I had a glimpse back into the past last night at how shit and low you made me feel.. All by a 10 minute conversation you had me wanting to gauge out my eyeballs n punch the living shit outta something.. For a whole fucking year & a half I dealt with that bullshit feeling & for what..?! I thought I realised it before now, but I’m DAMN fucking sure now.. You are, were & always will be the fucking biggest mistake & regret of my life.. I’m glad I saw the light and moved on, found someone so incredibly perfect & 1000x better then you.. Good luck in your life.. Hope you get hit by an oncoming train or some shit.. (Y)

Pisses me off when..

A girl is pregnant & they’re that fucking selfish to still keep up their appearance & social life.. That they’ll go out till early hours of the morning getting pissed or continuously dye their hair, or be around harmful chemicals in order to maintain a certain look. Congratulations, your babies being effected every single second of your stupid selfish lives!

I’d fucking KILL for the oppurtunity to be pregnant, the whole experience, to have life growing inside of me, all my worries simply put to one side because my childs would come fucking first! My priorities would be in fucking line!!

Some people dont deserve to be mothers! :@

Just been called a "gamergirl"..

Cause apparently i’ve only started bumming off of games since I got my xbox 360 to try & fit in.. I was playing Turok, Zelda & Duke Nukem when I was fucking 8 years old off the Nintendo 64. Final fantasy Tactics when I was 11, I had that shit imported from Japan because you couldnt get it anywhere in England. I geeked out for hours on end playing Runescape on the PC till I was bout 17. All the Final Fantasy games threw PSX, PS2 & I when I had a PS3 I played them then. Now I’ve got an xbox 360 I’m hooked on playing Skyrim, not because its ‘cool’ or 'the in thing’ but because I fucking love gaming. I’ve got a list of games I want to get for my xbox & I’m debating getting an Nintendo 64 souly so I can play on Duke Nukem the way ITS SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYED!! Not this new updated crappy version.

So before you try & dub me as a fucking gamergirl then fuck right off. I was probably playing videogames whilst you were still in your daddys ballsack! (Y)

Hahahahaha! :')

A little lad, bout 13ish just asked if he ‘could lick me out’.. In which his mates turned around & said 'what..? Her bellybutton jog on mate you dont stand a chance!!’

Too fucking funny, getting ripped by your own mates ahaha!