funny. Will was funny. Will was somehow like a control freak. They hated each other’s guts.

But then Lou found out that Will promise last 6 months before he goes over to Dignitas. After a short period of time and a whole lot of blah blah, it has become Lou’s mission to change Will’s mind about dying.

Then there starts a a good relationship between the two.

This book will make you laugh, cry, and love. It is just plainly amazing. You will hope for the ending but I know some assholes already spoiled some details in the youtube comments but it will still be a great read. If you haven’t seen those comments yet, don’t look for it.

It is just one way or the other. Is Will going to die or not?

Find out and join the other readers who found this book as an absolute bliss.

“All I can say is that you make me… you make me into someone I couldn’t even imagine. You make me happy, even when you’re awful. I would rather be with you–even the you that you seem to think is diminished–than with anyone else in the world.”

X sugarcoatqueen

P.S. You will be needing a light recovery book after reading this. Trust me. I’ve been there.


Was that Tywin Lannister? .-.



“It was no ordinary friendship. We were inseparable, constantly being separated. I’ve realized that no matter where you are or who you’re with, I will always truly, completely love you.”

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It was just 7 in the morning when I realized I was dying.

I did my usual twitter morning check and saw Me Before You trending. And there it was–the link that was destined to make my heart stop.


Finally, my awaited trailer was released!

The trailer just felt so good. But nit until Ed Sheeran’s fucking Photograph song entered. Like wtf, Warner Bros, are you trying to commit mass murder?

It was perfect! Everything that was on the trailer was jut how I imagined it would be. It got the almost perfect idea that was in my head when I read the book. It was all just there!

If I hadn’t known how this story would end, my heart wouldn’t probably be as broken right now.

So that’s the real blow when you read a book before the movie comes out, that feeling when every image that your mind created and then seeing it your own eyes? It is unbelievable. All your heart could do is swell.

Me Before You is a beautiful story. Period.

And I’ll probably carry a box of tissues when I watch this movie with my cleless friends just as how I did when we watched TFIOS.

X sugarcoatqueen

P.S. This is better than TFIOS. Trust me.

P.P.S. Fucking showing date was moved to June 3rd. Pray for it to be moved back to the March schedule.





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When you’re the son of a god, life would be pretty easy. That is until your father’s power-hungry brother from the Underworld drains you of most of your god-like powers and strength. Leaving you mostly mortal, is kind of a bummer. You don’t quite fit in with the mortals but you’re not quite a god yet either. The only thing you can do, hunt down the best hero trainer and make yourself a hero.With a lot of sweat and hard work and a catchy singing number Hercules was able to transform himself from puny mortal to a Hunk-cules instead. With fame and fortunate laying at his feet all it takes is just one damsel in distress who can handle herself to make even a demi-god like Hercules feel like the most powerful man on earth. But some things are just meant to be fairy tales…or Greek myth as is our case.