After a month and a half of waiting, look at what I finally got in the mail!

The Tein Basic Basis Coilover kit for the 2004-2008 Acura TSX (CL9). 

The reason why it took so long was because the Tein Basic dampers that I was originally trying to buy were being updated by these Tein Basis dampers, so the Basics weren’t in stock and I had to wait about a month and a half for the place I bought these from (Heel Toe Automotive) to receive these from Tein’s manufacturer. Shipping from Heel Toe only took about a day (good job, FedUp FedEx!).

I’m so excited! I can’t wait to install these myself in the upcoming week! :D

Tein Basis for the TSX (CL9)

So I finally got the chance to finally install my Tein Basis coilovers last friday. Removal of the old coilovers, the transfer of the top mounts from the old coilovers to the Teins, and the installation of the Teins took my brother and I around 4 and a half hours. Not bad for doing this for the first time, right? 

I’ve been constantly adjusting my ride heigh throughout the week to see how low I want to be. The rear is slammed all the way, so I believe the drop is about 2.4 inches in the rear and probably 2 inches in the front. I’m not exactly sure >.>. But yeah, now I scrape every time I drive off my driveway. Oh, and the last time I adjusted the coilovers, I couldn’t get the jack out from underneath the car. The jack I had was too big… and it’s a pretty small jack (a little bigger and more heavy duty than the one that comes with the car). So, I had to get pieces of wood that I found lying around my house :D.

Along with other coilovers (with non-adjustable dampers), the lower you are in the Tein Basis, the stiffer they get. Since my rears are all the way down, they are pretty stiff (well significantly stiffer than stock), not to the point where I’m bouncing all over the place, but just to the point where I can feel every single bump and imperfection in the road. Even on some of the new roads. I kinda like it. The front, since there’s not as big of a drop, obviously isn’t as stiff, but I can feel a slight difference. 

But yeah, I like my Tein Basis. Handling is improved, but it’s not a crazy improvement. Or at least I haven’t noticed a significant improvement since my tires have like no grip at all. I’m gonna save up for Pirelli’s, BF Goodrich’s, or Michelin’s. 

Anyways, I’ll have pictures up as soon as I have time to wash my car for pictures. And for the pictures, I will use my new Nikon D5100! :D

Update on my Coilovers.

Hmm… So the original place (Group 5 Motorsports) I ordered my Tein Basic Coilovers from had to give me a refund because they no longer sold them for my TSX. Apparently, Tein doesn’t make Basics any more and are currently updating them. So then yesterday, I found another place in Mission Viejo (Heel Toe Automotive) that also sells Tein Basics for $15 cheaper (since tax is apparently cheaper in Mission Viejo than San Diego, plus I found a coupon code online) and it comes with free shipping as well (Group 5 also had free shipping).

But, just now I got an e-mail from Heel Toe saying they also don’t have the Basics in stock. BUT because the Tein Basics are being updated and replaced, they are going to send me the updated version of the Basics, the Tein Basis, instead for the same price. Only problem with that is that they don’t have any Basis in stock, so they’re waiting for a new shipment from the actual Tein manufacturer. So I won’t be getting my coilovers until the end of June/early July. :(

But it’s all good! I can’t wait! My car is gonna look sooo good with better handling and a sexy little drop. ;D

After my coilovers, I’m gonna need my BBS LM’s or my Work VS-XX’s to complete the look. Too bad those are like $800 - $900 a piece. Maybe add wheel spacers and a camber kit to flush out my car! Flushing it out may be more form than function, but it’s not like I’m gonna go race my car all the time. I’m going to spend more time driving it as a daily than I am racing (I’ll never race it, as much as a joke around saying it). My car would be seen more on the streets than on the track. I’d rather have it look good than perform well. Flushing out my car won’t happen for a while, so when I install my coilovers, I’ll still have function.

I was originally going to get just lowering spring, which are like $600 cheaper, but they are only used for looks. I’d rather spend more money to get coilovers so that my drop would actually make my car handle better.

The lower the car, the more downforce and better aerodynamics. This also means very slightly better gas mileage since there’s very slightly less resistance. Plus it’ll look sexy ;D. AND I GET TO GO OVER SPEEDBUMPS AND DIPS SIDEWAYS. I’m so cool. Lol jk no I’m not. People will think I look stupid, but I think it’s cool :D. This also means I have to avoid areas with dips, I can’t drive fast, I can’t tailgate, I can’t go off-road, I can’t drive on streets full of potholes and bumps, I have to be careful when parking because my bumper might hit the curb, I can’t drive over dead awesome possums (or other road debris), and I can’t drive over most ramps. Haha yeah, my range of driving is pretty limited, but at least it looks good, I’ll have slightly better mileage (like .1 mpg), and I’ll be able to handle turns a lot better. I think it’s worth it. We’ll see when I get it. :D