Can we all just stop and appreciate the fact that we are about to get slammed with a whole new round of behind the scene shots of the Shadowhunters cast!!. My excitement for season 2 knows no bounds!! 

aesthetic: W i l l i a m  H e r o n d a l e  &  J a m e s  C a r s t a i r s 

“I always loved you, Will, whatever you did. And now I need you to do for me what I cannot do for myself. For you to be my eyes when I do not have them. For you to be my hands when I cannot use my own. For you to be my hear when mine is done with beating.

If I could tear myself in half, I would-that half of me might remain with you”  - @cassandraclare 

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Look I was the whiniest bitch when Shadowhunters first came out. I was– and still am– a die-hard fan of the books, and everything about it upset me: the crappy effects, the awkward script (unironic use of “come at me bro), the acting, the adaptation, the fight choreography- I complained about EVERYTHING.

But by now, I’ve realised something. Yeah, it’ll never win an Emmy, it’s never going to be the slickest show out there, but you know what? I don’t care. I do not care. Because honestly, which other show is going to give us FOUR poc lead characters? Which other show is going to give us a healthy interracial relationship between two men– one gay, and one bisexual– as one of the show’s central relationship? Which other show is going to give us a healthy, realistic sibling relationship as a central relationship? Which other show is going to give us healthy platonic relationships between two girls, two boys, and between girls and boys? In which other show is the showrunner going to listen to his fanbase and decide to make a lead character canonically PANSEXUAL? Which other show has a cast that is so happy and supportive of each other, so fond of their fans, and so supportive of every single ship– canon or not– from the show?

And it’s not the book adaptation I hoped for, but I still have the relationships I loved from the books– i.e. MALEC– as well as awesome new ones from the show (SAPHAEL). It may have chopped and changed the characters, but it also gave me new ones (like queen Lydia Branwell). Also: so? many? amazing? interracial? ships?

And you know what, I trust this show. Sure, it may not be the most intellectual thing I’m watching, but it’ll also never throw in needless shock value deaths, it’ll never employ racist or homophobic undertones and tropes in its writing, it’ll never diminish its minority representation to play into tropes.

So yeah, I’m done being cranky and negative about it. Because this show is fucking revolutionary. It’s healthier and more representative than half the ~smart, groundbreaking~ shows out there, it’s a healthy, positive fandom, it’s a breath of fresh air. And I am more than willing to let go of my initial misgivings for all I get in return. I love this show for the positivity and example it sets. I love the cast, I love the fandom, so I’m in. I’m in I’m in I’m in.

Though please, for the love of the Angel, may the writers never again use "come at me bro” unironically in scripts, because, ~seriously~ guys.

Shadowhunters family

Despite the fact that there was so much aggression in our fandom, we continued to go for their goals. And in the end, we were able to prove that we’re not that weak as it seems at first glance. We fought for all this honestly, without lies and deception. We deserve all these wins. 

Angels, I love you all

and i’m so proud to be part of Shadowhunters family