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Snowbound (part 1/2)

Fandom: Stranger Things
Pairing: Eleven, Mike Wheeler
Characters: Jim Hopper
Rating: K
WC: 2717
Summary: When El invites Mike to spend the day at the cabin, Hopper finds himself supervising a sleepover he didn’t sign up for. Two-shot.

[Part 2] (Coming Soon!) 

[A/N]: So, I’m pretty sure that canonically, Hopper’s cabin only has one bedroom. Through the power of fanfiction and not-caring-that-much, let’s just say that for the sake of this story, there’s two.

In a rare change of pace, Hopper was on leave from work today. Flo would call him if any emergencies popped up, but that seemed unlikely. Besides, after the events of the last two autumns, every other Hawkins ‘emergency’ seemed pretty minuscule in comparison.

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Guys, if you think El and Mrs. Wheeler wouldn’t bond over General Hospital and the Luke and Laura fiasco that was happening in the early 80′s on that show, you are all kinds of wrong

Breaking up with Steve Harrington // Stranger Things Headcannon 🥀🖤

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Getting back with Steve

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- both you and Steve would be lost without each other

- He contemplated coming to your house with flowers

- And you would sit by the phone thinking about picking it up and waiting for him to call

- As you’re sitting by the phone whenever it rings, you’d jump and answer it as quick as you could, but it was never him

- At school it was worse

- Having to see each other

- Sitting with different people

- Sitting at different tables

- You couldn’t look at each other without both your hearts breaking

- He’d often try to walk up to you when he sees you at your locker

- But each time he gets the courage you either start walking to class or he freaks out, leaving it

- Having to return each other’s belongings was the most heartbreaking part about the break up

- Because you realised it was over for good

- You and Steve had arguments and all but never broke up

- You couldn’t look at something, hear a song, eat a certain food, without thinking of him

- ^even certain clothes because he said he liked them

- ^^ or even hair products for that matter

- Nothing was the same

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Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin, Max, and Jane all have a study group. It was hard to convince everyone at first, but it happened, and it’s helped all of them so much

Except on days when they decide to just read for leisure, because Will and Mike are NON STOP staring at each other

In turn, Lucas and Dustin mimic them, making kissy faces and fake heart eyes

When Mike finally notices and asks them what the hell they’re doing Lucas says, “We’re imitating two love struck idiots who don’t know how to make a move on each other”

Mike just shrugs and gets back to reading, then immediately looks at Will again


Finally, one day they come to the group blushing and really close to each other, and they announce that they’re dating. All of them just yell in triumph because FINALLY


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