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The laundry’s done and the tent and other equipment have been put away, but I can’t stop wishing we were still camping on the upper Clackamas River. We have a favorite campground, and there’s only one sweet campsite right on the river. For one long weekend for the past three years it’s had our name on it.

It was hot, so we took our lawn chairs into the river and put our feet in the cold water. We found crawdads and built rock cairns. The first beers of the day were popped open by 9:30am. The breeze smelled of fir trees and camp smoke and we woke and fell asleep to the sound of the river.

To save that big, shady spot, it means being ready to click [RESERVE] online at exactly 12:01am six months prior to the weekend you want to go. It’s worth staying up late to get it.


“Zack is around 10 years old and loves being around people. He is great with kids and other dogs as well. He would be great for someone who is looking to take a walk around the park or neighborhood, but would also like a couch potato when at home. Be careful though, he will steal your lap!”

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Your eyes play a little trick on you with those two standing trees in the foreground, makes it seem like the waterfall is stuck only between them.