My FINAL Thoughts on Parse Part 1 - Why I Interpet Him As Emotionally Abusive

Ok, JESUS CHRIST. Am I getting tired of talking about this/explaining myself. This post is gonna be long, and I’m not gonna sugar coat anything either. Here is a link to my first post where I talk about why I don’t like Kent Parson for personal reasons. I’m gonna go more in depth here and if people have questions about this post feel free to ask me but until he actually comes back in the comic I’m done talking about him after this. This ridiculousness has literally made me consider deleting this blog and not interacting with CP fans on tumblr anymore. I am going to do two things. In this first post I am literally going to analyze the dialogue in Parse Part III for y’all because I’m tIRED of hearing about “Parse’s point of view” and I’ll explain why. Then I’m gonna make a second post which I will link here where I’m gonna be honest about some other reasons I’m annoyed with this fandom and Parse fans in particular and it ain’t gonna be pretty or nice so if you choose to unfollow me after this, fine. That’s your choice and I respect that.

I literally went through and transcribed the dialogue from Parse Part III and so here it is, copied in full from the comic. I am going to explain why this scene turned me off to Kent Parson as a character and why I think it shows emotionally abusive behavior based on personal experience and research about abuse. FIRST THING I’D LIKE TO SAY is that the fact that Kent may be emotionally manipulating or abusing Jack doesn’t negate him as a character. We need antagonists in stories, and this is a realistic story with a realistic antagonist doing realistic things. I’m gonna get more into “why I’m tired of hearing about him” later. But I’m not saying he shouldn’t exist so calm down (that post I reblogged about what if he didn’t exist was a joke, relax).

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